The Petite Pink Posse Wins Favor with Fans and Judges at Idaho State Championships in GK Tank Leotards

They call themselves the Petite Pink Posse, and all eyes swing in their direction when they compete. They're not just cuties in hot pink and sparkly silver GK tank leotards; they are the champions of the Level 3 Idaho State Championship, and they can't help but to steal your heart.

These tiny athletes consume their audience and gymnastic judges in a Swarovski Swirl Tank Leotard WL340. In Berry Mystique and Silver Mystique, this gorgeous leotard looks like it could be part of our GKids line. The look is completely appropriate and beautiful for their age. However, adorned with a different color palette the look of this tank leo changes drastically. That's what makes our special order design studio such an ingenious invention. This leotard can be ordered in your favorite fabric and color combination with or without the Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that decorated the swirling pattern in Pink Petite Posse's leotard. With a Fuschia SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS infused GK logo, these young gymnasts sparkle from top to bottom.

When browsing our Special Order Design Studio, remember to look for patterns and styles that speak to your team's personality. Colors, jewels and team logos can all be changed to refine the look, and turn it into a gymnastics leotard made just for your team. Add your impression to all your gymnastics gear, from tank leotards and competition leotards to men's compression shirts and warm up jackets. For sizing samples, design expertise and general assistance please contact your local GK Sales Manager or Customer Service.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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New Jersey State Championships Decorated with GK and Under Armour Leotards

The floor of the New Jersey Level 8, 9 and 10 State Gymnastics Championships was a glowing display for GK last weekend! SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS lit up the floor on an array of teams wearing various GK styles. We're undecided as to which style was our favorite, so we'll let you be the judge. Stars Gymnastics of Egg Harbor Township, NJ competed in our Dramatic Intersecting Competition Leotard 3532. They special ordered this eye-catching competition leo to include swirling design lines of White Sparkle Hologram and Sunshine Mystique on top of their shimmering Cherry Mystique competition garment. They adjusted the sleeves to a 3/4 length and added Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to the cuffs, left sleeve and the White Hologram swirling line design, in addition to the small logo to insure a sparkling routine. We especially love that they paired their GK Leo with matching, bright orange shoes. 

Competitors from Randolph Gymnastics of Randolph, NJ were beautiful and feminine in their special order design of our Cascading Ribbon Gymnastics Leotard 7557. This is a faux sweetheart style, somewhat in disguise. The Violet Slither lower body and and Black Mesh upper body is overlapped with an edgy ribbon pattern in Seaglass Sparkle Hologram and an abundance of Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS along the neckline and over the ribbon detail for a mystical look. The combination works well together, and we adore the look.  

The Classic Sweetheart Competition Leotard 7545 looked very regal on Action Gymnastics from Howell, NJ. Their Berry Mystique upper body and arms are lined with Black Mesh and adorned with Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS all around, creating a deep and shimmering color. Its the perfect topping to their Black Mystique Lower body, frosted around the cuffs and sweetheart top with heavily packed, Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Together, the details selected so carefully by Action Gymnastics, delivered a spectacular look, and Action was proud to show it off.

Our Under Armour Collection of competition leotards also offers a sweetheart style, and Rebound Gymnastics, from Marlboro, NJ wears it well. Their Under Armour Elegance 6701 is a style inspired by the National Team leotard worn at the 2013 Jesolo Trophy. Sewn with Seaglass Sparkle Hologram fabric, this shimmering silhouette offers a contrasting, Black Slither, with Black Mesh lining on the shoulders and arms. Its featured faux halter style lines in heat transferred packed Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS compliments the style and looks fabulous with Rebound's custom Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that embellishment the sleeves with curvy leaf shapes, sparkling cuffs and their name, Rebound, scripted along the arm. What a gorgeous combo!

The next time you see a leotard style that you love, look it up on our Special Order Design Studio and make it your own by selecting your preference of fabrics, colors and jewels. For assistance, many of these featured teams contacted our New Jersey Sales Representative, Colleen Patton, to bring their design together. Your local GK Representative is happy to share their expertise in fit, style and design to give you a leotard that's fit for champions.

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GK Sales Representative Supports Aim High Academy

Here's a shout-out to our Sales Representative, June Blackman, and the organization that she recently assisted, Aim High Academy, for their efforts to give underprivileged children an opportunity to experience the sport of gymnastics. Founder and Executive Director of Aim High Gymnastics, Jennifer Patterson, sent GK this wonderful note about June, saying,

"I was writing to inform you of a marvelous gesture June Blackman performed for Aim High Academy. We are a non-profit gymnastics program for underprivileged children. We serve over 250 children. We hosted our first gymnastics meet on Jan. 18th in Tulsa, OK. We called it the Dream Meet and ran it in conjunction with MLK Jr. Weekend. It was a great success! We ran a wonderful meet and raised quite a bit of money for Aim High.

One way we raised money was through a raffle. June donated a beautiful leotard out of the Brilliance Collection to the cause. We were able to sell about 700 raffle tickets throughout the day."

