2011 Holiday Shimmering Steel Mystique Gymnastics Leotards

'Tis the season for sparkle and shine and you can do both with our shimmering gymnastics leotards featuring Steel Mystique fabric.  Collection 2 from our 2011 Holiday Catalog is available through January 31, 2012. 


Asymmetrical Tank Gymnastics Workout Leotard GK Style E1766 in berry silverado nylon/spandex with foil and berry mystique with clear jeweled accents. Includes a matching berry silverado scrunchie.


Purple Mid-Back Workout Leotard GK Style E1765 is a classic tank gymnastic leotard with scoop back and mid back opening in purple silverado nylon/spandex with foil and steel mystique. Includes matching purple silverado scrunchie.   VALUE PRICED!

NEW Black Jeweled Denim Shorts GK Style E1768 are super soft workout shorts with clear jeweled accents.

Streaming Purple & Steel Leotard GK Style E1767 is a classic tank gymnastic workout leotard in purple silverado nylon/spandex with foil and steel mystique with clear jeweled accents. Includes a matching purple silverado scrunchie.


Berry T-Back Gymnastics Leotard GK Style E1764 with mid-back opening, in steel mystique and berry silverado nylon/spandex with foil. Includes matching berry silverado scrunchie.

GK.  Choice of Champions.

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Kim Zmeskal-Burdette Sticks with GK for 5th Annual Texas Prime Meet Leotards in Irving, Texas

February 24-26, 2012 will mark the 5th Annual Texas Prime Meet in Irving, Texas and like the four before it, GK competitive gymnastics leotards will be the choice of champions who gather for this awesome event.  Kim Zmeskal-Burdette, owner of Texas Dreams Gymnastics and organizer of the annual meet knows where to go for the best competitive gymnastic apparel for the best gymnasts - GK!

Kim was the first American woman to become World All-Around Champion in 1991 and was the US National Champion in the senior division three years in a row from 1990-92.  From a young age, she trained with coaching great Béla Károlyi, who had bought a gym in her Houston, Texas neighborhood. There, she had the chance to observe and interact with her heroine, Mary Lou Retton.  Kim later became famous in her own right, most notably for her middle tumbling pass on floor - a round-off, three consecutive whip-backs, back-handspring, into a double-back in the tucked position sometimes with four whips into double-back!

A look back at the awe-inspiring footage from the 1991 Worlds where the thunderous crowd practically drowns out Kim's music is sure to bring back the goosebumps from that extraordinary moment.

Today, Kim and her husband, leg 1Coach Chris Burdette, continue her gymnastics legacy at Texas Dreams Gymnastics and host the annual Texas Prime Meet.  The meet brings out riveting competition, but by far, the most anticipated event is the Legendz Classic.  Legendz is an energy-packed, 2-hour event that features three Olympic gymnasts as team captains for the top 15 Level 9/10 gymnasts in the previous sessions. 

“While coaches can provide instruction, inspiration is what the Legendz Classic is all about.  The balance of coaches helping their athletes and Olympic greats giving first-hand input is what the Legendz Classic is all about.”  Kim Zmeskal-Burdette

Each year Kim works with GK to design the Texas Prime Meet Leotard.  This year's design began with a custom tank leotard in Black Mystique similar to GK Style 3456.  Custom Zeon Nylon/Spandex Print was added giving it a neon-light effect.  To complete the leo, the meet logo was embroidered on the back.  Here is one of Kim's protégés sporting the finished product... introducing Ms. Riven Belle, Kim's daughter, modeling her first GK gymnastics leotard. 

GK gives Riven Belle a perfect score for cuteness execution! 

rivRIV 2

GK.  Choice of Champions.  (Even teeny-tiny ones!)

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2011/2012 Fall-Winter Tank Gymnastics Leotards - ALL VALUE PRICED!

Everything you've come to expect from GK at value pricing!  GK Value Tank Leotards will fit nicely into your holiday budget for that special athlete on your shopping list. Available through February 1, 2012.

