GK Gymnastics Leotards in Action on The Kellogg's Tour

Next stop on the Kellogg's Tour - the Maverick Center in West Valley City, Utah on September 27!   If you are going - you'll see this GK gymnastics leotard showcased by the likes of the Fierce Five and other cast members in a group number.  It is a patriotic, long sleeved, classic gymnastics leotard reminiscent of the 2012 USA Gymnastics leotard from the summer games. 

The Stars & Stripes summer games leotard was - by far - the favorite among fans who tweeted and blogged about their love of the nostalgic design with a modern twist.  The fact that they are Made in the USA makes them that much better. 

The Kellogg's Tour version of the Stars & Stripes leo is a sublimated print on tricot fabric.  

Check out Aly Raisman below in one of her beautiful poses from her Gold Medal winning floor routine.

You can have a GK leo with the same stylized stars & stripes design - just check out AS429 Pride in the Everyday Champions Special Edition catalog. 

GK. Choice of Champions.

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The Go-for-Gold Challenge! Submit Your Winning Team Cover Shot!

Are you ready for the first week of The Go-for-Gold Challenge?  This week's challenge to win an autographed set of The Go-for-Gold Gymnasts book series is to submit your best recreation of the cover of Winning Team by Dominique Moceanu and Alicia Thompson.

"I took a deep breath and prepared for my pass. . . . I ran as fast as I could, my arms pumping as my instincts took over, and then I was leaping into a round-off to a back handspring. I could feel the momentum in my body, and I knew I would pull it through before my feet even left the ground - a full twisting double somersault."

Feeling inspired?

1.  Put on your most favorite GK gymnastics leotard

2.  Recreate the cover of Winning Team

3.  Snap a photo of your "cover" shot

4.  Upload your photograph to the GK Gymnastics Blog here.

"Winning Team takes you to the heart of competitive gymnastics, while also teaching meaningful life lessons that transcend sports.  Girls everywhere will enjoy this book as much as I did." - Kerri Strug, Olympic Gold Medalists, U.S. Women's Gymnastics.

Photographs for Week One - Winning Team will be accepted through October 7th at midnight!  Good luck!

Click here to learn more about Dominque!

Click here for more information about The Go-for-Gold Gymnasts: Winning Team.

Click here for the Go-for-Gold Challenge Official Rules & Regulations.

Stay tuned to the GK Gymnastics Blog for your next chance to win!

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GK and Dominique Moceanu Announce The Go-for-Gold Challenge

GK and Dominique Moceanu are excited to announce The Go-for-Gold Challenge!  Dominique Moceanu, 1996 Olympic Champion, mother of two, gymnastics clinician, choreographer, motivational speaker, and author has graciously supplied GK with four sets of her Go-for-Gold Gymnasts series and GK wants to give them away to four lucky fans!  

Beginning on October 1, 2012, there will be four chances to win a complete set of The Go-for-Gold Gymnast book series with each book autographed by Dominique!  How? GK fans will be challenged to:

  • Put on your most favorite GK gymnastics leotard
  • Recreate the cover of that week's featured book
  • Snap a photo of your "cover" shot
  • Upload your photograph to the GK Gymnastics Blog

Even if you don't win a set of autographed books - you may be featured on our blog, Facebook page, or Twitter account in your GK gymnastics leotard!  Click here for the Go-for-Gold Challenge Official Rules & Regulations.

In The Go-for-Gold Gymnast series, gymnastics fans will get to know Britt, the fearless dynamo whose mouth is sometimes too fast for her brain; Noelle, the quiet daughter of Romanian immigrants who sacrifices everything for gymnastics, making her the hardest worker of all the girls; Jessie, the powerhouse who starts to question her devotion to gymnastics as other demands interfere with her training; and Christina, the graceful, but sassy gymnast who is sidelined by an injury and forced to think about the role gymnastics plays in her life.  Over the course of four books, the girls commit themselves to the sport and to each other as they actively pursue their gymnastics dreams.  GK had a great opportunity to speak with Dominique about the story behind her book venture.

GK:  What inspired you to write this book series?