The GK Ultimate Brilliance leotard pictured above is our Independent SWAROVSKI Leotard 1001. This Silver Mystique, long sleeve leo is a perfect addition to the Dream Meet. Featuring 3,300 SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in various colors, including Sapphire Blue, Ruby, Navy and Clear, this $480 leo represents the stars of our gymnastics industry, and the bright futures of our gymnastics athletes. Visit our entire collection of Ultimate Brilliance leotards for more dazzling styles adorned with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

Tell us what you're doing to help your community because a better place to live and to tumble. Comment below. Your ideas could be the inspiration someone else needs to serve their community.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Fond Memories of the Pink Invitational

As the Pink Invitational came to a close on Sunday, Feb.23, GK and all the participants and sponsors gathered their fondest memories to store away until next year. For some of the gymnasts, those memories will include award winning medals, high scores, and team bonding moments. Others will hold dear to them the GK and SWAROVSKI leotards or Mancino mats that they won in our raffles and through fundraising efforts. Some will remember their own personal efforts to aid women effected by breast cancer. Through all the gymnastics events that day, the designing, planning, producing, promoting and enjoyment, here's a few of moments we feel are worth sharing from the Pink Invitational.

First and foremost, the Pink Invitational GK leotard! The Berry Mystique silhouette looked stunning on every single one of the gymnasts who competed at the meet last weekend. A true testament to the success that the competing gyms have had in training their athletes in the skill of gymnastics and in the skill of life, these Pink leotards carry with them a reminder that no matter where your talent lies, we're all united as one to keep women, both young and wise, alive and active, and free of cancer. Many of they gymnastics teams at the meet were really creative with their Pink leos, and dressed them up with anything from tutus to crazy socks and hair pieces.

Rainbow Riders gymnsts in Waynesboro, PA supporting
the cause and having fun!
Montgomery County Gymnastics team visiting
the GK booth,and showing support for
Unite for HER.
AJS Pancott gymnasts glam it up with
coaches, Kristi and Karen.

In addition, the custom designed Unite for HER leotards, and the GK/SWAROVSKI couture leo that was auctioned and raffled at the Pink Invitational are a huge source of pride for GK. All of the black tank leotards that were auctioned at the event were donated to the Bravado art auction by GK, and designed and signed by industry professionals or gymnasts to generate funds for the cause. As you can see from the display below, they turned out fabulous! One of our favorites is the Aly Raisman Unite for HER leo, featuring a jeweled Girls Rule slogan and crown, and an Aly Raisman signature on the bottom right corner. Then we have the GK/SWAROVSKI compulsory leo that is absolutely gorgeous! It's a Black Mystique, long sleeve leotard with an asymmetrical Black Mesh neckline, and it's covered in thousands of Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS of various colors. The lucky winner of this raffle is anxiously awaiting her SWAROVSKI leo, worth over $5,000, to arrive in the mail, so stay alert for more details about her reaction to winning. If you missed out on this fabulous competitive leotard, we have a similar style available for purchase on the GK website, the Charm SWAROVSKI Leotard 1005 from our Ultimate Brilliance Collection. It's not exactly the same as our compulsory leo, but it's definitely worth a look.

Bravado Leotard display at Pink Invitational Aly Raisman Bravado Leotard GK SWAROVSKI couture leo

At last, the privilege of partnering with such amazing organizations as the AJS Pancott Gymnastics team and Mancino Mat Co. will always be remember with great pride. A shared dedication to helping the community and raising awareness for humanity bonds us in a relationship that is both rewarding and essential. We can't thank them enough for all they've done, and for inviting us to participate in the cause. Below, you'll find our Marketing Manager, Kelly Christman, with breast cancer survivor and Founder of Unite for HER, Sue Weldon, drawing the winning raffle ticket for the GK SWAROVSKI long sleeve leotard, and receiving an award for GK's participation in the Pink Invitational.

Sue Weldon assists Kelly Christman in choosing the
winning raffle ticket at the Pink Invitational.

Kelly Christman accepts a participation award
on behalf
of GK Elite Sportswear.

What will you remember most about the 2014 Pink Invitational? Post your comments below, and continue to support Sue Weldon's Unite for HER fund by shopping our Breast Cancer Awareness Leotards, a selection that includes three gymnastics leotards, a gymnastics sports bra, and a gymnastics short, all of which GK commits to donate 5% of the sales to Unite for HER.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Pink Invitational Is Almost Here...

We're very excited to announce the Pink Invitational at the PA Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia is just around the corner!  Here's a few highlights for you to look forward to over the course of the weekend, as AJS Pancott Gymnastics, GK Elite Sportswear, Mancino Manufacturing Co., Frey Boutique, Verizon, and all of the competing gymnasts partner to raise funds for Unite For Her!