Orange Racer Back Leotard GK Style E1726 in Bright Orangeade Mystique and black nylon/spandex.  This racer back tank leotard with keyhole back is perfect for workouts or practice! Shown layered with E1720 - Black Sports Bra.

Orange Tiger Stripe Leotard GK Style E1675 in Toni Tiger nylon/spandex with foil.  This tank leotard showcases a uniquely designed back detail with black shimmer and a peeping keyhole and sporty style lines.


Pink Racer Back Leotard GK Style E1722 in Candy Pink Mystique and black nylon/spandex. This racer back tank leotard with keyhole back is perfect for workouts or practice!


Neon Pink Leotard GK Style E1715 is a sporty back black nylon/spandex leotard with Neon Pink accent perfect for workouts or practice.


Black & Orange Tank Leotard GK Style E1672.  Tangerine jeweled accents and Toni Tiger nylon/spandex with foil fabric trim provide just the right mix to wrap around this elegant black shimmer tank style leotard.


Pretty in Pink Leotard GK Style E1671.  Feel as pretty as a princess in this fun and sassy candy pink mystique and white sparkle asymmetrical leotard. Jeweled accents add to the flair.

Aqua Racer Back Leotard GK Style E1721.  Aqua Mystique and black nylon/spandex racer back tank leotard with keyhole back is perfect for workouts or practice.

Shop for these Value Tanks in the 2011/2012 Fall/Winter Catalog.

GK.  Choice of Champions.

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Wild Gymnastics Leotards from the 2011 Holiday Catalog

Go a little wild this holiday season with gymnastic leotards from Collection 4 of the 2011 Holiday Catalog.  These fun leotards are perfect for all of your gymnastic, tumbling and dance needs.  Available through January 31, 2012.


Sleek Silver Workout Leotard GK Style E1776 in silver party animal and black mystique. Includes matching silver party animal scrunchie.


Strappy Back Silver V-neck Leotard GK Style E1778 featuring a strappy back in silver party animal hologram and black nylon/spandex with clear jeweled accents. Includes matching silver party animal scrunchie.


V-Back Green Workout Leotard GK Style E1777 in green party animal hologram and black nylon/spandex. Includes matching green party animal scrunchie.
Red Strappy Workout Leotard GK Style E1775 in red party animal hologram and black nylon/ spandex. Includes a matching red party animal scrunchie.  VALUE PRICED!

Shop for these and other great Holiday Leotards in our 2011 Holiday Catalog

GK.  Choice of Champions.

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Gymnastics Leotards with Purple Pizazz! 2011/2012 Fall/Winter Collection 2

GK gymnastic leotards in popular purples, Grape Juice, Grape Mystique, Concord Velvet and Purple Nightlights with stunning accents, jewels and foiling.  Available through February 1, 2012.

Shop for these beautiful leos in the 2011/2012 Fall/Winter Catalog - Collection 2. 

Scoop Neck Gymnastic Tank Leotard GK Style E1804 with sleek swirl design in Pewter, Purple, and black nylon spandex with clear jeweled accents. Matching purple scrunchie included.


Sporty Tank Keyhole Leotard GK Style E1808 with sporty back and mid-back keyhole in foiled grape juice and gunmetal mystique with matching grape juice scrunchie.  VALUE PRICED!

Strappy Back Tank Leotard GK Style E1803 with upper-back keyhole in foiled purple nightlights and grape mystique. Matching purple nightlights scrunchie included.

V-neck Classic Tank Leotard GK Style E1806 in black mystique, grape mystique and foiled purple nightlights with clear jeweled accents and matching purple nightlights scrunchie.


Classic Scoop Back Tank Leotard GK Style E1807 in concord velvet and grape mystique with swirled style lines and clear jeweled accents. Matching grape mystique included!

Sporty Jeweled Tank Leotard GK Style E1805 in fun foiled grape juice fabric and gunmetal mystique with clear jeweled accents and matching grape juice scrunchie.

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Pretty & Pink Gymnastics Leotards for Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Brighten up your fall and winter gymnastics work outs, tumbling class or dance rehearsals with these pretty pink leotards from the Fall-Winter 2011-2012 Collection.  Look for value pricing!  Available through February 1, 2012. 

