Kim Zmeskal's Legendz Classic Texas Prime Meet Features GK Sublimated Leotards

The qualifying events for the Nastia Liukin Cup on February 28,2014 are almost complete. Looking back, we were excited to see the first American gymnastics World Champion, Kim Zmeskal-Burdette, enjoying herself alongside the first American gymnastics Olympic Champion, Mary Lou Retton, at the Legendz Classic Texas Prime Meet. The meet is hosted each year by Kim and her husband's, Chris Burdette, gym, Texas Dreams Gymnastics, in January. Kim Zmeskal-Burdette is a former Olympic gymnast and the first American gymnast to win an all-around gold medal in the World Championships. Today, she is an active USAG coach, and she has a lot of Olympic hopefuls for 2016 at her gym right now. As stated below,

Kim has chosen GK leotards throughout her career. She chooses nothing less for the Texas Dreams. "The Texas Prime Meet combines all of my favorite elements of competition as I moved up through the ranks of the sport of gymnastics.  GK Elite has always been a huge part of my own career, and having a long standing tradition of outfitting the best gymnasts, as they showcase the highest levels of gymnastics, of course I wanted them to represent us at my 'prime' competition.  Each year, the design of our Legendz leotard is unique, classy, and a wonderful keepsake for gymnasts to remember their special experience at the meet. This year, we chose GK's new sublimation leotards - we had creativity at our fingertips. The girls loved the fit and look and we can't wait to design again for next year.  I'm proud to support GK Elite."

The 2013 Legendz Classic leo is a round neck racer back tank leotard. GK uses the best "professionals' choice" Italian inks on all our Sublimated Designs to insure that any GK item, whether it be a women's gymnastics capri, a men's compression shirt, or a gym sling bag, is printed with intense colors, clear lines and less fading. The Legendz leo is a testament to this quality as it features a sublimated sweeping Columbia Blue starry sky design on a pure black background that is bright and beautiful. The Kim Zemskal Texas Prime Meet logo is also sublimated on this leo, however other options are available as well. See our Sublimation Form for additional selections in fabrics, colors, lazer or heat transfer jewels and sequinz.

Sublimated Leotards are an excellent choice for special events, such as the Legendz Classic, but we've also seen some awesome gym shorts and competition leotards as well. So the next time you see a design, picture or pattern that inspires you send it our way and we'll help you turn that inspiration into your team's next winning look.

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GK Visits Wendy Hillard Foundation in NYC

GK recently traveled to New York City to visit the Wendy Hillard Foundation, and we are so excited to share our commitment to the sport of gymnastics with others. We admire and support this organization whose mission is to provide opportunities to improve physical and emotional health through gymnastics and its associated disciplines.  Founded in 1996 by Wendy Hilliard, Hall of Fame rhythmic gymnasts- the Wendy Hilliard Foundation has provided free gymnastics classes, summer programs, competitive gymnastics teams and annual girls and women sports clinics. Initial funding was through the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development and the US Olympic Committee. Current funding includes; public funding, private and corporate grants and individual donors.

Located in Harlem, NYC the Wendy Hilliard Foundation has served over 15,000 inner city youth. This unique development organization has trained elite level athletes as well as national and international event champions.   Wendy’s Broadway background has served beneficially for the organization’s performance training, with many trained athletes going onto Broadway and other national and international performances. Wendy was featured in People Magazine and the New York Times, highlighting this non-profit organization. She continues to make partnerships with youth serving organizations such as the Dance Theater of Harlem and the Police Athletic League. Since 2010, the WHF began a partnership with the Harlem Children’s Zone “HCZ”. This partnership provides free gymnastics for over 350 HCZ students each week. The HCZ Armory is the home of the WHF competitive teams which includes over 30 HCZ students. HCZ through the WHF also provides free Parent and me and adult gymnastics classes for the community. She now has added focus in health, nutrition, pregnancy prevention and sports medicine partnering with the NYC top hospitals the Women’s Sports Medicine Center and Premier Physical Therapy and Wellness. In 2004 the organization added programs aimed at reinforcing literacy, dedication to school work and health through Literacy Inc.