DM:  It’s hard to pick one factor.  The idea came to me when I was pregnant with my first child.  Children were on my mind more than ever, so I was inspired to create a gymnastics book series that would be entertaining, but not be too removed from the gymnastics world.  My co-author, Alicia Thompson, reached out in 2006.  While she was never a gymnast, she’s been a fan of the sport since childhood.  Our inspiration got a big boost when Disney Hyperion loved our synopsis and signed us on as a team!  It was exciting to use some of my experiences to shape events that went into the novels. The creative process has been inspiring as well.  I love using words to create images and plot structures.  I also found inspiration in the many good books that I’ve read, from my fans, from my husband who encourages me, and from my children who inspire me.  Just like any big dream, there have been a lot of inspirational moments along the way!  After seven years of hard work, the dream of The Go-for-Gold Gymnasts series came true!

GK:  What do you think your readers will like the most about the series?

DM:  I believe most people will find the series interesting and inspiring because throughout the four-part series, readers will see the world through the eyes of each of the four main characters.  The importance of friendship is a theme that runs through all four books, and friendship is full of hilarious moments, so readers are sure to connect with the stories.  There are serious strands to the storyline like body image, fear, and disappointment.  We didn’t want to create a fluffy account of the sport, so there are authentic issues addressed that are unique to the gymnastics world.  We delve into realities of elite gymnastics training, cliques in the gym, overuse injuries, jealousy, and touch on the social sacrifices many elite gymnasts make to achieve their dreams.

GK:  How much of Dominique Moceanu, the gymnast, in the series?

DM:  In creating the characters, I asked myself a lot of questions about who the characters were.  Brittany is the main character in Book #1.  I relate to her on several levels.  She’s a bubbly tween with a touch of sass.  She’s fearless when it comes to throwing big skills, and she longs for acceptance when she leaves her gym in Ohio to train in Texas.  I have a connection to all of the characters, but Noelle (Book #2), is the daughter of Romanian immigrants, so I believe I’m the closest to her.

Click here to learn more about Dominque!

Stay tuned to the GK Gymnastics Blog for your first chance to win!

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Kendrick Kippettes Gets "Never Ending" Support from GK

In 2007, The Kendrick Kippettes were established as Philadelphia's very first non-profit, USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic gymnastics program providing a gymnastic opportunity for inner-city and urban-based children.  The city-subsidized program thrives on fundraising, stipends, grants, and the unending support and guidance of Kendrick Recreation Center Supervisor, Bill Malizia, and Program Director, Janette Santore. 

At Kendrick, gymnastics instructors dedicate a multitude of volunteer hours to ensure that gymnasts have the opportunity to acquire a heightened sense of self-confidence, tenacity, perseverance, accountability, and the capacity to nurture healthy relationships with peers, program leaders, and contributing members of the community.  The result has been the delivery of a boundless experience across athletic challenges, healthy competition, relationship management, a results-driven culture, and goal-oriented curriculum. 

The Kippettes currently train gymnasts who compete across USAG levels 3-9 and a Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Competitive Gymnastics program.  In addition, Kendrick provides safe and healthy gymnastics instruction to more than 150 recreational participants. GK is proud to be the choice supplier of gymnastic workout leotards, competitive leotards, and warm ups for this awesome program.

Saranne Miller, Head Coach & Team Coordinator at Kendrick Kippettes said, “When I founded the Kippettes Gymnastics Team in 2007, I was overwhelmed with the administrative tasks of establishing Philadelphia’s first non-profit USAG competitive team. But, when it came to gymnastics leotards, GK Elite took the weight off of my shoulders. From leotard design to sizing to payment processes, and finally placing my order, GK representatives guided me through every step. I was treated as an individual, rather than one of a million customers. When I expressed concern over colors and fabrics, a GK representative was at the other end of the line ready to counsel me on my choices. The quality of the products, the timely delivery, and the never-ending support of the GK staff has made gymnastic leotard supply for the Kippettes the least of my worries. Thank you GK! We wouldn’t be who we are without our snazzy GK leos!”

Check out this awesome video about the Kippettes ...

We can't wait to see what the Kippettes accomplish this season in gymnastics!  Thank you for allowing GK to be a part of your success!

Do you need a helping hand in designing and ordering gymnastic leotards, workout tanks, or warm ups?  Give our Customer Service Experts a call at 1-800-345-4087 and they will be happy to help you with every step.