Classic Scoop Neck Gymnastic Tank Leotard GK Style E1797 in pink sweethearts and black nylon/spandex. Includes matching pink sweetheart scrunchie. VALUE PRICED!

Children's Classic Bow Biketard GK Style E1800 with bow back detail and fun foiled pink sweetheart fabric, black nylon/spandex, and neon pink nylon/spandex binding. Matching pink sweethearts scrunchie included.

Sporty Back Tank Leotard GK Style E1798 in a fun foiled pink nightlights design and regal pink mystique. Matching pink nightlights scrunchie included.  VALUE PRICED!


Zig Zag Trim Tank Leotard GK Style E1802 with v back in black mystique, yellow mystique, regal pink mystique, and cherry mystique with fun zig zag trim design. Matching black mystique scrunchie included.  VALUE PRICED!

Asymmetrical Tank Leotard GK Style E1801 with fun wrapping style lines in cherry mystique and foiled pink nightlights. Matching pink nightlights scrunchie included.  VALUE PRICED!


Criss Cross Strap Tank Leotard GK Style E1799 in berry velvet and black velvet with criss cross strap back and black jeweled accents. Matching berry velvet scrunchie included.

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2011 Holiday Shawn Johnson Signature Gymnastics Leotard Collection

Bring sparkle and color to your gymnastics work out, tumbling or dance class with Shawn Johnson's Signature Gymnastics Leotard Collection for GK Holiday 2011.  Shawn's leotards are famously fun!  Available through January 31, 2012.


Shawn Johnson Girl's Gymnastics Leotard GK Style E1783 with strappy back in foiled candy dots nylon/spandex and neon pink nylon/spandex with matching candy dots scrunchie.


Shawn Johnson Fierce V-Neck Leotard GK Style E1780 with strappy back in raspberry fierce hologram and black mystique with matching raspberry fierce scrunchie and clear jeweled accents.


Shawn Johnson Strap Back Leotard GK Style E1779 in foiled sprite nylon/spandex, lime mystique and black mystique with matching sprite scrunchie and black jeweled accents. Features sewn-in shelf bra.


Shawn Johnson Open Back Leotard GK Style E1784 in foiled candy dots nylon/spandex and electric turquoise mystique with matching candy dots scrunchie and black jeweled accents.


Shawn Johnson Asymmetrical Strap Leotard GK Style E1782 in electric turquoise mystique, lime mystique and black mystique with matching lime mystique scrunchie. Features clear jeweled accents.


Shawn Johnson T-back Leotard GK Style E1781 in raspberry fierce hologram and electric turquoise mystique with matching raspberry fierce scrunchie.

GK.  Choice of Champions.

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GK Talks To Reigning Olympic Champion Nastia Liukin After She Secures a Spot on the Women's Gymnastics U.S. National Team

Congratulations Nastia Liukin!  USA Gymnastics announced Nastia's addition to the Senior Women's U.S. National Team on November 23, 2011.  The 2008 Olympic Champion and GK Endorsed Athlete revealed her gymnastics comeback in October at the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo. 

Training Camp at the National Team training center was the next step for Nastia.  Her camp performance was proof positive of her gymnastics comeback securing her spot on the National Team.  Recently, GK spoke with Nastia about her comeback and the road to London 2012.

GK:  Congratulations, Nastia!  We heard the great news that you are back on the US Women's National Team.  How do you feel?

  Thank you so much! I feel honored to be part of the National Team again and hopefully I will have the opportunity to compete and represent the USA very soon. I'm taking it one day at a time and sticking to the plan my dad has put together for me.

GK:  What made you decide to come back after all of your success out of the gym?

  I never really let go of the idea of coming back to train. I've been really busy and have traveled a lot the past few years. I am so blessed to have many opportunities, but I realized that I cannot do everything all at once as it is all very time consuming. So, I decided that I owe it to myself to give training everything I have for the next 8 months.  As July 2012 approaches, I want to look back knowing I did everything I could and have no regrets.
NL Gold 1
GK:  What is your training schedule like now?

