GK Gymnastics Leotards are Proven to be Superior Quality

Everyday Champion Ivy learned at a young age the importance of buying quality gymnastics apparel.  At age eight, she became a part of a high performance program where she is training to be a representative on the National Team, so having durable gymnastics leotards is critical to her success. After wearing another international gymnastics leotard brand for years, Ivy and her mother noticed a dramatic difference in quality once the brand changed manufacturers in 2012. They decided low quality gymnastics apparel was not the champion's choice and quickly became committed to the highest quality gymnastics apparel brand, GK. No matter how many times she washes and wears her GK gymnastics leotards, the quality and durability remains consistent throughout the years. Ivy now has 57 GK gymnastics leotards that continue to remain consistently superior in quality, fit, and comfort.

Ivy Loves her GK Gymnastics Leotards

Ivy's mom is very impressed with our standard of quality and tells us, "Keep up the great work GK! Ivy loves your gymnastics leotards because they are comfy and I love them because they work as hard as she does. Your girl's gymnastics leotards wash and wear well, are reasonably priced, and most of all, they last."

Ivy's newest tank leotard is our Under Armour Courage Tank Leotard 6308. This athletic girl's gymnastics leotard in bold red mystique offers charcoal techmesh shoulders for ultimate breathable comfort with sleek black nylon/spandex symmetrical design lines and neckline trim. Upon receiving it, Ivy immediately put it on and her mother's response put a smile on our face: "It looks great, is a perfect fit, and the mesh inserts make it ideal for training here where it gets very steamy."

Here at GK, we  pride ourselves in manufacturing gymnastics apparel that is athlete centered, quality based, and offers the best value in the market for over 30 years. Choose the durable, choose the irreplaceable, choose GK gymnastics apparel

GK. Choice Of Champions.


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Patriotic Under Armour Women's Leotards Make a Scene at 2014 T&T World Championships

The 2014 Women's Trampoline and Tumbling National Team was continually outfitted in some of the most patriotic Under Armour® gymnastics leotards the world has seen yet at the 2014 World Championships in Daytona, FL. An overwhelming sense of American pride flooded the stands as soon as these Elite athletes enter the arena for the competition. 

Below you can see three sublimated 3/4 length sleeve Under Armour® competitive leotards that were chosen to outfit the 2014 Women's National Team. They are in no short supply of rich colors, high quality polytek fabric, and the finest sublimation printing technology in the industry. 

Team USA was a regal site in this stunning v neck girl's trampoline and tumbling Under Armour® leotard. A rich royal navy lays an elegant back drop for a vibrant red and white cross body swirl design. Glittering brilliance Swarovski® Crystals embellish this astonishing women's competitive gymnastics leotard for a sparkling sight. 


This cutting edge, athletic scoop neck Under Armour leotard offers a contemporary twist on a historical color combination. Bright white flawlessly fades into rich royal while a fierce symmetrical side design adds striking red and blue accents.


We saved the best for last, this all American scoop neck Under Armour® competitive gymnastics leotard commanded a unifying spirit to rise high in the arena as these Elite athletes competed in the finest display of patriotic passion seen all year. A breathtaking vintage American flag is printed directly on polytek in an epic sweep from the right sleeve and shoulder to the left hip. 

Sublimation is the latest movement in the gymnastics apparel industry. Being able to print your design directly onto your GK gymnastics apparel opens up endless possibilities at an affordable price. Click here to learn more about our ink'd sublimation line.

Under Armour® Gymnastics.



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Men's Under Armour Gymnastics Shirts Enhanced American Pride at the 2014 T&T World Championship

The 2014 Men's Trampoline and Tumbling National Team represented America well in their sublimated patriotic Under Armour® gymnastics competition shirts at the 2014 T&T World Championships in Daytona, FL. You could feel the confidence and patriotic pride as these Elite athletes took their place on the competition floor. These cutting edge Under Armour competition shirts lead the way to bring their team unity to new heights. 

The crowds couldn't look away from this incredible sublimated men's Under Armour® gymnastics shirt. A deep blue to white fade lays beneath an athletic abstract symmetrical side design. The highlight of this men's gymnastics shirt is the flying eagle printed on the left side with its open wing on the back in a grandiose display of artistic talent. A wide panel of navy campus performance mesh was added to the back for extra breathable comfort. Team USA wore this inspiring boy's gymnastics shirt with our navy Under Armour® Men's Stretchtek Gymnastics Shorts 6009.

Red, white, and blue was the name of the game for this awesome men's Under Armour® competitive shirt. A navy campus strechtek panel is featured in the front while a fierce red symmetrical side panel design is printed on white polytek fabric. Navy campus performance mesh provides extra comfort for the back of the boy's gymnastics shirt. 

