Choosing a Gymnastics Program That Will Benefit Your Gymnast In The Future

If your child’s goal is to make it to the Elite level of gymnastics and even receive a full gymnastics college scholarship, choosing the BEST gymnastics program for your child is the first step to success. Putting your child in gymnastics requires family dedication and may involve tough family decisions. Families may have to make a sacrifice and decide to move out of state for their child to get the best gymnastics experience they can possibly get.

Here are helpful hints to choosing the BEST gymnastics program:

1. A top gymnastics program will have a coaching staff who has had many years of experience competing in the top levels of gymnastics and also coaching top gymnasts in the country.
2. A top coaching staff will have individual top accolades:
           A. Coach of the Year
           B. Olympic Coach
           C. Led gymnasts on to;
                1. Receive Full College Scholarships
                2. Become National Team Members
                3. Become Olympic Team Members
                4. Become World Championship Team Members.
3. A top program would have been voted top gymnastics facility in the area, state or even country.
4. A great facility will have top of the line equipment and will also have many different sets of each gymnastics event.
5. A program that offers Men’s gymnastics, Women’s gymnastics, Cheerleading and Special Olympic Programs.
6. A program that offers gymnastics to children age 1 and UP. Beginning in a program, and growing up in the same program is a huge benefit for a gymnast.
7. A program that offer dance lessons for gymnasts. Dance is an essential tool for all gymnasts.
8. The top programs will have a mission to provide boys and girls with the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of gymnastics while becoming part of a gymnastics family.
9. The program must be committed to helping a gymnast to be the best they can be.
10. A program that offers financial scholarships.

A program that has a competitive team who wears GK Elite Sportswear Custom Gymnastics Leotards and Apparel will always look the BEST!

Parkettes Custom GK LeotardsParkette Custom GK Warm-Ups

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GK Ladies' Unitards and Men's Competition Shirts and Pants Showcased at La Biennale di Venezia

GK Elite gymnastics apparel was featured this past month at the "Gloria" art exhibit at the 54th La Biennale di Venezia, a bi-annual gathering of artists in Venice which was organized by the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  The exhibit was created by Allora and Calzadilla and combines performance, sculpture, video, and sound elements.  The event exhibited U.S. male and female gymnasts, including 2007 U.S. All-Around Champion David Durante and 2008 Olympic silver medalist Chellsie Memmel, wearing GK Ladies' Unitards and men's Competition Shirts and Pants.

David Durante performs in GK competitive tank and pantsDavid Durante performs in GK competitive tank and pants

Male gymnasts such as David Durante showed off their quick movements and power in the Body in Flight (American) exhibition which used elite business class seats to imitate pommel horses.  For his routine, David wore a  GK Men's Competition Shirt style 1963 in red with white piping.  Click here to explore all of the competitive men's gymnastic apparel that GK has to offer.

When we asked David Durante about his thoughts on the Venice Biennale he remarked, "Being that the Venice Beinnale is the pinnacle of the contemporary art world, it is only fitting that GK came on board to provide the gymnastics uniforms for the performers of the Body in Flight pieces.  They make the best and most comfortable uniforms I've ever worn and wearing the USA across my chest again for this event brought me back to my competition days when I was a part of Team USA.  They went out of their way to provide a variety of unique styles for both the men and women that brought the whole American exhibit to another level."

Chellsie Memmel performs in GK competitive unitardChellsie Memmel performs in GK competitive unitard

Olympic medalist Chellsie Memmel and other elite female gymnasts performed in the Body in Flight (Delta) exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia wearing GK Ladies' Unitards.  An airline seat replica was created by the artists to represent a balance beam on which the gymnasts executed routines using their flexibility and fluidity.  Chellsie performed in the unitard version of the GK Symmetrical V Neck Competition Leotard style 9559, which is featured on the cover of the 2011-2012 Competitive Wear catalog as "Nastia Liukin's Leotard Choice".  Create your very own Special Order leotard like the one worn by Chellsie Memmel by clicking here.

Chellsie Memmel and David Durante perform in GK Apparel

Still want to learn more about La Biennale di Venezia?  Check out to explore the event and view pictures of the gymnasts performing in GK gymnastics apparel!

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GK Can Give You the Fit You Want Every Time

When you want the very best, you look for a reputation of excellence.  And with GK's legendary fit, the world's Elite gymnasts trust GK Gymnastics Apparel to perform.  That's one reason why more gyms around the world count on GK - Choice of Champions.