  My training schedule is back to "normal.”  I start my morning training at 7:30 with running and then I head to the gym to train until noon.  Then I come back for the afternoon training session from 3-6 p.m.  In between trainings, I go to physical therapy and acupuncture. I have been training this schedule since I was about 10 years old.  It has worked for me in the past so I wouldn't want to change anything. 

GK:  How are your workouts structured?  What do you do outside of the gymnastics gym?

NL:  Lately, I've been spending most of my time in the gym. When I’m outside the gym, I normally rest and get ready for my next training session.  Sunday is my day off and I like to spend time with my friends and family, catch up on work emails, and maybe do a little shopping!

GK:  Since winning the All-Around title in 2008, how is your comeback approach different as you look toward the 2012 games?

NL:  My approach working toward 2012 has changed, but has also stayed the same. I am older this time around, so training feels a little different everyday. I also know exactly what lies ahead of me for the next 8 months. I know what the process is like trying to make an Olympic Team, but knowing that doesn't necessarily make it any easier. It's still a stressful and nerve-wracking process. What has stayed the same is giving it my all every single day and having a daily goal of being able to walk out of the gym at 6pm every night knowing that it was a productive training day and I'm another step closer to achieving another dream. 

GK:  Is it harder this time around?

NL:  It is definitely harder this time around because in 2008, I had been training my whole life for that moment. Then I took a few years off, and I'm back at it again. So it's been a whole different process this year.  I'm really excited for the journey and what lies ahead.

Nastia springGK: Tell us about your inspiration for your Nastia Liukin Gold Medal Collection.

NL:  I feel like the inspiration for my line comes from many different things. I love fashion, so I definitely keep up with the latest fashion and color trends for the seasons.  I also love doing something completely different and out of the element, something that is eye‑catching that will make a unique leotard.


Nastia has designed many gymnastics leotards for GK for her own Nastia Liukin Gold Medal Collection.  Her collection includes workout essentials that are anything but basic and stunning workout leotards. 

Have a tiny champion dreaming of Olympic gold?  Check out the children's gymnastic leotards designed by Nastia at GK Style E1787 and E1795

Nastia's latest designs for GK are available now in our 2011/2012 Fall/Winter Leotard Collection and 2011 Holiday Leotard Collection.

GK.  Choice of Champions.

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2011 Holiday Workout Essentials for Kids!

GK's leotard collection created especially for little gymnasts!  Adorable, fun, and comfy!  Moms will love the cute styling and reasonable prices.  Kids will love how they feel with our super soft, no itch fabrics.  And the best part ... it fits like a GK!

Value priced and available through January 31, 2012

Children's Gymnastics Pink Fiesta Leotard GK Style E1836 with scoop back in pink fiesta poly/spandex, black nylon/spandex, and lime velvet binding.


Children's Gymnastics V-Strap Biketard GK Style E1838 in blue Hawaii nylon/spandex, black nylon/spandex and zany zebra with cute penguin appliqué.


Children's Gymnastics Cherry Lime Leotard GK Style E1837 in pink fiesta poly/spandex, lime nylon/spandex, and black velvet with cute cherry appliqué.


Children's Gymnastics Red Velvet Leotard GK Style E1840 with v-back and straps with black iced velvet trim and shining jeweled star.


Boy's Gymnastic Apparel.  Gymnastics Comp Shirt GK Style 1700M features flat seaming for comfort. Shown here with Boy's Gymnastic Comp Shorts GK Style 1818M in nylon/spandex.


Children's Gymnastics Leotard with Key Hole GK Style E1839 in berry nylon/spandex, snowflake velvet and cute sequined butterfly appliqué.


Children's Gymnastics Zebra Scoop Leotard GK Style E1841 in zany zebra nylon/spandex, berry nylon/spandex and aqua velvet.

GK.  Choice of Little Champions. 

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Nastia Liukin Gold Medal Leotard Collection for Holiday 2011

Has your athlete been good this year?  She's sure to love any of these workout essential leotards from our Nastia Liukin Gold Medal Collection for Holiday 2011.  They are perfect for gymnastics, tumbling, dance and cheer!  A children's leotard is included in this collection which is available through January 31, 2012. 