Under Armour® gymnastics apparel is known for turning athletes into Elites. With the finest performance enhancing fabrics, most cutting edge designs, and a perfect fit there is no way you can't succeed in the sport of gymnastics. Click here to see why more champions choose Under Armour® gymnastics apparel in the industry

Under Armour® Gymnastics. 


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Custom GK Leotard Beats Expectations for Seawind Gymnastics

YMCA's Seawind Gymnastics of Carlsbad, CA had a gymnastics leotard vision in their mind and GK delivered above and beyond their wildest expectations. As they walked into the Southern California Judges Cup, it was evident that this unified team was ready to compete by the sleek look of this one-of-a-kind girl's competitive gymnastics leotard.

Custom GK Leotard Beats Expectations for Seawind Gymnastics

Seawind gymnasts captivated the crowd's attention in a custom 3/4 sleeve girl's leotard, similar to our Double Curl Gymnastics Leotard 7503. This memorable competitive leotard showcases a white sparkle hologram top overlayed with navy mesh and a rich royal mystique bodice. Brilliance Swarovski® Crystals beautifully outline the striking white opalescence hologram wrap around wave design across the center chest and sleeves. The elegant faux lace up back in rich royal mystique binding adds an extra special touch of feminine flare to this personalized girl's gymnastics leotard. 

Looking for a personalized competitive leotard that expresses your personality and athletic ability? Check out our large selection of Special Order Long Sleeve Leotards that are waiting for your design ideas.  Use our Design Studio to create your dream gymnastics leotard today!

GK. Choice Of Champions.

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GK Competition Leotards Are a Hit With Metroplex Gymnastics

Simone Biles Defends Championship Title in GK Competitive Leotard at 2014 U.S. National Championship

More of our Favorite Gymnastics Leotards From The WOGA Classic



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Under Armour Competitive Leotard Builds Team Spirit

Nothing brings a team together more than a unified look in a new Under Armour® gymnastics leotard. Don't believe me, check out these Prestige gymnasts from Lancaster, PA as they sport their new competitive leotard in front of the camera. These fun loving athletes could feel the difference in fit, flexibility, and durability the moment they put on their stunning Under Armour® gymnastics leotards

These Prestige gymnasts chose our Under Armour® Energy Competitive Leotard 6502. This sophisticated v neck long sleeve gymnastics leotard features a black mystique bodice that gives way to a berry mystique faux racerback styling and sleek side panels outlined in steel mystique and a thin strip of white sparkle hologram piping. Black mesh outfits the sleeves creating an elegant back drop for clear Swarovski® Crystals to lavishly adorn the sleeves with a fire and brilliance rarely seen. 

Under Armour® by GK's brand mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Our vision is to empower gymnasts by manufacturing gymnastics apparel with performance DNA stitched into every piece. Our 4-way stretch fabric, exception fit, and durable stitching creates the highest quality men's and women's gymnastics wear. Click here to see the newest Under Armour® gymnastics apparel.

Under Armour® Gymnastics.

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Women's Team USA Wins 2014 World Championship Title in Under Armour® Leotard

Simone Biles Makes History in Under Armour® Competitive Leotard at 2014 World Championship

Patriotic Under Armour® Women's Leotard Raises Spirits for Ashton Locklear

Patriotic Under Armour® Men's Competition Shirt Revealed at 2014 World Championships

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GK Tank Leotard is as Hard Working as Everyday Champion Livia T.

Everyday Champion Livia T. of Kidsport Gym in Winona, MN has realized at a young age what it takes to succeed in the sport of gymnastics, and comfortable GK gymnastics leotards is one of the key components. The flexible movement of the 4-way stretch fabric, durable quality, and perfect fit keeps her mind off of pesky wardrobe distractions and on perfecting her form on her round-off back handspring back tuck. When asked what she loves most about GK girl's gymnastics leotards, she says, "because they are the most comfortable and fashionable gymnastics leotards out there." 

Everyday Champion Livia in GK Tank Leotard

This level five gymnast is wearing a style similar to our Sporty Keyhole Back Workout Leotard 3659. This athletic scoop back girl's tank leotard is designed in our exclusive black moonstone nylon/spandex print with foil and features a stylish key hole opening in the back. Sleek black mystique side panels are accentuated with rich royal piping and rich royal trim along the crew neckline and side style lines. If you love this girl's tank leotard print, check out our Black Moonstone Value Tank E2605 that offers a similar style at an unbeatable price!

Created with the most durable and flexible 4-way stretch fabrics, GK Gymnastics leotards are an essential investment in your success as a gymnast. All of our fabrics are thoroughly tested to be sure they are of the highest quality and will last as long as you do without the wear and tear you see from other brands. Choose the brand of champions, choose GK gymnastics apparel. 

GK. Choice Of Champions.



