Team Central Gymnasts in USA Gymnastics Team Replica Leotards

Morgan and Kadi of Team Central Gymnastics Academy, a National Level Non-Profit Gymnastics Training Center in St. Louis, Missouri, show off their USA Gymnastics team replica leotards.  Pride AS429 is an adidas stylized stars and stripes poly/spandex design, printed on a classic tank leotard featuring the iconic embroidered National Team circle of stars logo.  This workout leotard will forever remind us of 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Aly Raisman's floor exercise routine.

Do you just have to have the same elegant, regal leotard?  GK is the only place to get authorized replicas of the USA Gymnastics team leotards available for purchase through December 30, 2012. Get Pride AS429 here!

GK.  Choice of Champions.

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GK is the Choice of Champions & Official Supplier for Kellogg's Tour

The 2012 Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions kicked off on Saturday, September 8, 2012 in San Jose, California.  According to USA Gymnastics, the Tour "promises to be unlike any gymnastics tour ever produced, providing fans with a high-flying, dynamic experience that will celebrate the sports' beauty and skill. Bigger and better than ever, the show's format pairs elite gymnastics skill with modern performance art that pushes the boundaries of athleticism and is sure to keep fans cheering for more."

Fantastic!  Now - what will they be wearing?  The Choice of Champions of course!  GK is very proud to be the official supplier for all gymnastics apparel and costumes for the tour.  Some gymnastics leotards and costumes will be one-of-a-kind, others will be worn by local gymnasts who will help to open each show. 

Be sure to visit the GK Gymnastics Blog for a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the unique gymnastics leotards and other costumes on display at the show. For more information about the tour, visit the official site at Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions.

Photo: John Cheng


GK. Choice of Champions.

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Engineered Art Gymnastics Leotards for Fall

Introducing GK's LIMITED EDITION Engineered Art gymnastics leotards.  These custom created leotards reflect the artistry and technique of gymnastics. They feature exclusive prints designed by GK and are engineered to fit on the body of leotard. Each gymnastics leotard is Made in the USA with GK's exclusive comfort and fit. 

Wrap yourself in custom art.

Art Deco Leotard E2040 features a stylized custom abstract construction design printed on a classic tank gymnastics leotard.  Impressionism Leotard E2039 features a stylized custom abstract smudges design printed on a classic tank gymnastics leotard.

Art Nouveau Leotard E2041 features a stylized custom dot necklace design printed on a classic tank gymnastics leotard. Post Impressionist Leotard E2042 features a stylized abstract portrait design printed on a classic tank gymnastics leotard.

Shop the Back to School Workout Essentials Catalog here.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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GK uses 100% SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on every one of our competitive leotards. The alternating facets and platinum foiling of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS create a brilliance unmatched in the industry. 

Don't take our word for it, listen to Kiana Ross, mother of Kyla Ross, member of 2012's Gold Medal winning Fierce Five. 

Kiana said, "The SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were a vital part of the USA Gymnastics leotards. When Kyla wears GK competition leotards, I know, as her mother, how important it is for her performance that she feel confident on the competition floor.  Confidence comes from being prepared, long hours of training, having the right coach, necessary support from family and, of course, from the look, fit, quality, and design of your leotard. GK constructs gymnastics leotards with all of that in mind. When I watch Kyla in competition, I can tell who is wearing a leotard with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  There is nothing that compares with the sparkle and shine of a GK leotard." 

Here, Kyla is wearing GK's Freedom Gymnastics Leotard 1002This elegant patriotic scoop neck gymnastics leotard in White, Ocean, and Red Mystique features 1,653 Clear, Brilliance, and Metallic Silver SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  This leotard is part of GK's Ultimate Brilliance by Elite CollectionHowever, every gymnastics leotard in our Competitive Catalog can be embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. 

Shop the 2012 Women's Competitive Catalog here.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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2012 USA Gymnastics Leotards by Elite Sportswear - Stars & Stripes

Some said they saved the best for last!  The Stars & Stripes USA Gymnastics leotard made its appearance at the Women's Event Finals for Beam and Floor.  The patriotic leo was a lucky one for GK Champion Aly Raisman who took the Gold Medal on Floor and the Bronze Medal on Beam. 