Nastia Liukin Asymmetrical Leotard GK Style E1785 in berry iced velvet and steel mystique stripe with black jeweled accents.


Nastia Liukin V-Neck Red Fusion Leotard GK Style E1790 in red fusion hologram, red mystique and black mystique with coordinating red fusion scrunchie. Featuring clear jeweled accents.


Nastia Liukin Key Hole Leotard GK Style E1788 with mid back key hole opening in wired nylon/spandex with foil and black nylon/spandex with coordinating wired scrunchie.


Nastia Liukin Children's Leotard GK Style E1787 with koolaid kat nylon/spandex with foil and purple nylon/spandex with coordinating koolaid kat scrunchie and clear jeweled accents.


Nastia Liukin Corded Piping Leotard GK Style E1786 in koolaid kat nylon/spandex with foil and vinca mystique with coordinating koolaid kat scrunchie.


Nastia Liukin Strappy Back Leotard GK Style E1789 VALUE PRICED in foiled Plano python nylon/spandex and black nylon/spandex with coordinating Plano python scrunchie.

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Nastia Liukin Gold Medal Leotard Collection Fall/Winter 2011-2012

Gymnastic Workout Essentials from the Nastia Liukin Gold Medal Collection are gymnastic leotards designed by Nastia herself and express her creativity, fun and fashion sense.  The Fall/Winter gymnastic leotard collection includes 5 new desigs and a children's gymnastics leotard for your little champion or toddler gymnastic star.


The Nastia Liukin Ribbon Tank Leotard GK Style E1793 has a v-neck and strappy back with berry mystique, gunmetal mystique, and candy pink mystique ribbons. It features clear jeweled accents, and coordinating berry mystique scrunchie.


Nastia Liukin Sport Back Leotard GK Style E1796 in hologram shattered croc, black nylon/spandex, and silver mystique with coordinating hologram shattered croc scrunchie.


Nastia Liukin Scoop Back Leotard GK Style E1792 with twisted design in black mystique, foiled silky stripes, and steel mystique. Coordinating foiled silky stripes scrunchie included.


Nastia Liukin Classic Tank Leotard GK Style E1794 with scoop back and style lines in purple mystique and lavender ice mystique. Features clear jeweled accents and matching purple mystique scrunchie.


Nastia Liukin Children's Leotard GK Style E1795 features cute zebra appliqué in black nylon/spandex, foiled silky stripes, and neon pink nylon/spandex. Includes matching foiled silky stripes scrunchie.


Nastia Liukin V-back Leotard GK Style E1791 with upper keyhole in foiled envious fabric and lemon lime mystique with coordinating foiled envious scrunchie.

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2008 Olympic Medalist Shawn Johnson Knows “Exactly What It Takes” For London 2012

Recently, GK had the privilege of spending time with Shawn Johnson at our Spring 2012 photo shoot.  In between shots, we talked with Shawn about her recovery and comeback.  Shawn was absent from the sport of Gymnastics for a little over two years after she sustained a knee injury while skiing in Colorado in January of 2010.  She was on a fantastic trip at the time celebrating her 18th birthday, but took a bad fall.  Upon her return home, she got the news that she had slight ACL and meniscus tears and would need surgery.  In May 2010, Shawn announced that she would return to competitive gymnastics.  Shawn has been coming back ever since with her eyes on London in 2012. 

SJ1 GK:  What made you decide to come back after all of your success out of the gym?

SJ:  What made me decide to come back was that, I missed the sport.  After I had my little accident with my knee and surgery, the one thing that scared me the most was, “what if I can never do gymnastics again?” It was a reality check that I really did miss [gymnastics].  I had, not necessarily unfinished business, but I just missed being in the gym.  I wanted to give it another shot so that I wouldn’t look back five years later, ten years later … and wonder, “what if I gave it a shot? what if I gave it a try?”  I love it.  I love being back.

GK:  How is your knee?

SJ:  The knee’s good.  Good days and bad days, it’s getting there.  They said it will take a while.  I had a full reconstruction so, I’ve got a ways to go, but hanging in there. 