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WOGA Trains In Under Armour Leotards for the 2014 U.S. Championships

Downtown Ministries Gymnasts Debut in GK Tank Leotards

Pottsville Gymnastics Team Wins Big in GK Leotards


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Russia Shows Strength on Uneven Bars in GK Competitive Leotards at 2014 World Championships

Russian Women's National Team showed impenetrable strength and impeccable execution on the uneven bars at the 2014 World Championships in their GK competitive leotards. Daria Spiridonova was awarded the bronze medal with a score of 15.283, just 0.283 points behind second place, and teammate Aliya Mustafina finished sixth place with a 15.100 over all score. These talented athletes displayed talent, athletic vigor, and women's long sleeve gymnastics leotards that will not be forgotten.

Daria Spiridonova Competes in GK Gymnastics Leotard at 2014 World Championships
Photo courtesy of Sports2Visuals*

Spiridonova executed a strong uneven bar routine in a patriotic Sharp Accent Competitive Leotard 4840. This girl's 3/4 length sleeve leotard in red mystique showcases a contrasting rich royal mystique wrap around ribbon design that comes to a sharp angle at the left shoulder. White sparkle hologram creates a clean, fresh background for cobalt Swarovski® Crystals to accent the classic neck line.  Brilliance Swarovski® Crystals create sleek style outlines and a brilliant cascading crystal stream throughout this girls competitive leotard. 

 Aliya Mustafina Competes in GK Gymnastics Apparel at 2014 World Championship
Photo courtesy of Sports2Visuals*

Aliya Mustafina delivered an excellent uneven bar routine in our Bold Burst Competitive Gymnastics Leotard 9541. This contemporary girl's gymnastics leotard in black mystique showcases contrasting color combinations and exquisite sparkle. Yellow mystique fabric adorns the left shoulder and swoops into an exhilarating sunburst design. The sharp angles are outlined in gunmetal mystique and embellished with citrine and black Swarovski® Crystals. A deep v neckline allows for extra comfort and elegant appeal. 

Our easy to use Design Studio allows you to create your own unique girl's or boy's gymnastics apparel online. Choose from our large variety of our Special Order GK gymnastics apparel and add your personality to create a one-of-a-kind look. All of our styles are available in child and adult sizes for champions of all ages. Click here to get started today.

GK. Choice Of Champions.

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Russia Women's National Teal Wins in GK Competitive Leotard at 2014 World Championships

How to Have a Competitive Gymnastics Leotard That Others Want

Epke Zonderland Competes in Men's GK Gymnastics Apparel at 2014 World Championships


*To see more girl's and boy's GK gymnastics apparel in action, check out Sports2Visuals Facebook page.



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GK Competitive Leotards Grab Attention at the 2014 Finnish Championship

Senior Women's Artistic Gymnast Erika Pakkala stole the show at the 2014 Finnish Championship in her sparkling GK competitive gymnastics leotards. This stunning athlete won the All-Around gold medal as well as two more for her strong Uneven Bars routine and beautiful Floor performance.

Even as a young child, Pakkala knew her passion for gymnastics ran deep. When she turned five, she began training at STVK, one of the most prestigious gyms in Finland, where she remains to this day. Since 2005, she has been training under the direction of head coach Lyvoa Harutyunyan. At nine years old, Pakkala began competing at the international level and has remained the apple of Finland's eye since.

Erika Pakkala Competes in GK Gymnastics LeotardPakkala Competes in GK Women's Long Sleeve Raglan Lattice Competition Leotard 7578
Photos courtesy of Hannu Sipilä.

On the left, Pakkala is regally posed in an elegant 3/4 length sleeve GK competitive leotard. This classic girl's gymnastics leotard is designed with a brilliant radiant royal sparkle hologram bodice and beautiful ocean mesh on the top and sleeves. An exquisite display of clear Swarovski® Crystals wrap around the sleek silhouette accenting the darling sweetheart neckline and highlighting an athletic frame.  If you love this gorgeous GK gymnastics leotard, check out our similar style, the Super Sweetheart Competition Leotard 7574.

On the right, Pakkala executes her glorious floor routine in our Raglan Lattice Competition Leotard 7545. This sensational women's long sleeve leotard showcases a sangria mystique bodice with berry mesh raglan sleeves and a striking sangria mystique lattice design. Brilliance Swarovski® Crystals decadently outline the faux v neck line and add impeccable sparkle to the sangria mystique trim on the neckline and sleeves.

Did you know that all of our Special Order Long Sleeve Leotards allow you to create a custom competitive leotard at an affordable price?  With over 90 different girl's leotard styles, available in child and adult sizes, and countless color combinations the possibilities are endless. Visit our Design Studio to create your dream gymnastics leotard today! 