Wendy Hillard was the first African-American to represent the U.S. in rhythmic gymnastics, Her main goal was to create a program that provided an opportunity for more minorities to experience the sport she was so passionate about. The Wendy Hilliard Foundation has established an incredible track record of providing quality training for people of all ages and abilities in gymnastics. Hillard's nine time national team membership was a record breaker as she served twice as the National Team Captain. Later she became the US National Team Coach and went on to train 1996 Olympian, Aliane Baquerot.  In 2008 she was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame. Wendy is pictured on the left with our Executive Vice President of Design & Corporate Relations, Kelly McKeown. Kelly was excited to meet some of the dedicated gymnasts of the Wendy Hillard Foundation shown below. The Wendy Hillard Foundation will be hosting the Harlem Gymnastics Invitational coming up, February 22 & 23, 2014.

The Wendy Hillard Foundation chose our in stock competitive gymnastics apparel to outfit their athletes.  The female gymnasts will be wearing our 3/4 sleeve Purple Mystique Gymnastics Leotard 3457 with a custom Silver Hologram Sequinz design, shown on the left.  The male gymnasts will be outfitted in a Black, Gray, and White Nylon/Spandex custom competition shirt with our Men's Gymnastics Long Shorts 1818M in Black Nylon/Spandex featuring a custom purple embroidery logo shown below.

 If you love Wendy Hillard Foundation's women's gymnastics leotard design, shop out entire In Stock Long Sleeve Leotard Collection today and you can customize a look of your own. For a custom look in both men's and women's gymnastics apparel, check out our Design Studio for a brand new one of a kind style.

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Outfit Your Future Heartbreaker in New GKids Designs!

With the new school year approaching, you'll need to give your little gymnast a fresh look!  GKids for 2013 Back To School is designed specifically for little gymnasts.  Each style is made with our super soft, no itch fabrics and still maintains GK's superior fit.  GKids offers little leos that are as adorable as the gymnasts wearing them and they won't break the bank with their reasonable prices!  Now, take a peek at our adorable Gradient Hearts GKids Leos that are new for 2013...

You're little girl will be the cutest pick of the patch in the GK Blueberry Gradient Hearts GKids Leotard (Style E2325), above to the left.  This children's classic neckline and scoop back leotard is absolutely adorable with its Blueberry Nylon/Spandex fabric and fun, wrap-around, contrasting Gradient Hearts Poly/Spandex print insert.

You'll give your little gymnast lots of love with the GK Gradient Hearts GKids Workout Leo (Style E2324), above and center.  Covered in love with its Gradient Hearts Poly/Spandex print, this children's tank leotard features fun bodice details in Blueberry Nylon/Spandex and accent style lines in Neon Lime Nylon/Spandex.  It has a classic neckline and scoop back.

For a slightly different, but still adorable, look, we offer the GK Gradient Hearts GKids Biketard (Style E2326), above to the right.  This children's biketard in Blueberry Nylon/Spandex has a Gradient Hearts Poly/Spandex print upper body and an adorable back bow detail.

Gear up for the new year and shop all of the Back To School GKids Collection today!

GK.  Choice of Champions.


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GK Talks One-on-One with Aly

We are so excited to have been able to track down and spend a few minutes with GK Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Alexandra Raisman even with her hectic schedule! Up close and personal, Aly shares some of her recent real life experiences with us!

GK: What is the biggest lesson learned from your season with Dancing with the Stars?

AR: I learned so much from being on the show. It gave me so much confidence. It was so amazing to go out there every single week and try something out of my comfort zone. It was definitely hard, nerve racking, and stressful because I knew that about 15 million people were watching each week so I wanted to do a good job. I worked really hard and believed in myself. I think when competing and performing half the battle is confidence!

GK: Do you keep in touch with the other contestants and your partner?

AR: Yes! I do keep in touch with mostly everyone! Everyone is really busy which is awesome! I'm so happy for Zendaya because she is starting her new album. I can't wait to hear it. Kelli is busy on tour, and I'm hoping to go to one of her shows! I'm definitely a Pats fan but I will be cheering for Jacoby this season, too. He is like my older brother! Mark is also busy working on his music career. I'm so happy for him.

