It’s not everyday an athlete comes along and amazes the entire world. Simone Biles does just that. The crowd goes wild for Biles, who’s not only considered one of the greatest gymnasts of her generation, but of all time. (GOAT). 🐐 She has now made her mark in the history books not once, but twice in GK!

She is the only gymnast to attempt and land a double-twisting, double somersault dismount from the balance beam. Biles is also the only gymnast to perform a stunning triple-twisting double-flip during the final night of the 2019 U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City, Mo.

The green leotard that Simone wore when she completed her dismount at the 2019 U.S. Championships is made with a total of 5,533 Swarovski Crystals. Simone had a hand in picking the style and design of this leotard, and with help from our very talented designers here at GK, this beautiful leotard was born.

The leotard that she wore for the GK Classic was made with a large amount of Swarovski Crystals and complete dedication to detail. Simone was once again a part of the design and concept for this look. She worked with our GK design team throughout the entire process, and with their vision, this stunning leotard was brought to life.

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