GK. Choice Of Champions.

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Kyla Ross Gets Silver in GK Leotard at the 2014 U.S. National Championship

WOGA Competes at 2014 U.S. Championships in GK Long Sleeve Leotard



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Select Under Armour Workout Apparel is 25% Off

Need new workout apparel to wear over your gymnastics leotard this season? Save 25% on select Under Armour® workout clothes now while supplies lasts. Keep reading to see what we have in store for you!

Under Armour Carbon & Chaos Logo TeeGirl's Under Armout Teal & Steel Full Zip HoodyUnder Armour 1/4 Zip Pullover

Our Girl's Under Armour® Carbon &Chaos Logo Tee in dark carbon heather with a chaos pink logo on the center chest features a softer, more natural feel for all-day comfort, fabric with moisture transport system, anti-odor technology, and lightweight stretch to improve mobility. This Under Armour® lightweight tee also comes in Chaos Pink with a White logoFor those cooler months, check out our Girl's Under Armour® Teal & Steel Full Zip Hoody 6237TI. This stylish yet sporty girl's Under Armour® full front zip hoody in teal ice with steel grey stripes comes in a cotton-rich tri-blend fabric that has a soft, athletic feel for superior comfort and performance.  This Under Armour® hoody also comes in Chaos Pink & SteelNeed a lightweight sweathshirt when running back and forth to the gym? Check out our Under Armour® 1/4 Zip Pullover. Available in Navy, Red, or Black, this women's Under Armour® Twisted 1/4 Zip Pullover features re-engineered UA Tech™ fabric with allover heathered finish.  

UA Black Play Up Short 6239Girl's UA Intensity Knit Short Girl's  UA Intensity Knit Short

Pair any of these workout tops with either the Under Armour® Black Play Up Short 6239 or the Girl's Intensity 3" Knit Short 6240. These women's and girl's soft-knit workout shorts features lightweight performance fabric that delivers superior comfort and breathability. For more coverage, choose our Under Armour® Fly-By Women's Compression Capri 6242 or our Girl's Under Armour® Black & Chaos Sonic Capri 6241.

Under Armour Fly By Women's Compression Capri 6242Under Armour Black and Chaos Sonic Capri 6241

Under Armour® online only products are only available while supplies lasts. Freshen up your workout wear today with Under Armour® training apparel. Offer available for U.S. Consumer Accounts only. 

Under Armour® Gymnastics.


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Russian National Team Wins in GK Competitive Leotards at 2014 World Championship

None were as eye-catching as the 2014 All-Around World bronze medalist Russian National Team as they took the mat in Nanning, China in their dazzling GK gymnastics leotards. With a sea of sparkling crystals radiating from their gymnastics apparel with every movement, it was impossible to look away. These four memorable women's long sleeve leotards were designed by Russia's finest female gymnasts and won more than just the crowd's adoration.

Aliya Mustafina in GK Competitive Leotard at 2014 World ChampionshipsMaria Kharenkova in GK Sweetheart Swirls Competition Leotard 9585
Photos courtesy of Sports2Visuals*

Viewers worldwide could see Aliya Mustafina, Russian's most famous gymnast and bronze medalist on the Balance Beam and Floor, in our Stylish Sweetheart Competition Leotard 7572.  This timeless v neck leotard in red mystique showcases an elegant hot red mesh top that features an off the shoulder faux sweetheart neckline outlined in clear Swarovski® Crystals.  In the photo on the right, Maria Kharenkova is an exquisite site in our Sweetheart Swirls Competition Leotard 9585.  This couture v neck girl's gymnastics leotard in rainforest mystique offers dramatic black mesh across the top with an intricate swirl design down the sleeves and brilliance Swarovski® Crystals throughout. 

Aliya Mustafina in GK Long Sleeve Leotard at 2014 World ChampionshipsAliya Mustafina in GK Long Sleeve Leotard at 2014 World Championships
Photos courtesy of Sports2Visuals*

The Russian National Team loved this classic faux sweetheart gymnastics leotard so much that they ordered it in two different color combinations.  On the left, Mustafina is gracefully competing on the balance beam in the sangria mystique leotard with a gorgeous berry mesh top, contrasting black nylon/spandex trim along the deep v neck line and faux sweetheart style line, with an outstanding shimmer of brilliance Swarovski® Crystals adorning the front.  On the right, all of Russia was captivated by Aliya Mustafina in this ocean mystique girl's gymnastics leotard.  Ocean mesh wraps around the top as black nylon/spandex trims accents the v neck line and timeless sweetheart style line.  Brilliance Swarovski® Crystals embellish this beautiful blue long sleeve competitive leotard showcasing a never before seen sparkle.  If you love this simple, yet sophisticated silhouette, check out our Elegant V Neck Competition Leotard 4829.