GK: How did those relationships grow as you got to know each other?

AR: We spent literally every second together for three months. We all know each other so well.

GK: If you could do it all again, what would you do different?

AR: I don't like to think that way. I have no regrets. I had a blast, and that's what is the most important to me.

GK: What are you up to now that you have some free time?

AR: I am traveling a bunch! I have been doing Pandora Jewelry appearances which are always fun. I love dressing up and picking out jewelry to dress up the outfit. I always like to be over dressed rather than underdressed. I've gone to a lot of events this year which has been fun for me because I love fashion. It's fun to put outfits together!

GK: Are you enjoying any hobbies?

AR: I love shopping!! What girl doesn't? I have been having a great summer hanging out with my friends and family.

GK: Now that you are back to work and helping out with gymnastics camps, what is your biggest challenge with juggling your time?

AR: This whole year has been crazy! So much fun, but very busy. Sometimes I feel like I don't have enough "me" time. I wouldn't trade this life for anything but I appreciate time with family and friends so much because I am always traveling.

GK: What is your best advice to other gymnasts on how to remain positive and focused through training hardships?

AR: Believe in yourself. It's not always fun or easy. It's actually never easy. Gymnastics is the greatest sport ever and the most challenging. It's important to remember everyone has bad days. We're only human!

GK: How do you handle being an idol for many aspiring athletes?

AR: It's amazing! Such an honor. I always try to be myself no matter what.

GK: Are you ready to start training again? Have you begun your own workout regimen to get back in the swing?

AR: Yes, I'm so excited to begin training again! I've missed it. I'll probably start in August.


Aly has inspired her own designs in gymnastics leotards! Shop our Aly Raisman Collection today and see the latest her summer styles.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Top Level 10 Gymnasts Compete in GK Style at the 2013 Junior Olympic National Championships

Hundreds of the nation's top Level 10 gymnasts competed in the 2013 Women's U.S. Junior Olympic National Championships, May 10-11, at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  As usual, GK Elite set the stage for competition by outfitting the gymnasts from top to bottom in gorgeous training tanks, long sleeve competitive leotards and warm ups.  Kim Riley, USA Gymnastics Women's Program Director of Athlete and Coaching Programs, loved GK's leotards.  "The girls looked great in their leotards!" said Riley.



Every region gave each gymnast a GK V-Neck Tank Leotard (Style WL355) in Black Nylon/Spandex with a sleek mystique accent and adorned with a silver hologram sequinz number to identify their region.  For competition, gymnasts wore GK's Athletic V-Neck Competition Leotard (Style 4871) in Black Nylon/Spandex, as shown below.  Depending on the gymnast's region, their leotard was complemented with a colorful Mystique fabric and their region sparkled down the right sleeve in Silver Hologram Sequinz.  The leotard featured below makes a statement in its Grape Mystique and Silver Mystique fabrics.  Each Level 10 gymnast's look was completed with a GK Elite Form Fit Team Coordinate Jacket (Style L662N) made with comfortable Cotton/Poly Super Soft Needle Text Fabric with white imprinting and a pair of Form Fit Team Coordinate Pants (Style L663N).


This year, GK even outfitted the meet volunteers.  "I really appreciate that GK Elite outfitted the army of volunteers here at the meet, said Riley.  "It made them so easy to find when we needed something."

Love all of the gymnastics gear GK provided the Level 10 gymnasts at the 2013 Junior Olympic Nationals?  Click here to explore all of GK Elite's gymnastics wear.

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GK Sponsors USA Gymnastics T&T JumpStart Program

As part of its ongoing support of the sport of gymnastics, GK supplied the participants of USA Gymnastics T&T JumpStart program with gymnastics apparel for their January 12-13th camp at the Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, Texas.  The JumpStart Program "identifies future elite athletes at a young age and educates their coaches on proper fitness and skill development. The fitness program is designed for all trampoline and tumbling athletes." ("T&T Jumpstart Program Overview." USA Gymnastics, n.d., Web. 12 March 2013.)