The entire gym will be filled with Pink, as all gymnasts will compete in this GK Berry Nylon/Spandex tank leotard, displayed on the left. All mats have been provided by Mancino Manufacturing Co. and are available for purchase, in combination with a GK Unite For Her t-shirt. The Pink Invitational leotard features a beautiful Gold and Silver Sequinz cascading, swirl design, a silver Sequinz Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon, and our Black GK logo and White Unite For Her ribbon. GK will donate 5% of the sales from our Breast Cancer Awareness leotard collection to the cause.

Be sure to purchase your raffle tickets, if you haven't already, for this gorgeous GK/Swarovski couture leotard. Our Marketing Manager, Kelly Christman draws the winning ticket of this raffle on Sunday at 7:00pm, and looks forward to meeting with the lucky winner for a brief photo and congratulatory hand shake. In addition to the couture leotard raffle, GK will also draw a winner each day for a GK gymnastics tank leotard of their choice: Under Armour, Aly Raisman or Gabby Douglas.

Finally, BRAVADO will feature GK leotards, designed by the biggest names in gymnastics, to show their support for the cause at a silent auction to raise funds for Unite For Her during the Pink Invitational. Interested parties can view and bid on these decorated GK tank leotards. The black tank leotard created by our very own designer, Jeanne Douglas, to you left will be included in the auction. It's going to be a lot of fun to see what our celebrity gymnasts came up with this year!

It all begins tomorrow! We can't wait to see you there!

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GK's Displays Gymnastics Leotards at I Love NY Cup Invitational

Competitors and spectators of the annual I Love NY Cup Invitational were treated to a beautiful display of GK's newest gymnastics collections on January 31-February 2. The Cup, hosted by the PGA of Southern Tier Gymnastics Academy for USAG levels 2-10, Excel and all levels USAIGC, was located at the newly renovated Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena in Binghamton, NY. It had all brand new seating, lighting, and marquee. It was the perfect location for the GK Kiosk, where GK Gymnastics Sales Rep, Laura Robezzoli, displayed an array of apparel from Under Armour Leotards and GK Workout leos to GKids gymnastic leotards and gym shorts.

Laura says, "The entire event was very well organized. They held the awards sessions on the main floor of the arena, immediately following each session, to allow for ample seating and viewing for parents and gymnasts. It was the perfect venue for this prestigious event and GK was proud to be a part."

If you saw a GK Leo that you loved, but passed up the opportunity to purchase, at your last gymnastics competition, it's not too late. Shop online for the latest styles of Under Armour, Cirque du Soleil Leotards, GKids and Spring Leotards. And don't forget to stop by our booth at your next big event to show us which GK style you compete in.

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2014 Houston National Invitational Sponsored by GK

Approximately 2,000 athletes from 94 men's, 98 women's and 32 Tumbling and Trampoline teams competed at the 20th annual Houston National Invitational in the Reliant Arena this month. This Open Team Cup Competition featured top teams from around the world, including the teams and athletes pictured below, Eagle Wings Trampoline and Tumbling, Chris Brooks, USA Gymnastics World and Cypress Academy. It was definitely a must see event that GK was proud to sponsor! 

Senior Elite and Level 8 ladies from Eagles Wings Trampoline and Tumbling pose with GK's Calli Campo in V-Neck Flame Competitive Leo 9570

Level 8 boys from USA Gymnastics World pose in Under Armour Performance Men's Competition Shirt 6100 and  Under Armour Special Order Men"s Gymnastics Pants 6104

Senior Elite Gymnast, Chris Brooks, poses in Under Armour Gymnastics Apparel

Maddie from Cypress Academy poses in a GK special order Dramatic Asymmetrical Comp Leo 9562

GK Vice President of Global Gymnastics Sales, Wendy Marshall Martin and GK Business Development Specialist, Calli Campo told us that the hosts, Houston Gymnastics Center, did a fabulous job planning this meet, "...great location and space. The coach’s hospitality room was upstairs from the competition floor, but overlooked the meet. This was great for coaches to grab food, relax, and still be able to watch their kids." These ladies, along with GK Sales Representative, Ms. June, set up a booth between the three gyms and handed out mints, lip gloss and GK Catalogs. They also displayed an array of our newest selection of leotards, released to the public just last month.

The next time you're at a big meet, stop by to say hello to GK where you're sure to find your next favorite workout leotard, and maybe even a small gift. And, if you weren't wearing a GK Women's Competitive Leotard or a men's Under Armour or GK Competitive Shirt for this event, make sure your team is prepared to compete with the best next time, in the most sought after gymnastics apparel in the industry, GK.

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Atlantic Coast Gymnasts Show Off Much Loved GK Leotards at Starstruck Invitational

What a privilege it was to find the Atlantic Coast USAIGC team from Williamstown, NJ showing off their much loved GK competitive leotards at the Starstruck Invitational in Atlantic City on Jan. 18. The Starstruck Invitational is an annual meet, hosted by Starbound Gymnastics at the Atlantic City Convention Center. With over 2000 competitors, it is the largest meet in the area, and in addition to raising funds for the Starbound Gymnastics team, a portion of the proceeds is also donated to the St. Jude's Children's charity. This is such a suitable team gymnastic leotard for this spectacular event!