The Stars & Stripe leo is an example of a new innovation in gymnastics leotards called sublimation where designs are digitally printed on poly/spandex fabrics.

This digital printing is what provided the shooting star effect on the leo.  Ruby, Clear, and Navy SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS then take the digital print to the next level adding brilliance and sparkle.


Now you can show your team spirit with Pride AS429 from the Everyday Champions Special Edition Catalog - the only authorized source for USA Gymnastics replica leotards.  

Pride features the same stylized stars and stripes poly/spandex design, printed on a classic tank gymnastics leotard featuring the iconic embroidered National Team circle of stars logo.  This leotard will be available through December 30, 2012.

Shop the Everyday Champions Collection here.

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2012 USA Gymnastics Leotards by Elite Sportswear-The Art Deco Leotard

The Women's Gymnastics All Around and Event Finals were the showcase for the next two shiny pieces from the USA Gymnastics' leotard treasure chest.  The Art Deco Leotard was seen in two beautiful colors, Sangria Mystique and Steel Mystique. The Sangria Art Deco gymnastics leotard sparkled with clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in square, round, triangle, rectangle, and teardrop shapes adding dimension and brilliance.  The Steel Mystique Art Deco gymnastics leotard had the same crystal shapes, but metallic colors of Gold Brilliance, Aurora Boreale, and Golden Shadow SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were used.

Craving the Art Deco gymnastics leotard design for yourself?  Be sure to get Spirit AS431 from the Everyday Champions Special Edition Catalog - the only place to purchase authorized USA Gymnastics Replica leotards!

Spirit is a low scoop Sangria Mystique tank gymnastics leotard with a striking Art Deco clear jeweled neckline. 

Shop the Everyday Champions
Special Edition collection here!

GK. Choice of Champions.


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2012 USA Gymnastics Leotards by Elite Sportswear - The Chrysler Leotard

One of the most anticipated gymnastics leotards of the summer games was the Women's Team All Around leotard and fans were not disappointed!  Those tweeting live from the arena marveled at the statement-making red color and unmatched sparkle of The "Chrysler" Leotard. Shawn Johnson tweeted, "Red HOT Leo's!! LOVE!! Go USA! So many rhinestones I'm blinded!!"

Inspired by the Chrysler Building in NYC, the Red Mystique gymnastics leotard had 3000+ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in round and rectangular shapes for a fantastic and classy display of bling!  It proved to be the perfect gymnastics leotard for bringing home Team Gold for the USA. There was also a White Mystique version of the same leotard that the Tumbling & Trampoline athletes wore for podium training.

Get a gold medal look with Strength AS432 from GK's Special Edition Collection - the only authorized USA Gymnastics replica leotards.

Strength AS432 is a v-neck Red Mystique tank gymnastics leotard with a bold, clear jeweled neckline featuring the iconic embroidered National Team circle of stars logo.

Shop here for all of the 2012 USA
Gymnastics Replica Leotards

GK. Choice of Champions.

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2012 USA Gymnastics Leotards by Elite Sportswear - Purple Starburst

The Fierce Five returned to North Greenwich Arena for the Women's Qualifications and continued the starburst trend, only this time it was in purple!  The Imperial Purple Mystique long sleeved gymnastics leotards had the same stunning starburst design with alternating panels of Concord Mesh over Natural Shadowproof Fabric. Stars were crafted with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS lighting up the bodice of the leotard.

Do you just have to have the same elegant, regal leotard?  GK is the only place to get authorized replicas of the USA Gymnastics team leotards available for purchase through December 30, 2012.  Perseverance AS428 is a v-neck tank gymnastics leotard in Purple nylon/spandex and Imperial Purple Mystique featuring clear jewel star accents and the National Team logo.

Shop here for all of the 2012 USA Gymnastics Replica Leotards.

GK. Choice of Champions.



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U.S. Lawmakers Impressed With GK

On Wednesday, August 22, 2012, U.S. Senator Pat Toomey and U.S. Representative Jim Gerlach visited GK and were impressed with what they saw.  Sen. Toomey and Rep. Gerlach were given the grand tour of GK's manufacturing facility and saw first hand all of the intricate steps involved in crafting the best gymnastics apparel in the industry. 