GK was happy to supply apparel for these young athletes and their smiles are thanks enough!  The girls of the JumpStart program received a GK tank gymnastics leotard with a custom embroidered JumpStart logo on the front.  For warm ups, the girls look great in GK's Fitted DryTech Team Warm-Up SWU01 in Black DryTech, White DryTech, and Red DryTech & coordinating Fitted DryTech Warm-Up Pants SWU02 in Black DryTech.  For the boys, GK supplied Men's Basic Competition Shirt 1838M in red with custom embroidered JumpStart logo to be worn with either Men's In Stock Competition Pants 1846M in white or Men's Gymnastics Straight Leg Stock Shorts 1817M, in red.  The boy's warm up jacket is GK's Relaxed Fit Team Warm-Up Jacket 1797 paired with Men's Relaxed Fit DryTech Pant 1792 in Black DryTech. 

To see some great photos of the kids at camp - click here.  Do you have a camp, meet, or team to outfit?  Check out GK's In Stock Catalog which offers a large variety of gymnastics leotards and apparel for teams & pro shops.  Our workout tank leotards are available for an entire year and with over 70 styles, you are sure to find your perfect workout tank with no worries about availability to fill in throughout the year.  In Stock apparel routinely ships in just three business days.

GK. Choice of Champions.



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Cheraw Gymchamps Choose GK for Competition

The Cheraw Gymchamps Gymnastics Team is part of the Cheraw Gymnastics Program in Cheraw, South Carolina.  Approximately 60 senior and junior team members make up the team which competes all over South Carolina.  The Gymchamps recently debuted their new GK gymnastics leotards for competition.  Vicki Walker, Cheraw Gymnastics Head Coach & Director, said, "Cheraw Gymnastics proudly chose to use GK again for our competitive gymnastics attire because of the great customer service and competitive pricing! I was looking for a new team leotard over the summer and met GK Gymnastics Sales Representative, Amanda Banks, at the Region 8 Congress in Nashville. She was so patient with me as I changed my mind almost every day on the leotard colors. Even when I returned home, she helped me every step of the way as we designed the leotard, sized my team, and placed our order. She even helped me get dealer status so that I could order the same design in a sleeveless leotard for my junior team at the dealer price! When the girls saw the new leotards for the first time, their response was priceless! I can honestly say that I have a very happy Junior and Senior team! We recently debuted our new leotards in competition and we got wonderful comments from coaches, judges, and parents! I tried two other companies before GK and I can honestly say that GK provides the best customer service and their Sales Reps are top notch! I am thankful to have GK and Amanda Banks outfitting my Gym Champs team!"
For the Senior Team, Cheraw's chose GK's Asymmetrical Flame Competition Gymnastics Leotard 7546, an asymmetrical competitive gymnastics leotard featuring two-tone design, off-set back, and a unique binding strap on the right shoulder.  For fabrics, Cheraw chose Black Mystique, Blue Raspberry Mystique, and Vinca Mystique.  Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS were added to the binding strap and body appliques.  The same fabrics were then used to create a custom tank gymnastics leotard for the Junior Team.  The tank leo design echoes the style of the long sleeve competition leotard with an asymmetrical neck, binding strap, and body appliques. 

Do you have a multi-level team that you need to outfit for competition season?  Check out GK's Special Order competitive leotards styles here.  Another option to check out is the In Stock Competitive Collection.  Need some help?  Find your local GK Sales Representative here and they will be happy to walk you through the process.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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GK Leotards are Tops at TOPs Camp

USAG's Talent Opportunity Program (TOPs), is a talent search & educational program for female gymnasts ages 7-10 and their coaches. The pinnacle of the TOPs gymnastics program each year is the National TOP Training Camp held at the Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, Texas each December.  GK is proud to outfit the hard working young gymnasts who attend the TOPs camp each year.

This year, the TOPs workout leotard is GK's basic tank gymnastics leotard in a bold Red nylon/spandex. The TOPs girls get some sparkle, not only from their awesome skills, but also from the custom Royal & Silver sequinz TOPs logo on the front chest of their leotard. Their wonderful smiles are the perfect accessory! 