This year, the ladies from Atlantic Coast Gymnastics competed in an Electric Turquoise Mystique Sporty Competitive Leotard 4860, to which they added Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS along the seam lines and over the bodice. White Mystique shoulder lines that extend through the length of the sleeve, and Black Mystique binding and side accents add depth to the gorgeous ensemble, a spectacular look for these beautiful athletes.

Also at the event this year was our Gymnastics Representative, Colleen Patton. Look for Colleen or one of our other representatives at your next meet, where you'll find a beautiful showcase of our gymnastics leotards, including products from our newest Spring Collection or Cirque du Soleil Leotards , for sale. Shopping for new workout leotards is the perfect way to get inspired for your event.

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Gymnasts Unite to Support Boston Strong

This month USA Gymnastics sponsored the Boston Strong Classic at Algonquin Regional High School to support One Fund, a Boston non-profit organization. Boston Strong originated in an Emerson College dorm room with two students, Nicholas Reynolds and Chris Dobens, who chose not to stand by idly while runners in the Boston Marathon, and their families, were hurting. Together they came up with a Slogan that they would use to raise funds for the city, a slogan that took on a life of its own. Today, all sorts of groups raise money for One Fund using the slogan Boston Strong, and USA Gymnastics is no exception. This year USA gymnastics held the Boston Strong Classic in Northborough, MA in support of last year's disaster during the Boston Marathon.

As part of their efforts to raise funds for the city, USA Gymnastics asked GK to design and produce an official leotard for the meet, a Boston Strong leo. All profits from the sales of this leotard will be donated to One Fund. This was a great honor for us, and an excellent project to utilize our new Sublimation printing process. Our designer, Elaine Lai, created the graphic for this official leo, which features a gymnast leaping over the city of Boston, and the cause, Boston Strong, scripted on the front. The back of the leo features a pretty white swirly pattern, consistent with the pattern on the front of this blue tank leo, and a bold "B". A blue and white stripe embrace the top of the leo to represent USA Gymnastics.  All leotards for the Boston Strong Classic were printed right here in our facility in Reading, PA. We think they turned out awesome, and so do the girls featured on your left from 360 Gymnastics in Shirley, MA.

Michele Archer, co-owner of 360 Gymnastics says, "The event leotards looked great on each and every gymnast on the floor. The placement of the design really flattered every body type...Thanks GK!" Purchasing these leotards and participating in the Boston Strong Classic, gave the girls an opportunity to be champions, both on the mat and in their community. Thank you, Michele, for supporting such a promising cause.

If you would like to order sublimation leotards to support your cause, complete and Submit our sublimation form, or contact customer service for assistance.

GK. Choice of Champions.


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Color Games Gymnasts Compete in GK Tank Leotards at Rutgers University

This past weekend, Rutgers University hosted their annual Color Games gymnastics competition as a fundraiser for the Rutgers Gymnastics team.  The Color Games is a fun, invitational meet for USA Gymnastics Excel & Levels 2 through Level 10 athletes.  Over the past several years, gymnasts have competed in their team apparel, however, this year the event coordinators worked with GK Sales Representative Colleen Patton and decided on a change that made the meet more exciting, colorful and fun for everyone.  All participating athletes were provided and competed in the Color Games meet wearing GK's Mystique Low Scoop Neck Gymnastics Tank Leotard 3619.

TNT Gymanstics Athletes at Color Games in GK Gymnastics LeotardsRutgers selected these girls leotards in popular GK colors Sangria, Merlot, Sunshine and Lime.  Instead of competing for their individual club, the girls were all randomly assigned to a color and competed for their color team throughout the day.  The twist gives the participants an opportunity to meet other gymnasts from the area who were part of their team for the day.  The girls had a lot of fun naming their team at each session.  Some of the most popular team names chosen were "Green Machine," "Orange Crush," and "Pink Flamingos."  We're considering these as new fabric names!!

The participants featured to the right are Level 8 gymnasts from TNT Gymnastics in Maple Shade, NJ.  Thanks for showing off your GK style, girls.

If you like the look that the gymnasts wore at the Color Games, check out GK's selection of Basic Gymnastics Leotards for Girls.  But, if you want to mix things up a bit, check out the latest styles of In Stock Leotards from our annual catalog.

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GK Clearance Sale - 5 Days Only 50% Off

Don't miss these deals on the latest GK gymnastics styles! 5 Days only, 50% off select holiday styles. Select from exclusive GK Prints, Sequinz, and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS starting at only $22.49! Hurry, quantities are limited.

Try a classic, athletic look with our Berry Confetti V Neck Workout Leotard E2370 an exclusive GK print shown to the left. Regularly $44.99, now $22.49. This classic V neck leotard comes in our Black Nylon/Spandex fabric with a Berry Confetti print side panel detail featuring clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and Cherry Mystique binding.