GK Shawn Johnson Competitive Leotard 7524 Gk offers sizing samples for women's competitive leotards, men's competitive wear, women's elite fitted warm-ups and unisex warm-ups.

GK Strongly suggests you take advantage of using our "Try Us On For Size" gymnastic apparel samples.  This will take the guesswork out of sizing and ensure the best possible fit for each athlete.  GK will guarantee the fit of a garment only if you have used our sizing samples.  GK suggests sizing your team no earlier than one month before placing your team order.  Remember, special orders are made to your specifications and are not returnable.

Please plan in advance and allow sufficient time for the sizing and ordering process. Please take note of the following production charts to help you with timing questions.

Estimated Production Time For Special Order
Additional Production Time

GK also offers a Fit Video that will demonstrate the proper way to size your team for their new gymnastic apparel.  The video illustrates the difference between sleek fit and growing room. Please request the Fit Video when you order your sizing samples for your very best in excellence gymnastic wear.

Shown to the right Shawn Johnson in GK's Stunning Scalloped Comp Leo.

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GK. Choice of Little Champions: Introducing GKids!

In the 2011 Back to School catalog, GK presents a new collection of gymnastics leotards created especially for the littlest gymnasts!  These special leotards are designed with little athletes in mind!  Kids and Moms can now choose from a variety of adorable, fun, and comfy gymnastics leotards which they are sure to love.  Each GKids leotard is made with supersoft, itch-free fabric, and they come in fun colors with select styles featuring one of a kind appliques!  Not only will kids love them, but moms will too because of the cute styling and reasonable prices! 
GKids LeotardsGKids pink polka and lime classic tank with back bow accent

One of our favorites is the children's classic tank leotard in lime, berry, and black with an adorable cupcake applique on the front.  Another leotard that we love is the children's pink polka and lime classic tank with a super cute back bow accent!  Your little gymnast is sure to shine in a GKids gymnastics leotards!

All GKids leotards are available online.  Click here to find your child's next GKids leotard!

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Universal Gymnastics in GK Leotards at WoodWard West

Check out Universal Gymnastics of Lake Havasu City, Arizona who recently attended WoodWard West Gymnastics Camp.  They look awesome in their GK Yellow Racerback Camp Leotard Style E1723 that they ordered to match WoodWard's logo colors!  This gymnastics workout leotard is also available in bright orange, aqua, candy pink, grape and lime.  Get yours today!  They are only available through August 15, 2011 while supplies last!

Universal Gymnastics at Woodward West
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Struggling with a decision to miss practice for summer family vacation?

The decision to miss practice for summer family vacation comes around every year. Most gymnasts decide to take that time to get away and spend a week or more with their family. Gymnastics is a year round sport, however most coaches, in almost any sport, would tell you that it's healthy to have some time away from daily practices.

Here are a few summer vacation tips to help gymnasts stay in tiptop gymnastics shape:

1. Every gymnast should first ask their coach and make sure that missing practice is acceptable.
2. A coach may want a gymnast to organize practice at a gymnastics facility close to where they will be vacationing. If available, take the opportunity to help yourself improve your gymnastics skills and return to your gym in topnotch shape.
3. If another gymnastics facility is not available, a gymnast can use the workout room in hotels and even on cruises. Keeping up with your cardio on cardio machines and also making use of the free weights will be in the best interest of a gymnast.
4. If a workout room is not available, you can simply condition yourself anywhere (in a house, in a hotel room or even on the beach).

Here are some exercises that do not need any machines or equipment:

·      Push-ups

·      Abdominal Exercises

·      Jump rope

·      Walking squats

·      Pull-ups

·      Running

·      Jogging in place

·      Toe-raises

·      Handstand Holds

Stretching is the most important exercise of all! If a gymnast does not stretch while being away from the sport for a while, injury can easily occur when returning back to gymnastics.

Make sure to show off and wear your GK Elite Gymnastics Apparel while vacationing!

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Why We Love the GK Design Studio!

Not sure exactly how your leotard creation will turn out?  With GK Elite's new Design Studio, you can be certain that you will absolutely love your gymnastics leotard before placing your order.  After you find your Special Order garment on, just click DESIGN IT to customize your team apparel.  Follow the step-by-step instructions to choose your team fabrics and colors, embellishments, options and alterations for your look.  Create, view and order the perfect team gymnastics garment every time!
GK Design Studio

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Check Out CEK Gymnastics!