Check out GK's In Stock Basic Gymnastics Leotards in Mystique, Velvet, and Nylon/Spandex.

Shop all of the GK Tank Leotards here.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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USA Gymnastics T&T Campers Sport GK Apparel

USA Gymnastics' Trampoline and Tumbling (T&T) Olympic Development Program (ODP) is a bridge between the Junior Olympic and Junior Elite levels. The program provides a training camp, coaches' education, and an ODP team named based on ranking from the ODP Divisions at three competitions. At their recent International Exchange Camp, the athletes trained in IN STOCK women's gymnastics leotards and boy's gymnastics shirts and pants from GK.

The girls are wearing GK's Asymmetrical Curved Tank Gymnastics Leotard 3665 from the IN STOCK catalog, which is a classic tank gymnastics leotard in rich royal mystique and silver mystique with clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

The boys are wearing GK's Boy's Basic Competition Shirt 1838M in royal with coordinating Boys' Gymnastics Competition Pants 1846 or Boy's Gymnastics Straight Leg Shorts 1817

GK's IN STOCK catalog for Women's and Men's Gymnastics Apparel offers everything you need to outfit your team, or your whole gym.  Find your local GK Sales Representative here if you need some help in narrowing down your choices. 

GK. Choice of Champions.

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The Liukin Legend

GK is honored to be attached to the legendary Liukin name, which is highly recognized in the world of competitive gymnastics. 

Valeri & Nastia LiukinValeri Liukin began gymnastics at the age of seven and made his name famous in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, when he won two gold medals and two silver medals for the Soviet Union.  After moving his family to the United States, Valeri now co-owns three World Olympic Gymnastic Academy (WOGA) facilities and lives in Parker, Texas.  Valeri Liukin trusts none other than GK Elite to outfit his high caliber gymnasts who compete in his WOGA facilities.  He says, "GK has been the choice of all our champions."

His daughter, Nastia, followed in his footsteps, making her mark in competitive gymnastics.  The Olympic medalist and 2008 Olympic All Around Champion represents GK Elite as one of its endorsed athletes and designs her own signature collection of Nastia and SuperGirl workout leotards. 

"It's so important to have the confidence in your leotard, not only on the competitive floor, but in training.  Training is what gets you to the level of gymnastics that you are.  For 7 hours a day, 6 days a week, it's very important to feel comfortable and confident.  With GK leotards, I know that's never a problem."
- Nastia Liukin

Feel comfortable and confident in training and in competition by checking out Nastia Liukin's SuperGirl gymnastics leotards and apparel and the Nastia Liukin Collection.

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As seen in the December 2010 Issue of Inside Gymnastics Magazine


by Susan Williams, Inside Gymnastics


IN FEBRUARY, ONE OF THE FACES MOST FAMILIAR TO GYMNASTICS INSIDERS, GK-ELITE CEO SALLIE WEAVER, HUNG UP HER LEOTARDS (AND TAPE MEASURE) FOR THE LAST TIME, RETIRING AFTER 29 YEARS AT THE HELM OF THE WORLDWIDE ORGANIZATION (SHE REMAINS ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS). Weaver, a former fitness club owner, took over the company formerly known as GymKin, and in her tenure did everything from global marketing to personal fittings with the sport’s biggest stars. 


Dan Casciano and Sallie WeaverCarter Cheskey, along with business partner Dan Casciano, now take care of the business of running GK. Cheskey, whose official title is Executive Vice President, and Casciano, GK’s CEO, are in charge of corporate strategy, expansion and innovation. Kelly McKeown, who worked closely with Weaver over the past five years, is GK’s new Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations and Vice President of Design, positions created especially for her. “She’s our primary face when it comes to key relationships, key clients,” says Cheskey. “She’s the one working with the U.S. National Team.”


Inside got the lowdown on GK’s future from Cheskey (pictured far right in the group photo), who had just returned from the World Championships, where GK-Elite outfitted teams from Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Israel, the Czech Republic, Greece and Mexico, as well as athletes from eight other Latin American countries.