A fresh look in GK prints is our Sleek Lime Confetti V Neck Workout Leo E2356, a sporty V neck workout leotard in our Lime Confetti Polyester/Spandex print with symmetrical panel inserts in White Sparkle Hologram and Black Nylon/Spandex. Regularly $54.99, now $27.49.


Do you love to sparkle and shine? Shown on the left is our Black and Red Vapor Sequinz Tank Leotard E2381. This artsy scoop neck leotard in Black Nylon/Spandex features a wrap around side panel design in our Red Vapor print and Red Hologram Sequinz in a double swirl design. Regularly $44.99, now $22.49.

Another look you will shimmer in is our Red and Swirled Sequinz Leotard E2384 a classic tank leotard in our Black  Nylon/Spandex fabric with a Red and Silver Hologram Sequinz swirled bodice design. Regularly $44.99, now $22.49.


Want a more modern look in gymnastics workout wear? You won't want to miss our Bright Lemon Lime V Neck Workout Leo E2369 a vibrant V neck workout leotard in Lemon Lime Mystique with a Berry Mystique right shoulder design featuring Black Mystique zig zag trim. Regularly $54.99, now only $27.49.

Shop our Holiday Collection today! Offer is valid on select Holiday Essentials leotards now through December 30, 2013 for consumer accounts only. This discount pricing is valid only while supplies last. May not be combined with any other offer or discount. Valid only at No promo code is necessary.

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Save up to 30% off Today Only

The holiday season is here! Take advantage of our Cyber Monday Sale. GK has the latest leo styles for the gymnast on your holiday list.

Buy more, Save more on all Holiday Essentials Leotards.


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For all your little gymnasts be sure to check out our GKids Collection. We offer the sweetest selection for your favorite little gymnast. Each style is made with our super soft, no itch fabrics and GK's superior fit. Adorable styling, at reasonable prices.  Your little one will love our Lime Charisma Swirl GKids Tank Leo E2348. This children's scoop neck leotard in Hot Pink Cheetah features wrap around Lime Charisma wave detail.  Your little gymnast will fall in love with our matching Hot Pink Cheetah Doll Leotard E2354, a sweet doll leotard in Hot Pink Cheetah Polyester/Spandex with Lime Green pearl edge. Be sure to check out our Bright Sapphire Sequinz GKids Leotard E2345, a children's V back leotard designed in our Bright Sapphire Nylon/Spandex fabric with Turquoise Gumballs side accents and embellished in Silver and Turquoise Hologram Sequinz.

For your young teen gymnast, our signature Aly Raisman or Gabby Douglas leo collections would be the perfect gift! Our Aly Raisman Feather V Neck Workout Leo E2338 is a fun yet sophisticated and sleek two tone workout leotard in our Berry and Sangria Mystique with a pretty asymmetrical feather design highlighted with Silver Hologram Sequinz. For a fun and sparkly look, your teen will love our Gabby Douglas Berry and Zebra Leotard E2389. This leo is creatively designed in our Black Nylon/Spandex and offers a Berry Mystique asymmetrical neckline with bold curved detail in our Iced Zebra Hologram. It is brilliantly accented with Silver Hologram Sequinz for a touch of shine.

With even more styles and dazzling patterns in gymnastics apparel, be sure to check out our 2013 Holiday Workout Essentials Leotards.

*Our Cyber Monday Sale is valid Monday, December 2, 2013 only and for US consumer accounts only.  This sale excludes accessories, shorts, value tanks, GymTek coaches shirts, and Under Armour®.  This offer may not be combined with any other offer or discount and valid only at  Customers use Promo Code G13CYBER

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Flash Sale: Black Web Leotard Only $29.99

You all raved about our last flash sale, and we thought it was time for another! So here we are with another exclusive GK offer. Today only, November 7th, 2013, don't miss out on this stunning gymnastics leo style. Our Black Web V Neck Workout Leo E2375 is now only $29.99, originally priced at $54.99. This offer is valid for consumer accounts only.

This sporty V neck tank leotard in Black Web Nylon/Spandex print features striking design lines in Charcoal Mystique and Tech Mesh shoulder straps for superior comfort. This gymnastics leo design comes with a matching hair scrunchie and goes great with our Black Web Workout Capri E2376. This classic workout capri in Black Web Nylon/Spandex features Black Nylon/Spandex low rise, comfort fit waistband for extra comfort. Another great option to pair with this GK leo is our basic Black Dry Tech Gymnastics Capri Pant E2259 featuring comfort fit waistband to complete your look.

Don't miss out on this great deal! Flash sale ends at midnight ET 11/7/13 while supplies last. Shop our entire Women's In Stock Collection today for even more styles in leading gymnastics apparel.

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Savings so Good, It's Spooky!

It's Halloween and all the ghouls and goblins are trick-or-treating next to the gymnasts who are in disguise in their Aly Raisman and Gabrielle Douglas costumes!