GK:  What is your training schedule like now?

SJ:  The training schedule now is pretty intense.  I go six days a week in the gymnastics gym, doing four to five hours each day.  Then almost every day, six to seven days a week, I’ll do an hour or two in a fitness center.  I’m doing quite a bit.

GK:  Are you working on strengthening and cardio?

SJ:  I’m working on everything.  Strength, cardio, conditioning, knee stability, flexibility.  Taking two and a half years off has definitely been hard, but it takes a lot more training time to get back to where I want to be.

GK:  Since medaling in 2008, is your comeback approach different as you look towards the 2012 games?

SJ:  I think my approach on the whole is a lot different.  I think it’s day and night from the first time because I didn’t take a break the first time.  It was just something that I had done my entire life.   And now, it’s starting over.  I’m starting from scratch and remodeling and rebuilding my whole foundation.  I’m a different person this time around.  I’m older.  I’m different and I’m doing a little different gymnastics. I don’t know if I can tell you exactly what we are doing differently, but the whole system just feels different to me. 


  Is it harder?

SJ:  Yeah.  Yes.  [Laughing].  It’s a lot harder.  I feel like the first time I had such an innocent mind, a naïve mind, not to know what it took to get there.  It just kind of happened. Whereas, now, I know exactly what it takes.  That’s what’s scary.  You know you have to go into the gym every day and give 110% or you won’t make it.  It’s overwhelming.

GK:  What do you like most about your GK Signature Leotard Collection?

SJ:  What I like most about my Signature Leotard Collection with GK is that I think it’s so me!  I’ve always been different in the way that I dress and the way I act.  I’ve never adhered to standards or “the norm.”  I think you see that in my line. I choose really cool colors. I mix and match things.  I do different backs and styles that a lot of people wouldn’t even think of.  I take a risk and I love designing gymnastics leotards for GK! 

GK wishes the best of luck to Shawn on her road to the London 2012 Olympics.  We hope to watch her Olympic return and can’t wait to see what GK custom competition leotards, GK warm ups, and other GK gymnast apparel she wears along the way!

While waiting for the London games, look out for GK's Spring 2012 launch including Shawn Johnson’s Signature Collection - available January 16, 2012.

GK Competitive Gymnastics Leotards.  Choice of Champions.

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Improve Your Score This Competition Season

Competition season is here and who wouldn't want to improve their all-around score? You may be ready to compete, have all your routines down, and hit all your events, but without concentrating on the major areas of deduction, you may not be happy with your final score. Posture and body alignment are becoming crucial aspects of a routine and judges are becoming very picky about this topic in your performance. There are 4 major body areas to focus on that can lead to a better posture and body alignment.
  • 1. The Feet:
    • You may not know this but judges can deduct if you do not pivet on high toe in a tight releve position on beam. 0.10 can be deducted when you do not show this position.
    • Point your toes on everything you do, from giants on bars to leaps on floor and beam. 0.10 can be deducted from flexed feet.
  • 2. The Knees:
    • Unless you are in "pile", your knees need to be straight on every skill and also in the standing position while dancing. Tight hamstrings can lead to consistent bent legs. Bent knees will also lead to 0.10 deductions.
  • 3. The Abdominals, Rib Cage and Shoulders:
    • Every gymnasts should stand with their hips under, abdominals and rib cage tucked in and shoulders pressed down. Deductions have been added to the code pertaining to the shoulders during your performance. Having your shoulders pressed down, and your back muscles pinched together, your neck will appear longer making your body look taller. Ballet dance classes are a great way to help you and teach you how to make a straight body line. Correcting a gymnasts "line" earlier in their career will better their gymnastics in the long run. 
  • 4. The Head:
    • When performing, a gymnast should NEVER look down! Having your chin lifted and looking above eye level will make your presentation look 100 times better.
Up to a 0.30 deduction can be taken off from incorrect posture and body alignment on each routine. Just imagine adding up to 1.2 to your final all-around score by just fixing these small deductions! If you really concentrate on these areas and make your posture and body alignment perfect, you will give the judges no reason to take deductions!