GK. Choice of Champions. 


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Team Central Gymnasts in USA Gymnastics Team Replica Leotards

Morgan and Kadi of Team Central Gymnastics Academy, a National Level Non-Profit Gymnastics Training Center in St. Louis, Missouri, show off their USA Gymnastics team replica leotards.  Pride AS429 is an adidas stylized stars and stripes poly/spandex design, printed on a classic tank leotard featuring the iconic embroidered National Team circle of stars logo.  This workout leotard will forever remind us of 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Aly Raisman's floor exercise routine.

Do you just have to have the same elegant, regal leotard?  GK is the only place to get authorized replicas of the USA Gymnastics team leotards available for purchase through December 30, 2012. Get Pride AS429 here!

GK.  Choice of Champions.

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GK Champion Shawn Johnson Returns to DWTS

Are you ready to cheer on Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough a.k.a. #TeamShawnough? Shawn Johnson, winner of a Gold Medal and three Silver Medals for Women's Gymnastics in the 2008 Olympics and GK Champion will return to the ABC show "Dancing with the Stars" for the all star showdown in the ballroom. When she first competed in DWTS's Season 8 at the age of 17, Shawn was the show's youngest competitor, and she danced away with the coveted mirror ball trophy!  Will she do it again?

Shawn has been a GK Champion since 2008 designing top selling gymnastics leotards for GK's essential catalogs.  Her upcoming Signature Collection for the 2012 Holiday catalog will offer gymnastics leotards in fabulous prints and six new styles she designed.

Upon putting the finishing touches on the leotard designs for her Holiday Collection, Shawn said, "Thanks GK for the opportunity to express my creativity in my Signature Collection of gymnastics leotards.  It was so much fun to select my own styles and fabrics."

"It's not the destination, it's the journey that makes you who you are."  ~ Shawn Johnson

Tune in to ABC for the 2 Night Premier of DWTS beginning on Monday, September 24th at 8/7c.

To shop Shawn's Signature Collection of GK gymnastics leotards - click here

GK's 2012 Holiday Essentials catalog will be available on Monday, September 24, 2012!

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GK is the Choice of Champions & Official Supplier for Kellogg's Tour

The 2012 Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions kicked off on Saturday, September 8, 2012 in San Jose, California.  According to USA Gymnastics, the Tour "promises to be unlike any gymnastics tour ever produced, providing fans with a high-flying, dynamic experience that will celebrate the sports' beauty and skill. Bigger and better than ever, the show's format pairs elite gymnastics skill with modern performance art that pushes the boundaries of athleticism and is sure to keep fans cheering for more."

Fantastic!  Now - what will they be wearing?  The Choice of Champions of course!  GK is very proud to be the official supplier for all gymnastics apparel and costumes for the tour.  Some gymnastics leotards and costumes will be one-of-a-kind, others will be worn by local gymnasts who will help to open each show. 

Be sure to visit the GK Gymnastics Blog for a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the unique gymnastics leotards and other costumes on display at the show. For more information about the tour, visit the official site at Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions.

Photo: John Cheng


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Engineered Art Gymnastics Leotards for Fall

Introducing GK's LIMITED EDITION Engineered Art gymnastics leotards.  These custom created leotards reflect the artistry and technique of gymnastics. They feature exclusive prints designed by GK and are engineered to fit on the body of leotard. Each gymnastics leotard is Made in the USA with GK's exclusive comfort and fit. 

Wrap yourself in custom art.

Art Deco Leotard E2040 features a stylized custom abstract construction design printed on a classic tank gymnastics leotard.  Impressionism Leotard E2039 features a stylized custom abstract smudges design printed on a classic tank gymnastics leotard.

Art Nouveau Leotard E2041 features a stylized custom dot necklace design printed on a classic tank gymnastics leotard. Post Impressionist Leotard E2042 features a stylized abstract portrait design printed on a classic tank gymnastics leotard.

Shop the Back to School Workout Essentials Catalog here.

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GK uses 100% SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on every one of our competitive leotards. The alternating facets and platinum foiling of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS create a brilliance unmatched in the industry. 

Don't take our word for it, listen to Kiana Ross, mother of Kyla Ross, member of 2012's Gold Medal winning Fierce Five. 