Looking for a quality competitive gymnastics leotard at an affordable price for your next meet?  Visit our Design Studio to create your dream gymnastics apparel for your next meet.  All of our Special Order Long Sleeve Leotards are priced to include finest cut crystal embellishments in the world, Swarovski® Crystals. Click here to start designing today!

GK. Choice Of Champions.

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Simone Biles Makes History In Under Armour® Competitive Leotard at 2014 World Championships 

Women's Team USA Wins 2014 World Championship Title in Under Armour® Leotard


*To see more GK and Under Armour competitive girl's leotards in action, check out Sports2Visuals Facebook page.



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Australia Women's National Team Makes a Statement in GK Competitive Leotard

The Australia Women's National Team arrived at the 2014 World Championships in Nanning, China with a style and class that made a bold,competitive declaration in their beautiful GK women's gymnastics leotard. This Elite team walked onto the competition floor turning heads as onlookers strained to get a closer look at this dramatically dazzling long sleeve leotard. 

Australia Women's National Team Competes in GK Competitive LeotardAustralia Women's National Team Competes in GK Leotard
Photos courtesy of Sports2Visuals*

The Australia Women's National Team captivated the crowds in our Amazing Tribal Competition Leotard 7566.  These talented athletes designed this deep v neck long sleeve leotard bodice our rich rainforest mystique fabric and contrasting black mesh top and sleeves for a feminine flare. Regal gold mystique and bright white nylon/spandex highlight the dramatic tribal wrap around design while rainforest mystique binding accentuates the elegant deep v neckline. No girl's competitive leotard is complete without a stunning sparkle, so these talented athletes embellished their gymnastics apparel with brilliance Swarovski® Crystals for a diamond like shine. 

If you love this memorable women's competitive leotard, then check out our full selection of Special Order Long Sleeve Leotards. With over 90 different styles to choose from and countless color combinations, the possibilities are endless!  Visit our Design Studio today to create unique gymnastics apparel that makes a statement.

GK. Choice Of Champions.

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Patriotic Under Armour Women's Leotard Raises Spirits for Ashton Locklear

Epke Zonderland Competes in Men's GK Gymnastics Apparel at 2014 World Championships

Women's Team USA Wins 2014 World Championship Title in Under Armour Leotard


*To see other athletes in GK gymnastics apparel, check out Sports2Visuals Facebook page





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Nastia Liukin Leotard Enchants WOGA Gymnasts

WOGA gymnasts hold fast to the rich legacy that is represented in their gym by choosing the latest fashion forward gymnastics training apparel in the industry, Nastia Liukin's Leotards by GK.  Sporting one of the beautiful tank leotards from our newest line, these young athletes look and feel like the Olympic Champion herself as they train like Elites.

WOGA Gymnasts Train in Nastia Liukin Leotard By GK

Nastia Liukin's Enchanted Leotard E2755 by GK

WOGA fell in love with our Enchanted Nastia Liukin Leotard E2755. This v neck tank workout leotard is designed with white opalescence hologram and features a beautiful wrap around wave design in princess pink sparkle hologram with contrasting seaglass sparkle hologram for a fabulous fit for gymnasts of all levels. This girl's gymnastics leotard is available in adult and child sizes so athletes of all ages can train like an Olympic Champion.  

Nastia Liukin recently partnered with GK to bring the gymnastics industry a legendary, fashion forward line of gymnastics apparel that has never before been seen.  Nastia tells us, "My goal is to provide gymnasts with garments of the latest trends and highest quality that they will love. I have shown my passion through original designs, which include a variety of colors, patterns, and sequinz™."  Browse through Nastia Liukin's full gymnastics wear collection to see the latest Gold Medal gymnastics apparel the industry has to offer. 

GK. Choice Of Champions. 

Click the link below to read more about Nastia Liukin's trendsetting leotard line:

New from Nastia Liukin: A Legendary, Fashion Forward Gymnastics Apparel Collection



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Parkettes Stand Unified in GK Long Sleeve Leotard at 2014 U.S. National Championships

The Parkettes Gymnastics Academy of Allentown, PA showed exceptional harmony at the 2014 U.S. National Championships in their eye-catching red GK competitive leotards. This Jr. Elite team was a refreshing reminder that with the support of your teammates, your dreams are within reach. The audience could hear the Parkettes enthusiastically cheering on each teammate as they took their place on each apparatus. Their gorgeous gymnastics leotard was the perfect touch of team spirit and professionalism that kept this Elite team standing side by side throughout the competition.