The Lawmakers started where all GK apparel begins - in the design department.  They then walked through each department getting a glimpse of the pattern making, cutting, embellishing, sewing, and inspection processes.  Both admired the specific skill sets of GK employees necessary for crafting gymnastic apparel. Afterward, Toomey said, "Elite Sportswear shows that manufacturing is still thriving in this state and America.  [GK] is an example of a company that used innovation to target their market." 

GK is immensely proud of the fact that every one of its gymnastics leotards, for the beginner athlete or a gold medalist, is Made in the USA.  Gerlach touched on this fact as well saying, "We need to put in place the right policies that will allow [GK] to compete effectively and stay in the United States." 

To see coverage of the visit in the local news and press, check out the links below.

Lawmakers tour Reading garment factory

Toomey, Gerlach tour sportswear company

Thank you Sen. Toomey and Rep. Gerlach for coming to visit GK!

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Team USA Leotards by Elite Sportswear - Berry Starburst

The first Team USA competition leotard to makes its debut in London was a stunning pink creation!  It wasn't so much a matter of if the Team would wear pink, but when.  The soon to be Fierce Five sported these beautiful pink gymnastic leotards when they first hit the Olympic floor for podium training. 

This long sleeve competition leotard is a custom design with a regal v neck and v back.  The foundation fabric is Berry Mystique with the starburst design created with alternating Berry Mesh fabric.  The glittering star appliques are made of Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on the front and back of the leotard.  On the right shoulder is the iconic circle of stars logo of the USA Gymnastics National Team.

Love this leo?  Have to have it? GK has the only authorized replicas of the USA gymnastics team leotards available for purchase through December 30, 2012.  Determination AS427 is a v-neck tank gymnastics leotard with the same bold starburst design as the Team USA  leotard featuring clear jewel star accents and the National Team logo.  It's created with Berry nylon/spandex and Berry Mystique. 

Shop here for all of the 2012 Team USA Replica Leotards.  Looking for competition gymnastic leotards of your own design? Check out GK's Design Studio to get started.

GK. Choice of Champions.



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2012 Team USA Replica Gymnastics Leotards from Elite Sportswear

We can't wait any longer!  Elite Sportswear is pleased to announce - 10 days earlier than expected - the Everyday Champions Special Edition Catalog - patriotic gymnastics leotards inspired by Team USA!  We want to celebrate the everyday champions - the athletes who supported, cheered, and aspire to one day be... Team USA!

The Special Edition Catalog offers:

2012 TEAM USA Replica Gymnastic Leotards will be available for pre-booking immediately.  The catalog will be available August 13th - December 30th, 2012.

Even more reason to be proud - every gymnastics leotard in the Special Edition catalog is sewn and assembled in the USA. 

Shop the Everyday Champions catalog now for your authentic souvenir of the 2012 London Games!







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GK Hosts Legendary Designers for Autograph Sessions

Earlier this month at USA Gymnastic's National Congress & Trade Show, the GK Booth suddenly had a long, long line to get in. The reason?  Some of GK's "legendary designers" showed up to autograph the GK Special Edition Gymnastics Legends catalog for fans.  The Gymnastics Legends leotards were on display in the booth from June 28 to July 1. 

Team Captain of the 1996 Magnificent Seven and the first U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team to win Gold in all of Olympic history, Amanda Borden, met with fans and signed autographs at the GK booth on Friday, June 29th.  Her Sequinz Flag Gymnastics Leotard E1956 has a classic scoop neck and is made of Silver Mystique and White Nylon/Spandex.  She found inspiration for her legends gymnastics leotard in her Magnificent Seven teammates.  The seven stripes of the abstract flag on her leotard represent the seven team members who won Gold at the 1996 Olympics.

On Saturday morning, Kim Zmeskal, the first-ever American woman to become All-Around World Champion in 1991, arrived ready to greet her fans. Her Contrast V-Neck Gymnastics Leotard E1958 is made of Silver Mystique, and Radiant Royal Sparkle Hologram featuring nail head accent and clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  Kim's design inspiration for her gymnastics leotard came from the logo design of the 1991 World Championships.  Kim brought along her gymnast, Kennedy Baker, to the autograph signing - a bonus for fans!