Kiana said, "The SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were a vital part of the USA Gymnastics leotards. When Kyla wears GK competition leotards, I know, as her mother, how important it is for her performance that she feel confident on the competition floor.  Confidence comes from being prepared, long hours of training, having the right coach, necessary support from family and, of course, from the look, fit, quality, and design of your leotard. GK constructs gymnastics leotards with all of that in mind. When I watch Kyla in competition, I can tell who is wearing a leotard with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  There is nothing that compares with the sparkle and shine of a GK leotard." 

Here, Kyla is wearing GK's Freedom Gymnastics Leotard 1002This elegant patriotic scoop neck gymnastics leotard in White, Ocean, and Red Mystique features 1,653 Clear, Brilliance, and Metallic Silver SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  This leotard is part of GK's Ultimate Brilliance by Elite CollectionHowever, every gymnastics leotard in our Competitive Catalog can be embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. 

Shop the 2012 Women's Competitive Catalog here.

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2012 USA Gymnastics Leotards by Elite Sportswear - Stars & Stripes

Some said they saved the best for last!  The Stars & Stripes USA Gymnastics leotard made its appearance at the Women's Event Finals for Beam and Floor.  The patriotic leo was a lucky one for GK Champion Aly Raisman who took the Gold Medal on Floor and the Bronze Medal on Beam. 

The Stars & Stripe leo is an example of a new innovation in gymnastics leotards called sublimation where designs are digitally printed on poly/spandex fabrics.

This digital printing is what provided the shooting star effect on the leo.  Ruby, Clear, and Navy SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS then take the digital print to the next level adding brilliance and sparkle.


Now you can show your team spirit with Pride AS429 from the Everyday Champions Special Edition Catalog - the only authorized source for USA Gymnastics replica leotards.  

Pride features the same stylized stars and stripes poly/spandex design, printed on a classic tank gymnastics leotard featuring the iconic embroidered National Team circle of stars logo.  This leotard will be available through December 30, 2012.

Shop the Everyday Champions Collection here.

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2012 USA Gymnastics Leotards by Elite Sportswear-The Art Deco Leotard

The Women's Gymnastics All Around and Event Finals were the showcase for the next two shiny pieces from the USA Gymnastics' leotard treasure chest.  The Art Deco Leotard was seen in two beautiful colors, Sangria Mystique and Steel Mystique. The Sangria Art Deco gymnastics leotard sparkled with clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in square, round, triangle, rectangle, and teardrop shapes adding dimension and brilliance.  The Steel Mystique Art Deco gymnastics leotard had the same crystal shapes, but metallic colors of Gold Brilliance, Aurora Boreale, and Golden Shadow SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were used.

Craving the Art Deco gymnastics leotard design for yourself?  Be sure to get Spirit AS431 from the Everyday Champions Special Edition Catalog - the only place to purchase authorized USA Gymnastics Replica leotards!

Spirit is a low scoop Sangria Mystique tank gymnastics leotard with a striking Art Deco clear jeweled neckline. 

Shop the Everyday Champions
Special Edition collection here!

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Everyday Champion: Chelsea A.

Chelsea A. of Gyminators Gymnastics in Jacksonville, Florida recently wrote to GK to tell us how much she loves the two (of eight!) new gymnastics leotards that her parents bought for her!  "I love the patriotic leos and what they represent. I hope to be a part of the U.S. team one day and have my own signature patriotic leo! I LOVE GK!!"


Are you eager to get the same patriotic looks as Chelsea?  Then you won't want to miss your chance to pick up our Pride AS429 leotard shown here on the left.  This adidas stylized stars and stripes poly/spandex design, printed on classic tank leotard features the iconic embroidered National Team circle of stars logo and comes with a matching scrunchie.  Want a more classic look?  Check out Shannon Miller's Patriotic Leotard design E1955 for a classic scoop neck tank leotard, designed by Shannon Miller herself!  This leo comes in navy, red and silver mystique and features clear jeweled accents in patriotic stars and stripes design.  But don't wait around!  These Special Edition styles are only available through December 30, 2012.