Dan Casciano, Kelly McKeown and Carter Cheskey with the Liukin'sWhat can we expect from GK in the future?

We want to continue on the path that Sallie had the company on, continue our global expansion. In early 2009 we signed a global licensing agreement with Adidas. We’ve worked with Adidas before on the U.S. level, but now every Adidas leotard in the world is produced here, and marketed by us… Our own GK brand is growing significantly overseas as well. We are now up to 24 international distributors and we add about one or two a year. Right now we primarily serve Europe and Australia, but we are also seeing growth in AsiaJapan and China — and throughout South America.


When we took the company over we were in track and field, we were in skating, and we pulled back from those markets to really focus on gymnastics. One thing we have launched in the last two years is a line for cheerleading, All-Star cheer specifically, which is very complimentary to our gymnastics line. We’ve been able to do a lot of innovating there in terms of stretch fabrics, taking what we knew from gymnastics and applying it to All-Star cheer, really revolutionizing that design. When we looked at our customer base, a good portion of gym customers also offer, or are considering, All-Star cheer in their gym, so it was a very natural fit, with so many former gymnasts doing cheer, and vice versa.


One of the other things we’ve done is really stepped up our product with increased R&D efforts. We are continually looking for new and better fabrics and better construction techniques. We did a major overhaul last year of styles … that have been really well received.


Fashion Show GK LeotardWhere does the design inspiration come from? Is it fashion-focused or more dictated by your customers, the gymnasts?

We get our design inspiration from the fashion world in general, and from the sports apparel world outside gymnastics… In terms of designing leotards for the [U.S.] National Team, I know Martha (Karolyi) and Kathy (Kelley) have been very astute at making the U.S. team look good, but I know the gymnasts also have influence.


How do the leotards you create for the U.S. National Team fit into the rest of the line?

We sell over a million garments a year, in hundreds of styles. I think our National Team apparel gives our company exposure. There is definitely a factor where [other] gymnasts want to wear what the top athletes are wearing… And in the case of Nastia (Liukin) and Shawn (Johnson) they each have their own signature lines, that they create themselves, exclusively for GK. Also, [British World Champion] Beth Tweddle has her own dedicated line, exclusively for our European market. And Jon Horton endorses our male line. Our tag line is, ‘Choice of Champions,’ and I think that shows in who wants to endorse our line.


What makes your product so ubiquitous?

What the company was built on, and what is really our secret recipe, is our fit. We actually have a propriety fit formula that none of our competitors have. In gymnastics, you can’t afford to have a wardrobe malfunction…In a given competitive season we outfit thousands of gymnasts, and we’ve got hundreds of styles, because no one wants to look like every other girl in the gym. Then, I think, our dedication to the customer stands out. Obviously, we’re not perfect, no matter how hard we try, but when we make mistakes we do whatever is in our power to make it right.


Having been with the company since 2007, but not coming from a gymnastics background yourself, what have you found most exciting about the sport? What’s your best moment so far?

It’s a niche market and it’s a pretty small industry, so you get to know the people, and that’s probably the best part of it. But I’d have to say that watching Nastia win the all-around gold, watching Shawn win the gold on beam, at the Olympic Games in Beijing, was the most exciting moment. I was so nervous for them, wanting them to win, that I couldn’t watch. It was so intense; I can’t even imagine what it’s like for their coaches and parents. Watching all our athletes — Jon, too, getting the silver on high bar — in Beijing, was without a doubt the best moment so far.

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Scrunchies To Match Your Leotards

As a sportswoman for your team, you realize the important the affect each and every part of your gymnastics apparel can have on your overall “sporty” appearance. Having hair hanging around your face is something you can do without. We’ve got the perfect scrunchies to help keep hair out of your face and yet help you look awesome as you flip and turn in your leotard.


For most stock leotards carried by GK,  a matching or coordinating Hair Scrunchie is included. ScrunchiesBut for girls who want to accessorize and mix it up, GK has all the air scrunchies you need.

We’ve got scrunchies in all colors and styles that would match any elite leotard. Made in  plain nylon/spandex and all of the many stock fabrics in the GK line, these scrunchies are the ultimate in “hair management”. They range in price from $2.95 to $5.95 and you can be sure that there’ll be scrunchies that will make you go “that’s the one for me!”