Parkettes Compete in GK Competitive Leotards at 2014 U.S. National ChampionshipParkettes Compete in GK Leotard at 2014 U.S. National Championship

The Parkettes chose to compete in our 2014-2015 Competitive Gymnastics Catalog cover leotard, the Serpentine Whirl Long Sleeve Leotard 9587. This v neck, competitive leotard is one of our most popular styles, and it isn't hard to imagine why. This red mystique girl's leotard showcases a dramatic gold mystique front and back whirl design with a gold mystique neckline trim. Gold brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS explode across the front in a sensational swirl design while more sparkling crystals embellish the top and sleeves for an magnificent shine.

Are you looking for a way to revive your team spirit and create a unified look for your next gymnastics meet? Browse through our large selection of gymnastics apparel that will give you the professional, unified appearance you are looking for. Be sure to check out our Team Leotard Coordinates to carry your team spirit from training to the competition floor. 

GK. Choice Of Champions.



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Aly Raisman Returns to the Karolyi Ranch with Her GK Gymnastics Tank Leotards

Aly Raisman is packing up her gymnastics grips and tank leotards as she makes her return to the Karolyi Ranch for the National Team Training Camp this weekend, October 23-27.  This will be her first camp since before the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Excitement energizes the air as she prepares to reunite with Olympic teammates Gabby Douglas and Kyla Ross to pursue her dream of making the 2016 Olympic Team. 

Aly Raisman Sublimated Leotard E2625

Alexandra Raisman returned to her home gym, Brestyan's, in September 2013 and resumed training under head coach Mihai Brestyan. She has been consistently dedicated to getting back in shape this past year and has eagerly been working towards making a comeback on the competitive scene. Since 2000, no U.S. Womens Artistic Gymnast held consecutive spots on Olympic Teams, but with her technical difficulty level on the floor, experience, and consistency, Aly Raisman has a strong chance to find her way competing at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. 

There's no doubt that many thoughts and emotions are swirling around Raisman's mind this week as she prepares for camp, but one thing is for sure, she will stand confident in her signature line of GK gymnastics leotards. This exclusive girl's tank leotard collection features designs, fabrics, and embellishments hand picked by the 2012 Olympic Champion herself. Click here to view Alexandra Raismans' 2014 Holiday Leotard Collection and get her Back to School workout tank leotard line on sale for $39.99! 

We can't wait to see what this GK Champion has in store for this upcoming competitive season, and we wish her luck as she returns to the Karolyi Ranch this weekend! Stay tuned to our blog to see which Aly Raisman tank leotards she chooses to train in.

GK. Choice Of Champions.

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Alexandra Raisman Leotards and Workout Shorts That Will Inspire You This Holiday Season

Aly Raisman Gymnastics Leotards and Shorts for Fall

Gabby Douglas Tank Leotards Just In Time for Fall

2014 Holiday Gymnastics Leotards are Now Online


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How to Have a Competitive Gymnastics Leotard That Others Want

The 2014 World Championships in Nanning, China displayed some of the finest athletes, skills, and GK competitive leotards yet. One worth mentioning is the Netherlands Women's National Team that was bursting with patriotic pride. This simple, yet sophisticated women's gymnastics leotard created quite a buzz across the international gymnastics scene. Why? Because this talented team used their patriotic passion, artistic ideas, and memorable color combinations to make a lasting impression.

2014 Netherlands National Team Competes in GK Gymnastics Leotard
Photo courtesy of Sports2Visuals*

2014 Women's Netherlands National Team Competes in GK LeotardThe Netherlands Women's National Team was the talk of the town as they stepped onto the competition floor in our Cascading Ribbon Gymnastics Leotard 7557.  This memorable girl's competitive leotard features a red slither bodice with a silver mystique top that accentuates the timeless faux sweetheart neckline design. Contrasting ocean mystique ribbons cascade down the left shoulder creating a sleek wrap around design.  Royal nylon/spandex binding accents the feminine v neck line as brilliance Swarovski® Crystals create an explosion of dazzling sparkle across the front.  This Elite team took their patriotic spirit a step further by adding their country's abbreviation, NED, in electric blue Swarovski® Crystals across the right sleeve. 

Our Special Order long sleeve and tank leotards are waiting for you to personalize them with your ideas. Choose from a large variety of styles, colors, and fabric combinations to create a gymnastics leotard that is uniquely yours.  We guarantee your confidence will rise and your performance will enhance due to our 4-way stretch, perfect fit leotards that are designed with your ambitious routines in mind. Click here to design your own women's, men's, girl's or boy's GK gymnastics apparel today!

GK. Choice Of Champions. 

Click the links below to see more patriotic Special Order Gymnastics Apparel worn at 2014 World Championships:

Epke Zonderland Competes in GK Gymnastics Apparel at 2014 World Championships

Women's Team USA Wins 2014 World Championship Title in Under Armour Leotard

GK Competitive Leotard Shows Patriotic Spirit at 2014 U.S. National Championships


*Check out Sports2Visuals Facebook page to see great action shots of all the GK gymnastics competitive leotards and men's competitive gymnastics apparel worn at the 2014 World Championships. 