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Caitlin Performs Body In Flight (Delta) at Indianapolis Museum of Art

Caitlin of The Classic City Center Gymnastics Program in Waterloo, Indiana was recently chosen as one of four girls to perform Body In Flight (Delta) at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Earlier this year, the exhibit which was originally shown at the "Gloria" art exhibit at the 54th La Biennale di Venezia, Caitlin and the other gymnasts donned the same GK Ladies' Unitards and men's Competition Shirts and Pants that were also showcased by 2007 U.S. All-Around Champion David Durante and 2008 Olympic silver medalist Chellsie Memmel in Venice in July 2011.

Still want to learn more about La Biennale di Venezia?  Check out www.imamuseum.org/venice/about/exhibition to explore the event and view pictures of the gymnasts performing in GK gymnastics apparel!

Does your gym need new competition leotards?  Visit GK's 2012 Competitive Catalog for inspiration and ideas.  Need help?  Find your local GK Gymnastics Sales Representative here.

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2012 USA Gymnastics Leotards by Elite Sportswear - The Chrysler Leotard

One of the most anticipated gymnastics leotards of the summer games was the Women's Team All Around leotard and fans were not disappointed!  Those tweeting live from the arena marveled at the statement-making red color and unmatched sparkle of The "Chrysler" Leotard. Shawn Johnson tweeted, "Red HOT Leo's!! LOVE!! Go USA! So many rhinestones I'm blinded!!"

Inspired by the Chrysler Building in NYC, the Red Mystique gymnastics leotard had 3000+ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in round and rectangular shapes for a fantastic and classy display of bling!  It proved to be the perfect gymnastics leotard for bringing home Team Gold for the USA. There was also a White Mystique version of the same leotard that the Tumbling & Trampoline athletes wore for podium training.

Get a gold medal look with Strength AS432 from GK's Special Edition Collection - the only authorized USA Gymnastics replica leotards.

Strength AS432 is a v-neck Red Mystique tank gymnastics leotard with a bold, clear jeweled neckline featuring the iconic embroidered National Team circle of stars logo.

Shop here for all of the 2012 USA
Gymnastics Replica Leotards

GK. Choice of Champions.

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2012 USA Gymnastics Leotards by Elite Sportswear - Purple Starburst

The Fierce Five returned to North Greenwich Arena for the Women's Qualifications and continued the starburst trend, only this time it was in purple!  The Imperial Purple Mystique long sleeved gymnastics leotards had the same stunning starburst design with alternating panels of Concord Mesh over Natural Shadowproof Fabric. Stars were crafted with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS lighting up the bodice of the leotard.

Do you just have to have the same elegant, regal leotard?  GK is the only place to get authorized replicas of the USA Gymnastics team leotards available for purchase through December 30, 2012.  Perseverance AS428 is a v-neck tank gymnastics leotard in Purple nylon/spandex and Imperial Purple Mystique featuring clear jewel star accents and the National Team logo.

Shop here for all of the 2012 USA Gymnastics Replica Leotards.

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U.S. Lawmakers Impressed With GK

On Wednesday, August 22, 2012, U.S. Senator Pat Toomey and U.S. Representative Jim Gerlach visited GK and were impressed with what they saw.  Sen. Toomey and Rep. Gerlach were given the grand tour of GK's manufacturing facility and saw first hand all of the intricate steps involved in crafting the best gymnastics apparel in the industry. 

The Lawmakers started where all GK apparel begins - in the design department.  They then walked through each department getting a glimpse of the pattern making, cutting, embellishing, sewing, and inspection processes.  Both admired the specific skill sets of GK employees necessary for crafting gymnastic apparel. Afterward, Toomey said, "Elite Sportswear shows that manufacturing is still thriving in this state and America.  [GK] is an example of a company that used innovation to target their market." 

GK is immensely proud of the fact that every one of its gymnastics leotards, for the beginner athlete or a gold medalist, is Made in the USA.  Gerlach touched on this fact as well saying, "We need to put in place the right policies that will allow [GK] to compete effectively and stay in the United States." 

To see coverage of the visit in the local news and press, check out the links below.

Lawmakers tour Reading garment factory

Toomey, Gerlach tour sportswear company

Thank you Sen. Toomey and Rep. Gerlach for coming to visit GK!