If travelling to Europe, be certain to include a visit to our store in the Netherlands, CEK Gymnastics in Zwijndrecht!  There, you will find all your gymnastics essentials.  CEK Gymnastics is specialized in selling GK and adidas gymnastics apparel, including men's and women's competitive and workout leotards, tanks, and shorts, as well as gymnastics shoes, grips, magnesium, t-shirts, and track suits. 

CEK Gymnastics Shop
You can stop in anytime from Wednesday until Saturday between the hours of 9.30 and 17.00 and on Thursdays from 9.30 to 20.00 to buy all your essential gymnastics wear.  See you there!
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Mental Preparation For Those Balance Beam Nerves

Whether you’re just starting gymnastics or have been competing for years, balance beam nerves seem to never go away. Struggling with inconsistency, fear and anxiety are common issues gymnasts face when it comes to the balance beam. From my experience, I have learned some pointers to help subside beam nerves and have also learned how to mentally prepare before getting on the beam.

Here are some helpful hints for balance beam workers:

1.     No matter what your nervous or scared about, (such as attempting that new skill for the first time on the high beam) the balance beam will ALWAYS be just a tan line over a blue mat. The height of the beam does NOT matter!


2.     Before getting on the beam, you should always first do a practice skill/routine on a line on the floor. Doing more of each skill helps with consistency, and consistency helps suppress nerves.


3.     After practicing the skill/routine on the floor, a mental routine should be conducted in your head with your eyes closed. Picture yourself up on the beam doing your skill/routine with confidence and consistency from beginning to end!


4.     “Cues”- Each one of your skills should have a cue. A cue is a word or phrase that you say in your head before performing that skill each time. An example: If you have trouble doing a front tuck and landing with your chest down, you would say “Chest Up” to yourself every time before you perform that skill. This helps remind yourself to focus on that problem area, which is especially necessary during a beam routine with multiple skills. Don’t forget to use your “cues” when doing your mental routine in your head!


5.     “Beam center”- The beam center is considered your belly button. Always focus on pulling up through your stomach and keeping your beam center over the middle of the beam during skills/routines on the floor, mental routines and on the balance beam.

Most importantly, you need CONFIDENCE on balance beam. Without confidence in yourself you will get nowhere while learning new skills or perfecting them on the high beam.

Looking your best in GK Elite Custom Gymnastics Leotards will also help you feel confident and graceful while practicing and competing balance beam!

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We are GK. We are Gymnastics.

The most recognized and celebrated gymnasts continue to choose GK Elite to outfit them for their biggest gymnastics competitions.  They choose and trust GK because we make the very Nastia Liukinfinest gymnastics apparel on the planet and provide the very best service. 

GK does not merely manufacture Gymnastics Leotards, but has also become deeply involved in gymnastics at all levels.  GK Elite has sponsored more than two decades of Junior Olympians, as well as outfitting world champions such as Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson.  GK is fully embedded in the sport of gymnastics. 

"GK's commitment to excellence in the development and production of their apparel and their service to our athletes and clubs is their cornerstone.  This philosophy coupled with their innovative design is why GK is recognized as the premier apparel manufacturer, both nationally and internationally."

~ Kathy Kelly, USA Gymnastics Vice President Women's Program

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GK Supports Men's Gymnastics!

Through GK Elite's continuing support of men's gymnastics and commitment to quality, variety, and service, GK has all but taken over the world of men's gymnastic apparel.  GK has been committed to the men's gymnastic program from the very beginning and continues to support initiatives like USA Gymnastics' Junior Olympic program.  More than 5,000 Junior Olympian boys have competed in GK garments over the past couple of decades.  The wide variety of IN STOCK and Special Order Competitve Apparel and warm-up choices available make GK stand out from the crowd.  World Class Gymnast Jonathan Horton recognizes GK's commitment and chooses to compete in GK competitive wear.
Jonathan Horton
"The USA Men's Team is always appreciative of the outstanding uniforms that Elite provides for us.  Every year.  Elite produces the highest quality uniforms that are cutting edge in both design and performance.  Our athletes always have full confidence in their apparel when they are competing and representing the USA.  Elite's goals are synonymous with ours; to be the best at what we do!"