Do you watch the gymnastics series Make It Or Break It? Have you noticed the gymnasts on the series wear GK Elite Sportswear? If so, check out the
As Seen On Make It Or Break It Leotard Line. You can wear the same leoards the actors wear!

Make It Or Break It Leotard Line
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A Closer Look at the GK Styles on Display at the 2011 Visa Championships - McKayla Maroney

McKayla Maroney from All Olympia finished 1st Vault, 2nd All Around, 5th Floor and 7th Beam at the 2011 Visa Championships.  McKayla was simply stunning in her custom GK competition leotard.  The celestial color scheme really makes her shine.

Want to stand out?  Take a look at GK's Stunning Swirl Comp Leotard Style 9549, a classic neckline competitive gymnastics leotard with elegant swirls on bodice and back with a scoop back. 


On the podium, the backdrop for McKayla's medal was GK's Petal Design Competition Leo Style 9550, a scoop neckline gymnastics competition leotard that dazzles with its floral design throughout the bodice and ribbon effect on back. 
Either of these competition leotards would make you a star!

GK Competitive Gymnastics Leotards.  Choice of Champions.

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A Closer Look at the GK Styles on Display at the 2011 Visa Championships - Aly Raisman

Aly Raisman from Brestyans Gym finished 11th bars, 6th beam, 3rd floor, and 3rd all around at the 2011 Visa Championships looking amazing in her GK competition leotard.  Aly's custom made leotard is unique with its shortened mesh sleeves and jewel design over the bodice and sleeves.

If you like Aly's awesome GK leotard, check out GK's Asymmetrical Tier Drop Gym Leo Style 7462, a boat neck gymnastics competition leotard featuring asymmetrical style lines on bodice, cuff accents and scooped V back or GK's Classic Asymmetrical Comp Leo Style 7464, a classic neckline gymnastics competition leotard with color block styling, inset stripe look on upper bodice and back, and scoop back to create your own sparkle and shine!

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USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program Shines in New GK Leos and Warm Ups

The USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Team premiered new GK Leotards and Warm Ups at camp this past August.  The coaching staff also sported new Coaches Shirts from GK.  Connie Maloney, Women's J.O. Program Director, filled us in and sent along some pictures to share. 

"The J.O. National Team apparel looks wonderful, and the staff loves the shirts!
Thanks again for supporting our J.O. Team."

The Junior Olympians are ready for the season in their GK Leotard Style WL342 in Navy Mystique and Red Fusion Fabric with a glittering Clear Jewel USA logo on the chest. 


In between events, the Junior Olympians will sport team pride in GK Gymnastic Warm Ups.  Their custom GK Warm Up jackets are Sapphire and Red Hot DryTech fabric with "2011 JO National Team" embroidered on the left chest in white.  Take a look at GK Warm Up Jacket Style 1791 for a similar style that can be customized with colors, fabric and embellishments.  The matching GK Warm Up pant is GK Style 8250 in Sapphire DryTech. 


GK. Choice of Champions.

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The College Gymnastics Recruiting Process

Every year, thousands of gymnasts begin searching for a suitable collegiate gymnastics program. The recruiting process is a stressful and serious process that involves not only the gymnast, but also their parents and coaches. If a gymnast is serious about collegiate gymnastics and may be able to obtain a scholarship, the process must begin as early as their sophomore year in high school. Here are some basic steps to help in your search for the right collegiate program!
  • You can begin to contact colleges in your junior year of high school. Send the head coaches of all the schools you are interested in an e-mail to see if they are interested in you. Remember: coaches can not call you until July 1, after your junior year of high school.
  • Start preparing your recruiting video. This video should include routines from competitions and the new skills you are working on. Make sure to make it good because you want to make a great first impression on the coaches. Send your video to all of the schools you are interested in.
  • Along with your video, you should include a letter to the coaches. Include your name, graduation year, high school GPA, level of competition, your coach's names and phone numbers, the skills you perform on each event, any awards you have received, SAT or ACT scores, your intended college major, and any other interests of yours that will help you stand out in the crowd! Include a recent picture of yourself in competition as well.
  • Once you have received a response of the coach or coaches, visit the schools unofficially and attend their gymnastics meets. Unofficial visits are extremely important because they will help you get a feel for the school, gymnastics team and coaches. 
  • Once you become eligible for official visits, you must determine up to 5 schools you want to visit. The school will pay for all of your expenses on the trip. You will follow an itinerary during your trip, visiting practice facilities, apartments, academic support staff, and much more. What you learn and see on your official visits will help in your final decision of a college. 
  • You must register and be certified to the NCAA through the NCAA Clearinghouse. 
  • When making your final decision, you must put many things into consideration. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • Is my intended major available at this school?
    • Is the gymnastics program suitable for me?
    • Is it too close or too far away from home?
    • Are the campus and classes to big?
    • Are there different activities to do in surrounding areas of the campus?
DO NOT rush your final decision! Take the time to evaluate and make sure your final choice is the right choice for you!