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Patriotic Under Armour Women's Leotard Raises Spirits for Ashton Locklear

Elite Artistic Gymnast Ashton Locklear of Everest Gymnastics in Huntersville, NC was an outstanding sight in her red, white, and blue patriotic Under Armour® competitive leotard at the 2014 World Championship at the Guangxi Sports Center Gymnasium in Nanning, China. This talented gymnast made America proud with her strong uneven bar performance, an impressive come back after recently recovering from a stress fracture in her back. 

Photo courtesy of Sports2Visuals*

Ashton Locklear knew from a young age that she wanted to be involved in the sport of gymnastics. At age two, she could be found in the audience of her sister's tumbling and trampoline competitions mimicking the movements of the older gymnasts.  Her parents realized there was no keeping this ambitious athlete away from her passion and natural talent for gymnastics.  Now, this Elite athlete is part of the 2014 World gold medalist team and placed an impressive fourth place on the uneven bars. Locklear hopes to compete in the 2016 Olympics and follow in the footsteps of her idol, Nastia Liukin.

Patriotic Under Armour Leotard Worn at the 2014 World ChampionshipOnlookers couldn't help but feel the pride coming from the Women's USA Team as they wore this iconic red, white, and blue Under Armour® gymnastics leotard on the last day of the event. This stunning work of art features a red mystique bodice that flows into a contemporary yet elegant white opalescence sweetheart neckline. Bold navy mystique stripes add the perfect contrast to the top while sparkling brilliance Swarovski® Crystals generously embellish this stunning girl's competitive leotard. 

Create your own patriotic Under Armour® gymnastics leotard in our Design Studio. Just choose your favorite Special Order Long Sleeve Under Armour® Leotard, pick your fabric and color combinations, and add your sparkling embellishments for a one-of-a-kind patriotic piece. Click here to get started today!

Under Armour® Gymnastics. 

Click the links below to see Simone Biles' leotards when she made history at the 2014 World Championship:

Simone Biles Defends World Championship Title in Under Armour® Competitive Leotard

Why the U.S. Women's World Team Trains in Under Armour® Tank Leotards


*To see more fantastic women's Under Armour® leotards in action, check out Sports2Visuals Facebook page





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Simone Biles Makes History in Under Armour Competitive Leotard at 2014 World Championship

On Sunday, October 12, 2014, Elite Artistic Gymnast Simone Biles of World Champions Centre in Conroe, TX made gymnastics history at the 2014 World Championship.  On the final day, she received two gold medals for her famous floor and balance beam routines giving her a total of six career gold medals, the most gold medals won by any U.S. woman. 

2013 and 2014 World Champion, Simone Biles, Competes in Under Armour Leotard
              Photo courtesy of Sports2Visuals

Simone Biles has an impressive list of World accomplishments including, gold medals for 2014 Individual All-Around, Floor Exercise, and Balance Beam, as well as a Women's Team gold medal. In 2013, she also received gold medals for the Individual All-Around and Floor Exercise.  This record breaking gymnast tied Shannon Miller and Nastia Liukin with nine career medals, and she is just getting started. 

Biles made history in an Under Armour gymnastics leotard that is fit for a queen. This stunning v neck long sleeve women's leotard is designed in our black mystique, 4-way stretch fabric with bright calypso mesh across the top and sleeves.  Dramatic black mystique trim accentuates the contrasting deep v neck line as brilliance Swarovski® Crystals bring a diamond necklace sparkle.  An elegant swirl design in calypso mystique with brilliance Swarovski® Crystals adds a memorable appeal to the front of this gold medal girl's competitive leotard.

If you love Simone Biles' sophisticated style, check out our Under Armour Fearless Women's Long Sleeve Competitive Leotard 6902. No other gymnastics leotard brand offers you the flexible movement, performance enhancing durability, and the most cutting edge designs as Under Armour gymnastics apparel.  All of our Under Armour competitive wear comes in child and adult sizes, so what are you waiting for? Click here to start competing like an Elite today.

Under Armour Gymnastics.

To see more Under Armour competitive leotards in action, check out Sports2Visuals Facebook page.


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Patriotic Under Armour Men's Competition Shirt Revealed at the 2014 World Championship

Congratulations to the 2014 U.S. Men's Team who won the bronze medal at the 2014 World Championship Men's Team Finals on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 in Nanning, China.  The Men's Team pulled ahead of Great Britain during the last two rotations to receive a spot on the podium and bring home another medal!  These Elite athletes held a high patriotic esteem as they sported their finest skill sets in this iconic Under Armour Competition Shirt.  Audiences everywhere could feel an abundance of patriotic passion and the unifying force among these gymnasts that could only be linked to their men's gymnastics shirt. 