Here are the scrunchies we have for you…take your pick:

  • GK 15 – Classic Nylon/Spandex Scrunchie
  • GK 60 – Deluxe Nylon/Spandex Scrunchie
  • GK 26 - Classic Nylon/Spandex w/Foil
  • GK 70 - Deluxe Nylon/Spandex w/ Foil
  • GK 29 - Classic Hologram Scrunchie
  • GK 66 – Deluxe Hologram Scrunchie
  • GK62 - Deluxe Velvet Scrunchie
  • GK30 - Classic Velvet Scrunchie

Are you interested in ordering some scrunchies from us? CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW! or phone us at 1-800-345-4087.

Do you have some of our scrunchies?  Tell us how they compliment your outfit by submitting your leotard story by including a photo of yourself.

Do you have any questions or comments regarding our girls gymnastics wear we have? Ask away using the comment box below or please feel free to check us out on Facebook.

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Hoppy Easter - With Leotards and Apparel from GK


Easter Leotards from GK
Leotards make great gifts for all occasions. We have put together a fun group of Gymnastics Leotards for Easter from our Spring and Value Tank Leotards Collections. These cool girls gymnastics leotards make great tumbling clothes for the gym. See the matching Doll Leotard as well.

GK leotards can be paired with GK Gymnastics Shorts to complete the outfit. And we offer shorts in a variety of colors to mix and match.
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Get Green For St. Patrick's Day with Green Leotards

Nastia in a Green LeotardAre you Irish? GK has a GREAT SELECTION of Green Leotards to show your St Patrick's Day Spirit. Does your gym celebrate the holiday? Have some fun and don't get pinched when you wear a sprightly green leotard from GK.

This fun seasonal mix features 14 different Gymnastic Leotards for girls from GK's Team Apparel, Spring Gymnastics Leotards and Value Tank Collections. Add gymnastics shorts for a complete girls gymnastics outfit. Check them out Now!

Shop GK's Green Leotards
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GK Rep Spreads Gymnastics In Africa

GK Sales Rep June Blackman, from the Texas/ Oklahoma / Arkansas Territory, has a passion for Gymnastics and Dance. June is presently on a tour in Africa to teach  Dance and Gymnastics. She sent us some photos and will be giving us a full account of her trip - with more pics - when she returns

Girls in GK Holiday Leos

Senna & Sela wearing GK Girls Gymnastics Outfits - leotards from the 2009 Holiday Gymnastics Leotards Collection - Donated by GK and June Blackman

June Teaching Strech drills

June teaching Drills on the Beach.

Stay tuned for more!
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15 Days Until Christmas - Gymnastics T-Shirts Make Great Gifts

15 Days Until Christmas

Still looking for that perfect gift to put under the Christmas Tree? GK has clothing and apparel for gymnasts. T-Shirts and Matching Shorts for Girls. Fashion Tank tops. Cute Gymnastics Outfits. 2 Gymnastics T Shirts for Boys.

ALL UNDER $20!!!!

Gymnastics Outfits

Gymnastics Outfits

Assorted Gymnastics T-Shirts

Gymnastics T-Shirts for Guys and Girls

Gymnastics Shorts

Gymnastics Shorts

If you are ordering for Delivery by Christmas, be sure to put "XMAS Delivery" in the Comments box at Checkout.  Orders over $75 receive Free Shipping!
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38 Days Until Christmas - Kids Gymnastics Leotards

38 Days Until Christmas

E1386 Monkey LeotardThe Holidays are a time for fun with the kids. GK offers a great variety of kid-friendly designs.

E1386 - Monkey Applique Leotard

This Kids Only leotard is made from super soft Matt Tricot spandex fabric in Berry, Pink and Brown. The leo is adorned with an adorable Gym Monkey applique patch on the front.

Child Price: $ 33.95
Adult Price: $ 35.95*

This Monkey Leotard is from Collection 4 of GK's Fall Workout Leotards Catalog. It comes with a matching Hair Scrunchie to complete her gymnastics outfit.