Be sure to check out the 2011 GK Holiday Workout Essentials catalog! The holidays are coming up, so purchase holiday presents here at GK Elite Sportswear!

2011 GK Holiday Workout Essentials
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A Closer Look at the GK Styles on Display at the 2011 Visa Championships - Shawn Johnson

2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson from Chow's Gymnastics made a magnificent comeback at the 2011 Visa Championships proving she's still got it.  Shawn placed 4th on beam and 6th on bars.  Shawn's GK Leotard from finals was one of our favorite GK Custom Made Leotards.  

If you love Shawn's custom leo, take a look at GK Style 4860 Sporty Competitive Leotard.  Visit the GK Design Studio and choose any fabric and any color combination to design a GK Competitive Gymnastics Leotard for your very own custom look.  Be classic and fantastic with infinite choices in jewels, embroidery, sequinz or imprinting. 


GK.  Choice of Champions. 

Visit GK for all your gymnastic apparel needs including
toddler gymnastic leotards and a full line of mens gymnastics apparel.

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A Closer Look at the GK Styles on Display at the 2011 Visa Championships - Jordyn Wieber

After the 2011 Visa Championships in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we posted pics of the nation's most talented gymnasts competing for the top spot in the country in their GK Leotards. 47 out of 50 competitors wore GK!

In this series of posts, we'll take a closer look at some of the amazing GK Competition Leotards with links so you can shop now to find your own championship leo. 

Jordyn Wieber, All-Around National Champion, wore two amazing GK competitive leotards for the championships.

Weber pic
Here, Jordyn sports her GK Style 9544 Elegant Swirl Competitive Leotard in Purple Mystique.  Style 9544 is a classic neckline gymnastics competition leotard with a dazzling curling design across the bodice and back, available with optional jeweling along style lines and scoop back.

weber 2
Jordyn wore a stunning gold and white GK Leotard
for prelims.  If you like Jordyn's look of a sweetheart style bodice and V back, check out GK Style 7545 Classy Sweetheart Comp Leotard

Remember, with GK Gymnastic Competition Leotards, there are infinite possibilities - any style, any fabric, any combination!

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The Sport of Wheel Gymnastics

Even if this is the first time you've heard of it...get ready for the 10th World Championship of Wheel Gymnastics coming to Chicago in July, 2013.

Be on the look out for Wheel Gymnasts sporting GK Elite Gymnastic Leotards, Gymnastic Warm Ups and Gymnastic Accessories!

The wheels will roll into The Windy City as the sport continues its growing popularity here in the U.S., bringing with it a strong worldwide following.  To find out more about this up and coming sport, visit the official website of The USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation.

GK looks forward to outfitting Wheel Gymnasts with Gymnastic Apparel, Leotards, Warm Ups and Accessories with the same quality and precision as we've done for traditional artistic gymnasts at every level of competition. 

Wolfgang Bientzle, Director of Operations for the USA Wheel Gymnastics Federation and winner of 8 World Champion Titles, 11 European Champion Titles and more than 60 German Champion Titles in the sport, encourages all those he coaches to only wear GK - the Choice of Champions! 

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