Alex Naddour on Pommel at 2014 World Championships in Under Armour Shirt
Photo courtesy of Sports2Visuals

2014 U.S. World Men's Team Under Armour Competition Shirt

The  USA Men's Team flooded the arena with patriotic spirit in this red, white, and blue sublimated Under Armour gymnastics shirt.  This scoop neck men's competition shirt printed on polytek features red campus performance mesh for extra breathable comfort on the back and a fierce American Flag sublimated design across the front. For the floor and vault, you could find the men's team performing in our red Under Armour Men's Stretchtek Gymnastics Shorts 6009. These gymnastics competition shorts feature a straight leg, elastic drawstring waist, and a high performance heat seal logo.  For optimal performance on the Pommel Horse and Still Rings, they chose our red Under Armour Men's Stretchtek Gymnastics Pants 6010. These athletic competition pants designed in our campus stretchtek fabric feature a comfortable, yet secure, waistband, foot stirrups, and a sleek athletic silhouette.  All of our Under Armour gymnastics wear is available in child and adult sizes.

Looking for a patriotic design for your competitive gymnastics apparel? Let ink'd by GK create a one-of-a-kind design that will let onlookers know you are proud to be an American.  Click here to find out how you can inspire those around you with sublimated Under Armour gymnastics apparel

Under Armour Gymnastics.

For more incredible action shots from the 2014 World Championships, check out Sports2Visuals Facebook page.

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Women's Team USA Wins 2014 World Championship Title in Under Armour Leotard

Congratulations to the U.S. Women's Team that left a mark on history by being the first American team to win the championship title two years back to back at the 2014 World Championships at the Guangxi Sports Center Gymnasium in Nanning, China!  These Elite athletes remained in the lead throughout the competition with a 6.63 margin against second place, China, followed by Russia in third place. Congratulations, ladies, you have made America proud!

While their highly advanced skills and strong team spirit paved the way to a record breaking win, their performance enhancing Under Armour long sleeve competitive leotard led to a gold medal performance that will be talked about for years to come.  Below, some of the athletes from the U.S. Women's Team are sporting their Gold Medals in their patriotic Under Armour leotard.

USA Women's Team Wins Gold in Under Armour Leotard at the 2014 Worlds Championship
Photo courtesy of Alyssa Baumann

2014 U.S. Women's Team World Championship Under Armour Leotard

Team USA received the 2014 World Championship Medal in a custom Under Armour long sleeve gymnastics leotard.  This patriotic leotard makes a statement as bold as lady liberty herself as rich red mystique fabric designs the sleek bodice and red hot mesh adds memorable elegance to the top.  A remarkable white mystique swirl design outlines the deep v neck line while brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS show off a dazzling sparkle throughout this USA gymnastics leotard. If you love this Under Armour competitive leotard, be sure to check out our UA Confidence Gymnastics Leotard  6707 for a style similar to this award winning gymnastics apparel. 

Under Armour gymnastics apparel by GK continues to be Elite athletes first choice for every event. Why? Because Under Armour gymnastics wear offers performance enhancing designs, a superior fit,  and 4-way stretch fabrics that cling to you like a second skin.  All of our Under Armour gymnastics apparel is available in child and adult sizes to bring inspiration to even the youngest gymnast.  Click here to shop the full Under Armour gymnastics apparel collection today.

Under Armour Gymnastics.


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Behind the Scenes at the GK Gymnastics Apparel Photo Shoot

Lights, camera, ACTION was the name of the game last month for GK's quarterly Essentials Catalog photo shoot. The day was filled with laughter, leotards, and lipstick.  We were honored to have former level 9 gymnast of Prestige Gymnastics in Lancaster, PA, Aja Bookert, and level 10 gymnast, also of Prestige Gymnastics, Brianna Koehnke, come out to model some of the finest GK gymnastics leotards yet! 

GK Gymnastics Photo Shoot

Being new on the modeling scene, Brianna couldn't wait to sport GK gymnastics apparel for the camera.   When asked what her favorite part about modeling for GK, she tells us, "I love the look and feel of the girl's gymnastics leotards, along with the staff that we get to work with." 

If you're ready to be picture perfect on and off the mat, then check out all that GK has to offer online.  You'll find the largest selection of gymnastics apparel in the industry with a fit and quality that cannot be matched!  With the recent release of our 2014 Workout Gymnastics Wear Holiday Collection, you are sure to find the perfect gift for every gymnast on your list this holiday season.  Whether your shopping our GymTek line for an Elite athlete, or looking through our GKids gymnastics apparel for your toddler and preschooler, GK has what your gymnast needs to succeed. 

GK. Choice Of Champions.


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