Monkey AppliqueAll GK leotards are available in Children's sizes, to outfit gymnasts in all sizes. See the website for a full selection of girls gymnastics clothing.

*Adult pricing is for the AXS and AS sizes. This style is not offered in sizes any larger than AS
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Nastia Liukin Featured in 27 issues of International Gymnast Magazine

International Gymnast magazine follows the news that surrounds our sport around the International Gymnast MagazineWorld. Nastia Liukin is definitely one of the hottest forces that the Gymnastics world has seen in years. They have been following her life for a long time. In fact - she has been features in articles 27 times since 2002. 

The latest issue of International Gymnast Magazine  features Mens Olympic Champion Raj Bavsar on the cover - wearing his Team USA adidas Leotards and Shorts - pictured right.

The issues featuring Nastia were outlined in an article that was posted online.  read it here:

International Gymnast Magazine - Nastia Liukin article 

This article is an interview with Nastia from the CoverGirl Classic last weekend in Des  Moines, IA. She talks about her plans for the future in Gymnastics and preparing for the upcoming Visa Championships.

Nastia Liukin is featured in the following issues of International Gymnast magazine:

June 2009: Liukin interview

December 2008: "Nastia's Dream Comes True" (Kids Klub feature)

November 2008: "Thought Process" (Liukin interview); "Following Nastia & Shawn" (photo gallery); "10 Questions with Anna and Valeri Liukin"

October 2008: Olympic Games special issue; Liukin on cover; Liukin center poster

September 2008: Liukin on cover collage, Olympic preview

July/August 2008: U.S. Championships coverage, U.S. Olympic Trials coverage

June 2008: "10 Questions with Nastia Liukin"

May 2008: Pacific Rim Championships coverage

April 2008: Liukin on cover, American Cup coverage

December 2007: "View from the Top" photo gallery, includes Liukin center poster

November 2007: "A Champion's Resurgence" - Liukin feature

October 2007: World Championships special issue, Liukin and team on cover

September 2007: U.S. championships coverage, 2007 World preview photo gallery, includes Liukin

December 2006: World Championships special issue

October 2006: U.S. Championships coverage

June 2006: Pacific Alliance Championships coverage

May 2006: American Cup photo gallery

April 2006: American Cup coverage

January/February 2006: cover photo, 2005 World Championships special issue

October 2005: cover photo, center poster, U.S. Championships coverage

June/July 2005: Valery Liukin Hall of Fame induction feature

April 2005: cover photo, American Cup coverage

August/September 2005: U.S. Championships coverage

June/July 2004: Pacific Alliance Championships coverage

August/September 2003: U.S. Championships coverage

June/July 2003: cover photo

November 2002: "An Unstoppable Force" (profile) 

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What GK Customers are Saying - Rita Brown - Browns Gymnastics

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Rita Brown

Brown's Gymnastics Training Centers CEO
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Cal State Fullerton Gymnastics Needs Help to Continue Program

as reported on USA-Gymnastics website

Last Friday, USA Gymnastics launched a fundraising effort with the gymnastics coaches at Cal State FullertonCal State Fullerton to support the school's continued involvement in women's gymnastics. The response has been very positive, and nearly $25,000 has been promised thus far toward Cal State Fullerton's goal of $50,000-$100,000.

If you have not already done so, please consider making a pledge to support the Cal State Fullerton women's gymnastics program. Making a pledge is just a click away -

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All donations will be fully tax-deductible and used solely for the Cal State-Fullerton program. Once we know more, we will follow up regarding the activation of your pledged donation.

Thanks to those who have already committed to support Cal State Fullerton. We are demonstrating that working together does accomplish big things.

About Cal State Fullerton Women’s Gymnastics:

Nickname: Titans
Conference: Western Athletic Conference
Head Coach: Jill Hicks

  • 1979 NCAA national champions, under the leadership of Lynn Rogers
  • 13 trips to the NCAA nationals
  • 25 regional appearances; 18 gymnasts for 66 All-American awards

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- Jill Hicks
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Cal State Fullerton

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