While the kiddies are out halloweening, you can pick up the best treat of all - a sparkling GK gymnastics leotard at $20 off regular price!  A treat for your gymnast - and unbelieveable savings for you!

Spooky Sparkle Sale

This weekend only, consumers can save $20 on select styles from our Back to School leotard collection.  Don't be afraid...  Sale prices start as low as $24.99!  Choose from nineteen styles from our Back to School catalog including Alexandra Raisman letoards, Gabby Douglas leotards, and lots of other popular styles from this best selling line!

Aly Radiant Royal Sparkle LeoGabby Sporty Lime Workout LeotardArtistic Red Pizzazz Leotard


You won't want to miss these great gymnastic leotard styles at frightening, LOW prices.  If you don't take advantage of this limited time spooky sparkling offer, it may just come back to haunt you...  This sale will R.I.P. on Sunday 11/3/13.


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Join GK Elite and Unite for HER in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness

GK is a proud partner in support of breast cancer awareness with Unite for HER, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing breast cancer programs and initiatives. We contribute 5% of our breast cancer awareness leo sales to this organization showing our sincere support for all gymnasts and coaches in the gymnastics industry who are suffering from the effects of breast cancer and treatments of this disease.

Shown on the left is a pretty GK leotard style from our Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. This Sporty Binding Tank Leo BCA29 is an athletic V neck tank gymnastics leotard with sporty binding design & modern pink ribbon surrounded by a Black SEQUINZ transfer. Show your support for breast cancer awareness, gymnasts, and coaches suffering from the effects of treatments with one of these styles.

Unite for HER focuses on holistic methods for those being treated for this terrible disease. Their mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of women and girls by supporting and providing breast cancer and wellness programs that educate, empower, and restore. Brought to you by Unite for HER are two healthy recipes made with ingredients proven to fight disease and promote wellness. Learn more tips on nutritional wellness here. Recipes provided by Katie Cavuto, MS, RD, Unite for HER.

Chocolate Bark Recipe

Chocolate can be a simple pleasure in life and actually offers many health benefits if you eat the right variety. Choose dark, unprocessed chocolate which comes straight from the cocoa bean, and benefit from the packed flavanols that carry antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These flavanols in chocolate can also help to significantly lower blood pressure and can even lower your risk of heart failure.

~ Dark Chocolate Bars or Chips

~ Nuts and seeds, preferably unsalted (anti-inflammatory fats, heart healthy)

~ Dried fruits such as cherries, mangoes, preferably unsweetened (rich in disease-fighting antioxidants)

Melt chocolate in double boiler and pour on parchment sheet. Sprinkle with nuts, seeds, and fruits and cool in refrigerator.


Hummus Recipe

Hummus is a super protein packed, smooth textured Middle Eastern dip that can be made in a variety of ways. Chick peas are the main ingredient which have anti-inflammatory properties, tons of protein, and can also regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, which can be affected by cancer treatments. Chick peas also fluch toxins form your body and reduce colon cancer risk.

~ 1 can of chick peas

~ 1/4 cup of the liquid from the can

~ 3 T. lemon juice

~ 1 1/2 T. tahini

~ 2 cloves of garlic, crushed

~ 1 t. sea salt

~3 T. olive oil

Blend in a Cuisinart or mixer.

For even more great recipes, visit

Show your support for breast cancer awareness. Shop GK's Breast Cancer Awareness Gymnastics Leotard Collection today!

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GK's Breast Cancer Awareness Leos Support Unite for HER

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and GK is in full swing! We couldn't be any prouder to be partnered with a local non-profit organization, Unite for HER, a group who is focused on encouraging  women to explore benefits of nutrition, meditation, massage and acupuncture while restoring life back to those who are suffering from the treatment of breast cancer. Our partnership provides gymnasts and coaches who are suffering from the effects of breast cancer treatments with grants and support needed to fight this disease.


Check out this week's style from our Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. Our Sequinz & Swirls Tank Leotard BCA28 features an asymmetrical neck and scoop back with curved style lines and swirls of Pink SEQUINZ. This leo is beautifully designed in our Berry Mystique, Petal Pink Mystique and Black Mystique fabrics. We will contribute 5% of sales to Unite for HER, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing breast cancer programs and initiatives for each breast cancer awareness leotard sold.


According to the World Health Organization, wellness is defined as "the optimal state of health of individuals and groups. There are two focal concerns: the realization of the fullest potential of an individual physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually, and economically; and the fulfillment of one's role expectations in the family, community, place of worship, workplace, and other settings." This is a very detailed and well rounded explanation which naturally stimulates one to evaluate their own life. To be well, means to have a balance in all aspects of your life, a very challenging task in today's busy world.