Carly Patterson arrived at the GK booth later on Saturday.  Carly became the second American woman to win Olympic Gold for the Individual All-Around at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.  Her Modern Zig Zag Trim Gymnastics Leotard E1961 is a scoop back tank leotard featuring an Olympic rings design made of Ocean, Black, Red, Yellow, Kelly Green, and Black Mystiques atop a Silver Mystique fabric.  Her design is inspired by the greatest achievement of her gymnastics career, the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

The lines to meet and get autographs from these three legendary American gymnasts were very long, but the many fans waited patiently for the coveted signatures and a chance to meet a gymnastic legend. 

Shop it before it's gone on August 15th - the GK Special Edition Gymnastics Legends Catalog.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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GK Booth at 2012 National Congress

Each year USA Gymnastics hosts the National Congress & Trade Show and each year GK is there.  This year was extra exciting with the Olympic Trials going and GK was front and center at the show with their super-sized booth!  The best of GK gymnastic apparel was on display.  All of our gymnastic leotards were showcased for coaches, gym owners, athletes, and fans to touch and see up close.  Lots of people were excited to see a leotard that they had on order.  Others were looking for inspiration for their next design or purchase.  Many people were checking out the latest Back To School Workout Essentials leotards.  From Special Order to In Stock, Ultimate Brilliance to GK Couture, GymTek to GKids - there were lots of gymnastics leotards to ooh and ahh over.  Our new Engineered Art line and the unbelievable Free Sequinz Promo had everyone talking.

GK was taking orders at the booth and giving away tote bags, catalogs, and Nastia Liukin calendars.  Thank you to everyone who signed up for our mailing list!  Congratulations to Crista N. from Miami, Florida who won the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS contest and a $500 gift card from GK!

We look forward to phone calls, questions, and orders from everyone that stopped by to visit with us!  Remember the GK "booth" is always on line at www.gkelite.comFlip through the Back to School Workout Essentials here.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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GK Sales Reps Set Up Shop at T&T Junior Nationals

USA Gymnastics recently held the 2012 Trampoline & Tumbling Junior National Championships in Long Beach, California.  From July 4th to July 11th, athletes and fans enjoyed days of competition and activities.  GK Elite Sportswear Representatives, June Blackman and Kiana Ross, presented a lavish gymnastics leotard and gymnastics apparel collection at the event which kept them busy!  Here are some great photos of their GK Boutique.

Remember, you can always shop online 24/7 at, or give our Customer Service Experts a call at 1-800-345-4087 and they will be happy to assist you with your gymnastic leotard needs!

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This just in...GK's Back to School 2012 Workout Essentials Catalog!

What's the gymnastic leotard forecast for fall 2012?  GK is the first to tell you with the Back to School 2012 Workout Essentials Catalog!

Check it out -

  • ENGINEERED ART - wrap yourself in custom art-inspired gymnastic leotards
  • Nastia Liukin Gold Medal Collection
  • Shawn Johnson Collection
  • GKids - value priced leotards for the beginner gymnast
  • Value Tanks - twelve great tank gymnastic leotards priced at $29.99
  • GymTek - technically designed, high performance gymnastic leotards for the serious gymnast
  • Every gymnastics leotard in the Back to School catalog is sewn and assembled in the USA

Stay tuned for featured collections from the 2012 Back to School Collection.  Can't wait?  Check it out here!

GK. Choice of Champions.

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GK Checks In With Kyla Ross

Kyla Ross won 4th place for the All-Around at the Visa Championships - the next to the last stop on the road to London 2012. She also placed 2nd on Uneven Bars, 4th on Beam, and 6th on Floor.  15-year-old Kyla lives in Aliso Viejo, California and trains at Gym-Max Gymnastics under head coach Jenny Zhang.  Her foray into the sport began in 1999 when her mom enrolled her in a gymnastics class to harness all of her energy.  Kyla's current goal is to secure one of the 5 spots on the the 2012 Olympic Team.  Her dream may come true in just days. In the meantime, GK got to learn a little more about Kyla so we wanted to share with our friends and fans. 