~ Kevin Mazeika, U.S. Men's National Team Coordinator

Be the best at what you do by checking out all of GK's gymnastic IN STOCK and Special Order apparel today!
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Lauren Mitchell Chooses GK

Lauren Mitchell is an Australian gymnast who has a long list of accomplishments under her belt.  Her perseverance and hard work ethic make her one of the most dedicated and determined gymnasts in the world. 
Lauren Mitchell chooses GK

She separates herself from other world class gymnasts and wins the admiration of fans and judges through her many innovative, complex, and challenging routines.  In 2009, she earned two silver medals at the World Championships on the beam and floor.  She truly made her mark in 2010 when she fought through a string of injuries to become the World Floor Champion. 

Lauren can be seen wearing a variety of GK Elite Special Order Leotards when she competes.  She trusts the brand who shares the same dedicated and hard working mentality.

Stand out from the crowd in the Choice of Champions, GK Elite Special Order Leotards!
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GK Elite Presents the "Color Your Leo" Contest

Now's your chance to win Four (4) All-Session VIP Tickets and four (4) Hospitality passes for the Visa Championships!   Color Your Own Custom Gymnastics Leotard or Tank & Shorts combo for your chance to win.

GK Elite Color Your LeotardThe Grand Prize also includes a custom replica of the winning gymnastics apparel made by GK Elite, your leotard featured at the GK Elite "Evolution of a Leotard" booth, an invitation to model your leotard at the GK Elite Fashion Show in Saint Paul, and your leotard design being featured in the 2011 Visa Championships program guide.

The contest deadline is Friday, July 22, 2011.  All coloring pages must be returned to USA Gymnastics by this date to be eligible for the contest.  There is no age limit.  Contest entries are limited to one per person.  The winner will be chosen by USA Gymnastics and GK Elite.  Click Here to download your coloring pages.

Return all pages to USA Gymnastics c/o Jackie Magnuson, 132 E Washington St, Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or email them to
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The Liukin Legend

GK is honored to be attached to the legendary Liukin name, which is highly recognized in the world of competitive gymnastics. 

Valeri & Nastia LiukinValeri Liukin began gymnastics at the age of seven and made his name famous in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, when he won two gold medals and two silver medals for the Soviet Union.  After moving his family to the United States, Valeri now co-owns three World Olympic Gymnastic Academy (WOGA) facilities and lives in Parker, Texas.  Valeri Liukin trusts none other than GK Elite to outfit his high caliber gymnasts who compete in his WOGA facilities.  He says, "GK has been the choice of all our champions."

His daughter, Nastia, followed in his footsteps, making her mark in competitive gymnastics.  The Olympic medalist and 2008 Olympic All Around Champion represents GK Elite as one of its endorsed athletes and designs her own signature collection of Nastia and SuperGirl workout leotards. 

"It's so important to have the confidence in your leotard, not only on the competitive floor, but in training.  Training is what gets you to the level of gymnastics that you are.  For 7 hours a day, 6 days a week, it's very important to feel comfortable and confident.  With GK leotards, I know that's never a problem."
- Nastia Liukin

Feel comfortable and confident in training and in competition by checking out Nastia Liukin's SuperGirl gymnastics leotards and apparel and the Nastia Liukin Collection.

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Elite Sportswear Announces Operations Management Changes

Elite Sportswear, L.P., the world’s largest manufacturer of gymnastics leotards and a leading provider of cheerleading uniforms, has announced the restructuring of the company’s Senior Management for Operations.

Don CascianoDonato Casciano has been hired as Executive Vice President of Operations.  Donato comes to Elite with 35 years of apparel manufacturing experience.  Most recently, he was the Director of Operations for Boathouse Sports, Inc., a niche manufacturer of rowing apparel.  Formerly the Director of Global Production for Under Armour, Donato’s leadership was integral to the company’s early stages of rapid growth.

In a series of related moves, Jeff Fields has been hired as the Production Manager of Cutting and Sewing.  Jeff brings 30 years of garment manufacturing experience to Elite, most recently with American Apparel in Los Angeles. There, he implemented quality control, auditing procedures and production lead times for on-time delivery within 22 facilities.