Brought to you from Unite for HER, here are some steps in lowering your exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins in our beauty and bath products. These healthy upgrades below will lower your toxin exposure and take you on a better wellness path. Here are a few DIY Beauty Recipes for a more naturally focused beauty regimen provided by


Surfer Girl Texturizing Hair Spray for Natural Looking Beach Waves

~ Spray Bottle

~ Measuring Cups

~ Measuring Spoons

~ 1 cup warm, distilled water

~ 1 t. sea salt, Himalayan pink salt or epson salt

~ 1 t. coconut or Argan oil (

~ 1 t. aloe or hair gel (

~ 3 drops of each - Pink Grapefruit + Sweet Orange Essential Oils

Mix together and spray on wet hair. part hair in small sections and twist. Air dry and shake out.


Organic Body Spray for Your Own Signature Scent

~ BPA-free mist bottle

~ Liquid measuring cup

~ Measuring spoons

~ 1 t. vegetable glycerin

~ 8 drops vitamin e

~ 1/2 t. essential oils of your choice

~ 2 oz. hydrosol of your choice

Combine all ingredients in spray bottle. Shake well. Spritz.


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GK. Choice of Champions.






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Support Breast Cancer Awareness with Natural Beauty Tips from GK & Unite for HER

GK is a proud partner of Unite for HER a non-profit organization dedicated to providing breast cancer programs and initiatives to those in need. Unite for HER's mission is to provide wellness resources to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and help enhance their health and comfort while they undergo medical treatment. When founder Sue Weldon was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, she began her search for types of therapies that would complement the medical treatments she herself was receiving.  She noticed there was a lack of easily accessible resources on topics including nutrition, acupuncture, massage, yoga, counseling and other ways for breast cancer patients to enhance their wellness and care for their emotional, spiritual and physical needs.

Show your support for breast cancer awareness! Check out this week's featured style, our Chic Pink Ribbon Workout Leo BCA31 a pretty Black Nylon/Spandex scoop back gymnastics leotard with Sparkling pink Ribbon SEQUINZ transfer. GK will contribute 5% of sales to Unite for HER.

This week we bring you beauty tips from  this organization to help women feel better naturally. Check out some of the freshest, DIY beauty recipes - made with ingredients you can find at your local CSA or farmers market! Remember to shop local, support your farmers and always buy organic when possible.

"Recipes by The Glamorganic Goddess" Unite for HER

Tomato Blemish Remedy

1 tomato (ripe, chopped)

1 t. lemon juice (fresh)

1 T. oat flour (or ground rolled oats)

Blend ingredients until combined in a paste. Apply to blemished skin, making sure mixture is thick enough to stay in place. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove with damp washcloth.


Cucumber Eye Gel

1/4 cucumber (large)

1 oz. aloe vera gel (fresh)

Puree cucumber in a blender. leaving a little pulp. Strain mixture into a glass bowl until you have at least 2 oz. of puree. Add aloe and mix gently. After cleansing face, apply to under eye area with a cotton ball. Refrigerate and use within a few days.


Watermelon Toner

2 T. watermelon juice (fresh)

1 T. vodka

2 T. witch hazel

2 T. distilled water

Strain watermelon juice to get rid of seeds and fruit pieces. Combine ingredients in small bowl and stir well. Pour into clean container with tight fitting lid. Pour a small amount on a clean cotton pad and apply to face. Store in fridge between uses to retain freshness for approximately one week.


Coconut Lime Hair and Scalp Treatment

4 T. coconut oil

2 T. lime juice

1 T. grapefruit juice

Basting brush or cotton balls


Mix and apply to dry hair using a basting brush or cotton ball. Starting at top, place the brush on the scalp, while pressing down, follow through to ends. This will stimulate circulation and loosen any dry skin scales. work in sections covering entire scalp. Massage and leave on for 20 minutes. Shampoo and condition as usual.


Strawberry Face Body Scrub

2 Strawberries (pureed)

2 T. olive oil

1 vitamin E capsule (pierced)

2 T. sugar

Mix and apply.

For more beauty tips and tricks from Unite for HER visit: "Recipes by The Glamorganic Goddess"

Shop GK's entire Breast Cancer Awareness Collection where 5% of sales are contributed to Unite for HER.

GK. Choice of Champions.





ther ways for breast cancer patients to enhance their wellness and care for their emotional, spiritual and physical needs. In support of this organization, GK will contribute 5% of sales to Unite for HER for every breast cancer awareness leotard sold. - See more at:
ther ways for breast cancer patients to enhance their wellness and care for their emotional, spiritual and physical needs. In support of this organization, GK will contribute 5% of sales to Unite for HER for every breast cancer awareness leotard sold. - See more at:
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Today only, October 9, 2013 GK is offering customers $20 off one of our exclusive Aly Raisman leos! Our modern Aly Raisman Royal Sparkle Leo E2332 shown below is now only $49.99, originally priced at $69.99.

This modern gymnastics leotard design from Aly features a scoop neck wrap around boomerang design styled in Radiant Royal Sparkle Hologram, Royal Nylon/Spandex, Silver Mystique and Black Nylon/Spandex. Includes matching hair scrunchie.