GK:  When did you start in gymnastics?

Kyla: I have been doing gymnastics since I was 3 years old.

GK:  So, are you training for anything in particular right now?  : )

Kyla:  The Olympic Trials! 

GK:  What’s your training schedule like currently?

Kyla:  I train 6 days a week for about 32 hours a week.

GK:  There has been so much speculation about the coveted “five spots” for the Olympic Team and the need for strong all-arounders versus event specialists.  Where do you think you fit in and what do you have to offer the team if chosen? 

Kyla: I have won several AA titles in my gymnastic career so, I would like to think that I could contribute to the team in that same fashion.  Recently, my strongest events have been beam and bars, which I think are very important contributions to the team.

GK:  You have a considerable amount of international experience – does it give you an advantage in competition? 

Kyla: I have a lot of international experience.  Prior to this year, I had been on the Junior National Team since 2009.  As a junior, I went on practically every international assignment that the USA competed in.  I became a senior this past January and I have already done 2 international assignments. I feel that it is definitely an advantage because the international conditions can be so different from what we are used to here in the states.  This goes for everything…weather, food, time zone, equipment, etc.  The more experience you have, the easier it becomes to adapt to anywhere you go.

GK:  What is your favorite event and why?

Kyla:  Beam!  I have always loved beam because I feel it is extremely challenging every time you get on it.  I also find that it showcases the most grace and perfection with every move you make.

GK:  What is your coach reminding you of constantly?

Kyla:  During my competitions my coach is always reminding me to visualize in my head my routine for my next event.

GK:  What’s on your iPod?

Kyla: One Direction, Rhianna, Beyonce, P Diddy, and Justin Bieber are some of the artists I listen to.

GK: Do you have a favorite GK gymnastics leotard?

Kyla: The red, white, and blue Freedom Gymnastics Leotard I wore on day 2 of the 2012 Visa Championships.

GK: How did you like modeling gymnastics leotards for the 2012-2013 GK Competitive Catalog?

Kyla: I had a lot of fun modeling and I enjoyed doing it with Aly Raisman.

GK: What did you think of the GK SWAROVSKI Couture Gymnastics Leotard?

Kyla: I thought it was very elegant and beautiful with all the crystal ELEMENTS on it.  I couldn’t believe how much it sparkled and how heavy it was!

GK: What do you do on your day off or down time – if you have any right now?

Kyla:  Whenever I have free time I like hanging out with my friends and family, go shopping, and I just started online classes to get my driver’s license!

GK: What are you most proud of so far in your gymnastics career?

Kyla: I’m proud that I have made it this far in gymnastics within such a short amount of time. I also feel very fortunate to compete for Team USA and have traveled to all the places I have been to.

Good Luck Kyla!  GK will be cheering you on at the Olympic Trials June 29-July 1, 2012 in San Jose, California. 

Check out Kyla in the GK 2012-2013 Women's Competitive Catalog here!

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Lexie Priessman Captures the 2012 VISA Championships Junior All-Around Title in GK

Junior international elite gymnast Lexie Priessman claimed the Junior All-Around Title at the 2012 VISA Championships in style as she wore a GK Elite Special Order Competitive Wear leotard!  Lexie began gymnastics at the age of 5 and now trains at the Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy in Ohio under the coaching of Mary Lee Tracy and Amy Wert. 

Aside from her Junior All-Around Title at the 2012 VISA Championships on June 7-10 in St. Louis, Missouri, Lexie also captured the Junior Floor Exercise Title and silver medals on the vault and uneven bars.  Way to go Lexie!  Previously in March, Lexie traveled to Italy to help the USA team win gold in the City of Jesolo Trophy.  There, she gained the All-Around title and was first on the vault, second on the uneven bars, and third in the floor exercise.

Lexie made a statement at the VISA Championships in a stunning GK Elite Special Order Long Sleeve Leotard style 9537.  This striking leotard is constructed with Imperial Purple Mystique, Berry Slither, and Steel Mystique fabrics and is adorned with Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  Check out the youtube video above to watch Lexi's outstanding floor routine from the Championships in her GK Elite Competitive Leotard!