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Shawn Johnson Back to School Gymnastics Leotard Collection 2012

Check out Shawn Johnson's Leotard Collection for Back to School 2012 featuring exclusive GK prints, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and Shawn's signature strappy backs!  

Shawn Johnson Halter Leotard E1990 is made with a GK Exclusive Print - Hidden nylon/spandex foil with a Black nylon/spandex wrap-around halter neckline.  Shawn Johnson Athletic Tank E1992 is a GK Exclusive Print - Skye nylon/spandex foil gymnastics leotard with Black nylon/spandex side panels and  Steel Mystique trim.

Shawn Johnson Leotard E1991 is a Black nylon/spandex gymnastics leotard with Orange Cougar nylon/spandex foil straps featuring SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  Shawn Johnson Asymmetrical Leotard E1993 is a Black nylon/spandex gymnastics leotard with cascading sequinz accent and Hidden nylon/spandex foil signature strap shoulder.

Shawn Johnson Athletic Leotard E1989 is a Black nylon/spandex gymnastics leotard with Skye nylon/spandex foil accents and Steel Mystique trim.  Shawn Johnson Leotard E1994 is a v-neck tank gymnastics leotard in Orange Cougar nylon/spandex foil with a Black nylon/spandex back and Gold Leaf Mystique trim.

Shop the Back to School Gymnastics Workout Essentials Catalog here.

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Fiery Blaze Gymnastics Leotards for Back to School

Heading back to the gym when school starts?  Get a hot new look with these gymnastics leotards from the Back to School 2012 Workout Essentials collection.  Available through October 31, 2012.

Orange Flame Gymnastics Leotard 3634 is a classic tank leotard made with Sunshine and Black Mystique fabric with mango jewel accents. Modern V-Neck Gymnastics Leotard E2011 is a Black Mystique gymnastics leotard with a bold Lime and Steel Mystique shoulder design and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.  Keyhole Back Gymnastics Leotard E2012 is made of a GK Exclusive Print - Flame Thrower nylon/spandex with Berry nylon/spandex trim binding.

Asymmetrical Wave Gymnastics Leotard E2013 is a scoop back Black nylon/spandex tank gymnastics leotard with wrap-around wave in Lemon Lime Mystique and cascading Lemon Lime hologram sequinz accent.  Scoop Gymnastics Leotard E2014 is a classic scoop neck tank leotard in Red nylon/spandex with Silver hologram sequinz accent. Strappy Mid-Back Opening Gymnastics Leotard E2015 features the GK Exclusive Flame Thrower print with Red nylon/spandex trim.

Shop all of the Back to School Gymnastics Leotards here.

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Berry Cool Gymnastics Leotards for Back To School

Check out these Berry Cool gymnastics leotards for Back To School.  All of these gymnastics leotards will be available through October 31, 2012.

Open Back Tank Gymnastics Leotard E2000 is a GK Exclusive Print of Berry Zany Zebra nylon/spandex with mid-back opening and racer back. Racer Back Sequinz Tank Gymnastics Leotard E2002 is a classic Berry Mystique tank leotard with black sequinz accent, black nylon/spandex trim and racer back. Includes matching hair scrunchie.

Classic Scoop Back Tank Gymnastics Leotard E2001 features a side panel of the GK Exclusive Print Berry Zany Zebra nylon/spandex and Berry Hologram sequinz. Athletic Tank Gymnastics Leotard E2004 is a racer back Black nylon/spandex gymnastics leotard with athletic Berry cover stitch details. Two Tone Flame Tank Gymnastics Leotard 3621 is a classic tank gymnastics leotard in Berry and Black Mystique. 

Which Berry Cool Leo is your favorite?

Shop these all the other Back to School Workout Essentials Here.

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Everyday Champion: Samantha G.

Samantha G. of Northwest Gymnastics in Harwinton, Connecticut recently wrote GK to tell us about the Special Edition GK gymnastics leotard she's wearing here.   Samantha said, "I had to get the leotard Svetlana Boguinskaia designed as soon as I found out that Svetlana would be at Camp Woodward the week I was going.  Svetlana was so sweet when she saw me in the leotard. She even told me I have nice form after we posed for pics. I love my Svetlana designed leotard. Thanks GK, for this amazing opportunity!"

We're so glad you love Svetlana's Legends leotard design.  You both look great!

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