Known for our signature collections of gymnastics workout leotards, GK has partnered with over ten Olympic athletes and currently offers workout leotards designed by 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Alexandra Raisman. This two time Olympic Champion and three time Olympic Medalist has inspired gorgeous gymnastics leotard styles exclusive to GK.

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Wendy Martin Named Vice President of Global Gymnastics Sales at GK

We are excited to announce that 10-time All-American Wendy Marshall Martin will be joining our Management Team as Vice President of Global Gymnastics Sales. Wendy comes to the GK team with over 15 years of experience in the gymnastics industry and will report to Steve Barnett, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Most recently, she served as Alpha Factor Business Manager at Perform Group.

Wendy Marshall Martin"I am thrilled to be joining the Gymnastics Industry’s Leading Apparel Manufacturer to fuel their ongoing growth both internationally and domestically,” said Wendy.  “Being a former gymnast and current coach myself, I understand what athletes and coaches are looking for in workout and competitive gymnastics apparel.  I look forward to bringing my years of experience to the company who is recognized as having the highest quality leotards, the largest selection of gymnastics apparel, and an incredible passion for the sport of gymnastics.”

Wendy’s primary role will be to concentrate on continued growth of the GK brand.  She will oversee our US Sales Representatives and International Network of Distributors.  Well known among coaches and athletes in the gymnastics industry, her experience will help GK solidify our position as the irrefutable best brand of gymnastics apparel.

“With the addition of an industry veteran like Wendy, GK is well-positioned for continued global growth,” said Barnett.  “Already the #1 name in gymnastics around the World, Wendy’s extensive knowledge of the industry and her high energy will enable her and the GK sales team to broaden our reach while serving the needs of new and existing GK customers.  I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to team up with Wendy once again.”

Currently the NCAA/NACGCW Awards Chairman for Women’s Gymnastics, Wendy is highly regarded throughout the gymnastics industry.  In addition to her professional experience, she was also inducted to the University Of Michigan Athletic Hall Of Honor in 2010.  While attending Michigan, Wendy was awarded seven Perfect 10’s throughout her gymnastics career and earned the title of Big Ten Gymnast of the year in 1996.  Wendy has coached gymnastics for over 15 years.

GK would like to welcome Wendy to our team!  We are excited to bring you on board!

GK.  Choice of Champions.

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GK Offers Gymnastics Apparel & Healthy Eating Tips From Unite for HER

Stick it for the cause! October is breast cancer awareness month and GK has partnered with Unite for HER a non-profit organization started in 2009 that is dedicated to providing breast cancer programs and initiatives. Unite for HER’s mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of women and girls by supporting and providing breast cancer and wellness programs that educate, empower and restore. Topics include nutrition, acupuncture, massage, yoga, counseling and other ways for breast cancer patients to enhance their wellness and care for their emotional, spiritual and physical needs. In support of this organization, GK will contribute 5% of sales to Unite for HER for every breast cancer awareness leotard sold. "Thank you again for partnering with us, aligning with our vision, and helping us reach our mission and outreach for Unite for HER.", thanks Sue Weldon, President and Founder of Unite for HER.

Healthy Eating Tips

"You are what you eat" is an old saying that is actually true and applies directly to a patient who is fighting breast cancer. There are certainly better choices to be made when considering a diet specific to healing. You can start today with taking a few steps towards a healthier you at any stage of life. The list below is offered by Unite for HER and includes some ways you can improve your eating habits and health:

1. Reduce the amount of processed foods you consume. Eating real, whole foods like fresh produce is a great way to start. This can be time consuming and you may find yourself cooking and baking more often, but it is worth skipping all the additives and chemicals.

2. Keep a food diary. Write down the foods you consume daily and you will notice a pattern of foods that you tend to eat the most often. Now, replace those frequent treats with organic versions. These organic versions are free of hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics, which is healthier for you and the environment.

3. The best organic foods to buy are meats, poultry, dairy, fish, nuts, fruits and veggies, coffee, tea, chocolate and wine. Look for leaner cuts of meat such as boneless, skinless chicken and beef tenderloin. This will ensure to eliminate any chemicals that could get absorbed in fatty tissues such as skin. If organic is not in your budget opt for hormone-free options. Be sure to eat organic fruits and vegetables that you eat whole such as those with skins like apples.

4.  Buy local produce. Produce begins to lose nutrients the moment it is picked therefore the fresher the better.

Even small steps for mindful, healthy eating contribute to a healthier body! GK is adopting this lifestyle and we encourage our workplace to adapt to these small changes.

Featured to the left is GK's Berry Pink Ribbon Gym Leo BCA30 a beautiful Berry V neck gymnastics tank leotard with Silver Hologram Sequinz pink ribbon design in support of breast cancer awareness. This leo is available in Berry Nylon/Spandex and features the GK brand and breast cancer awareness logo on the lower left hip.

Shop our entire Breast Cancer Awareness Gymnastics Apparel Collection today, and we will contribute 5% of our sales to Unite for HER.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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