Make your move and click here to shop for your next GK gymnastics leotard!


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Senior International Elite MyKayla Skinner Loves GK Leotards!

MyKayla Skinner, a senior international elite gymnast, trusts GK Elite to deliver the best quality and comfort when she competes.  At just fourteen years old, MyKayla was the youngest gymnast in the Senior division at the 2012 VISA Championships this June in St. Louis, Missouri.  Despite her young age, MyKayla performed terrifically, winning 15th in the all-around and 3rd on the vault! 

MyKayla trains at Desert Lights Gymnastics in Chandler, Arizona and is coached by Lisa Spini, Neela Nelson, Bruce McGehee, Bob Peterson and Chris George.  In March, she represented the USA team at the City of Jesolo Trophy in Italy where she placed 10th in the all-around, 5th on the vault, and 4th in the floor exercise.

In the image below, MyKayla is competing in a GK Elite Women’s Long Sleeve Leotard style 7524.  This elegant but bold leotard is made of Gunmetal Mystique, Purple Slither, and White Slither fabrics and is embellished with Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  If you like this leotard, check out style 7540 which is a similar leotard from GK Elite’s 2012-2013 Competitive Wear!

Shop all of GK Elite’s IN STOCK and Special Order Women's Competitive wear and warm-ups by clicking here!

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GK Elite Displays GK Couture Collection at Congress: Freedom

GK Elite Sportswear, L.P., along with the support of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, proudly introduces their unique and intricate GK 2012-2013 Couture Collection leotards.  All four leotards in this collection will be on display at USA Gymnastics National Congress in San Jose on June 29-July 1, 2012.

Freedom, the fourth stunning leotard in GK’s line of Couture Leotards, is adorned with approximately 13,500 jewels all generously donated by Swarovski, the premium brand for the finest crystal elements in the world.  Designer Jeanne Douglass chose from an array of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to create this beautiful and powerful leotard.  This unique long sleeve leotard is studded with Swarovski Classic Crystals, Nailheads, Chessboard Circle, Chessboard Square, Graphic Flat Back, Oval, Pearl, Square, and Eclipse in colors such as Crystal Moonlight, Brushed Silver Metallic, Sapphire, Montana, and many more atop a White Mystique fabric.

Jeanne says that her inspiration for this patriotic leotard comes from her personal Olympic image of athletes victoriously wrapping themselves in the American flag.  She strived to bring the American flag to life by making it figuratively become the gymnast’s uniform.  To incorporate this idea into her design, Jeanne imitated ribbons wrapping around the gymnast’s body through different shades of red crystals.  The detail and beauty  of the sport of gymnastics is represented in the intricacy of the white areas while its power is signified by the blue areas.

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GK Elite Displays GK Couture Collection at Congress: Radiance

GK Elite Sportswear, L.P., along with the support of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, proudly introduces their unique and intricate GK 2012-2013 Couture Collection leotards.  All four leotards in this collection will be on display at USA Gymnastics National Congress in San Jose on June 29-July 1, 2012. 

Radiance, third in this exclusive line of leotards, is adorned with approximately 14,500 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS including Classic Crystals, Crystal Fabric, Chessboard Circle, Metallic Nailheads, and Circular Metallics in colors such as Crystal Moonlight, Jet Hematite, Black Diamond, and Crystal Golden Shadow that all lay atop a Charcoal Mystique fabric.  This leotard flaunts a $5,000 estimated retail value.  Swarovski generously donated all of the jewels that designer Kelly McKeown utilized in her unique creation. 

Kelly has also designed gymnastics apparel for the 1996 Olympics and the National Teams for many countries including the USA, Russia, South Africa, Belarus, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, and England.  Her experience in design enabled her to create a Couture Leotard radiating elegance and sophistication through the mixture of shapes, sizes, and colors of the thousands of stones and studs.   Her inspiration stemmed from the circular motion of a gymnast’s routines for all four of the apparatus that they use.  Kelly successfully  reflected the sense of motion that gymnasts create as they rotate through tumbling, dismounts, and uneven bars routines in her one-of-a-kind leotard.

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