Nan Hurlburt was named to fill the newly-created position of Technical Design Director.  Nan comes to Elite with broad-based manufacturing and business experience from owning DesignWorks, a cheerleading and dancewear company in Massachusetts.

Mark Bowers, the new Quality Control Auditor, will oversee all quality processes including a beefed-up quality control department. Mark previously was Director of Quality Control at Ardmore Blouse in New York.

According to Dan Casciano, President and CEO, these changes will position Elite Sportswear for future growth in its gymnastic and cheerleading business units.  “The demand for our gymnastics products has been remarkable, given that we already are the market leader.” Casciano added, “We’re very excited to have these associates join our Elite family to help serve the gymnastics and cheerleading markets with greater innovation, quality and efficiency.”

GK-Elite Sportswear is the world’s leading supplier of gymnastics apparel and is recognized around the world for superior variety, quality, fit and service. Based in Reading, Pennsylvania, Elite Sportswear, L.P., the company behind the GK and adidas brands, continues its commitment to American-made quality and continuous innovation in designs for gymnastics leotards, cheerleading uniforms, and dance team apparel.

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GK Gymnastics Apparel to be Featured at La Biennale di Venezia

This June, GK Gymnastics Apparel will be featured in the “Gloria” art exhibit at the 54th La Biennale di Venezia, a bi-annual gathering of artists in Venice. GK competitive tanks and unitards will be worn by famous U.S. gymnasts and track & field athletes who will serve as living statues in the exhibit at the U.S. Pavilion. These athletes include Olympic gold medalist Dan O’Brien (Decathalon, 1996), Olympic silver medalist Chellsie Memmel (Women’s Gymnastics, 2008) and U.S. All-Around champion David Durante (Men’s Gymnastics, 2007.) 

La Biennale di Venezia


"USA Gymnastics is pleased to have the opportunity to work with an accomplished group of artists to internationally showcase the beauty and artistry of the sport of gymnastics," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "We are honored to partner with the Indianapolis Museum of Art and have the opportunity to be a part of this prestigious exhibit."


“Gloria” is the creation of Allora & Calzadilla, meant to combine performance, sculpture, video and sound elements. The works will draw on competitive enterprises such as the Olympic Games, international commerce, the military industrial complex and even the Biennale itself, to explore the concepts of competition and nationalism. The works playfully combine installation and performance art to create artistic experiments that explore the nature of physical, visual, and audible sensory experiences.


For more information about the exhibit or the event as a whole click here.

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Injured? How to work towards a successful comeback

Injuries can cause major setbacks in an athlete’s career, causing them to be a gymnast’s worst nightmare. I have experienced many different injuries, which resulted in 4 major surgeries during my 19 years in gymnastics. Learning that there are numerous steps an athlete MUST take in order to comeback successfully, I am going to share with you my insight on some of the important tips to help an injured gymnast comeback from an injury, stronger than ever.


1.     The term “RICE” is often referred to as one of the most important terms an athlete must abide by during an injury:

·       Rest- Resting an injury and not pushing yourself too soon to get back to hard pounding (tumbling) is an important key in the recovery process. Rest will also help in the prevention of other injuries.

·       Ice- Icing an injury will help with decreasing inflammation. The best method of icing is called ice massage. Freeze water in a cup, which will result in a block of ice. Massage the injured area for NO longer than 20 minutes with the ice block. Also, never apply an ice bag directly on the skin.

·       Compression- Compression will reduce swelling of the affected part of your body. I have found that ace bandages are the most effective way to compress an injury. Do NOT wrap an injury too tight. 

·       Elevation- Elevating an injury also helps to prevent swelling. Usually an injury should be elevated above your heart.


2.     Staying in good physical shape is another important aspect in successful comebacks.

·       If you have an injury to an upper body extremity, here are a few of the easiest ways to keep up with your cardio and strength:

o   Riding the stationary bike with your legs

o   Running on the treadmill

o   Lots of abdominal workouts

o   Depending on your age/level, weight training with the legs

o   Floor dance throughs with no upper body baring and sprinting the tumbling passes 3x

o   Dance throughs and turns on the low beam

·       If you have an injury to a lower body extremity, here are a few of the easiest ways to keep up with your cardio and strength:

o   Riding the stationary bike with only your arms

o   Any conditioning exercise that does not use your legs (i.e. pull-ups, rope climb, handstands etc.)

o   Lots of abdominal workouts

o   Depending on your age/level, weight training with the arms

o   Swinging on the strap bar (i.e. tap swings, giants, free hips etc.)

