Last week, GK was so excited to announce that we partnered with McKenna Kelley to produce the exact leotard she wore at the Aurora Games! We brought this beautiful leotard to you for a limited time only and it sold out in record time! Find out what is behind this leotard by getting to know McKenna a little better!

Q: Can you tell us more about the Aurora Games and why you decided to compete?
A: It was a great opportunity to be a part of something bigger than just the sport of gymnastics. The event illustrated the empowerment of all female athletes and their talents. I decided to compete because I loved what the event promoted, and plus, it gave me one last chance to do gymnastics!

Q: What was your favorite part of the experience?
A: I’d say my favorite part of the experience was getting to know all of the athletes. These women were absolutely amazing and being surrounded in such an inspiring environment was such an uplifting feeling.

Q: What made you pick GK for the Aurora Games? Why do you choose to wear GK?
A: I picked GK because a friend of mine, Rheagan Courville, is an incredible designer for yall. Like me, she competed at LSU, so she was an easy connection for me to make.
I chose GK because it’s all I wore as a gymnast! It was a no brainer to me. GK is reliable, comfortable, and working with the company was the best experience. I really gave Rheagan my idea and she made it come to life!

Q: What did you love about the leotard you wore at the Aurora Games?
A: THE COLORS! I told Rheagan I wanted something fun, but mature. And she captured just that. And it’s so comfortable!

Q: Why did you want to partner with GK to bring this leotard to the market?
A: Having a leotard, I think is any gymnast’s dream and I found this would be the perfect opportunity to do it! I had gotten a lot of compliments and messages about the leo and where/if they could get it and that sparked the idea.

Q: What does creating this leotard for the world to see and enjoy mean to you?
A: It’s a dream come true. It’s a way for me to give back to the sport that made me who I am today. I think the colors and the contrasting black and elegant design says, “I like to party, but I mean business”! This leotard can represent ANY athlete. My biggest message behind it, incorporating the Aurora Games, is that YOU are in charge of your reality. I think in the sport of gymnastics, there are often times we face an obstacle, whether it’s a mental block or just struggling to get a new skill, and we get defeated. We think that this failure will define us and that’s just not true! When gymnasts put this on I want them to feel like they are putting on their superhero cape to go OWN the day!

Q: What does the sport of gymnastics mean to you?
A: This can be a tricky question. I think a lot of gymnasts and athletes in general place their identities in their sports. Whereas, I think gymnastics taught me who I was besides just a gymnast. It gave me a voice, it taught me discipline. It showed me my own superpowers while also making have to face my weaknesses and strengthen them. It taught me teamwork and how to handle confrontation with maturity. It taught me leadership. I am so grateful for what the sport taught me besides cool flips!

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