·       Water therapy is also an effective way to help keep up with your cardio while injured because there is no weight bearing involved:

o   Swimming laps

o   Treading water

o   Running in the water

3.     Physical rehabilitation is also extremely important in helping an athlete reach their fullest training potential again. Physical therapy can be done on your own or with a physical therapist. This will help you to reach 100% + before returning to full gymnastics training.

Every gymnast must take time to heal so they can get back to full practice and competition. This is necessary because everyone wants to be out there practicing and competing in their GK Elite Gymnastic Leotards and Apparel!

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Behind the Make It or Break It Leo: Spring Finale

Welcome to Behind the Make It or Break It Leo: A weekly spotlight on the GK Gymnastics Apparel worn in each of this season's Make It or Break It episodes.  Each week, you’ll get a sneak preview of one of the leotards worn in that night’s episode. 

Gymnastics Warm Up Jacket

© ABC Family

Tonight, Kaylie & Lauren will be wearing GK’s Special Order Warm Up Jacket Style 8771. 
The design of this gymnastics warm up jacket was inspired by the bold, graphic lines of the fun fashions from the 1960's -The red, "white" & blue colors are perfect for representing the USA, incorporated into a fresh looking design to give the team an all new look.  The smooth, flowing style lines of this jacket enhance the graceful motions of the gymnasts.  This style will be available for sale on the GK Website in mid-June. Shop other styles from this season on Make It or Break It here!

Do you have a favorite Make It or Break It leotard? Tell us about it below!


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Kim Zmeskal Still Chooses GK!

A few weeks ago, former Olympian Kim Zmeskal stopped by our booth at Level 9 Westerns, in San Diego. Kim is a 1992 Olympic bronze medalist and World Champion. She and her husband own Texas Dreams, in Coppell, Texas and host the Annual Texas Prime Gymnastics Meet. Kim looks to GK to provide custom leotards for her Legendz Classic. We thought she looked great under the sign, GK Elite Sportswear: Choice of Champions.... even former Champions!

Kim Zmeskal.  GK.  Choice of Champions.

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Eating Before A Long Practice and Healthy Break-Time Snacks


From my experience, I have learned that eating right before gymnastics practice does not allow a gymnast to reach their fullest practicing potential. Eating too close to a workout can cause indigestion. A gymnast will not be able to perform at their top level because the food will just be sitting in their stomach, making them feel lazy. Eating 1 to 3 hours prior to any gymnastic activity is the most accurate amount of time an athlete needs to fully digest their food. What are the best foods to eat prior to training? We all know that energy is one of the most essential factors all gymnasts need to make it through a long successful practice and that energy source is carbohydrates. Mixing in fiber or protein with the carbohydrates will give you additional energy. The amount of food intake is also very important. LARGE portions are a NO NO! A gymnast should eat enough food that will make them feel satisfied. It is important to not eat too much prior to a training session because that will make them feel uncomfortable and sluggish.

-Here are some foods that could provide a gymnast with a necessary amount of energy:

·       Carbohydrates

o   Whole-grain bread, pretzels, or crackers

o   Whole-grain pastas or brown rice

o   Cereal

·       Protein

o   Chicken, turkey, or tofu

·       Fiber

o   Apples, bananas, or oranges

o   Yogurt or low-fat cheeses

o   Carrots or cucumbers

-Here are some foods/ beverages a gymnast should avoid before practice:

·       High fat content foods will cause a gymnast to become sluggish and heavy feeling:

o   Bacon

o   Cheese

o   Sausage

o   Candy

 o    Granola bars

·       Caffeine can cause headaches and muscle tremors in gymnasts:

o   Soda

o   Coffee (Iced or regular) 

o   Tea


Staying hydrated is one of the most important things an athlete can do during practice. This means, keep the water flowing. Fruits are the best snacks a gymnast can eat during practice because they have high water content.

-Here are some of the healthiest fruits a gymnast can eat during break at practice:

·       Fruits

o   Apples, oranges, melons, or grapes

It is very important that athletes, especially gymnasts, follow a healthy eating regimen. Gymnasts should follow an appropriate diet to enable themselves to look their BEST in GK Elite gymnastic clothing and gymnastic leotards!!

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