37 Days Until Christmas - Gymnastics Leotards for Kids

37 Days Until ChristmasFerociuos Cat Print Leotard

E1389 - Furocious Pink Cat Print  Leotard

This wild new paw print pink Foil print fabric is beautifully accented with our antique gold Velvet (dark brown velvet with gold flakes) and Pink mystique.  A matching hair scrunchie is included.

This Leotard is part of GK's Fall/Winter Workout Essentials catalog. What's great about this leo is that is can be combined with other coordinating items in the same collection, including:

Micro Mini Gymnastics shortE1376 Furocious Micro-Mini Gymnastics Shorts

These nylon spandex gymnastics shorts are made with the same Furocious paw print fabric as the Leotard

N411 Furocious Doll LeotardDoll Leotard

You  can match your favorite doll with this Doll leotard. The mini leo will fit most 7" to 10" dolls.

These items make great kids gymnastics clothes and are available online at our website or at gymnastics leotard stores and proshops nationwide.
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38 Days Until Christmas - Kids Gymnastics Leotards

38 Days Until Christmas

E1386 Monkey LeotardThe Holidays are a time for fun with the kids. GK offers a great variety of kid-friendly designs.

E1386 - Monkey Applique Leotard

This Kids Only leotard is made from super soft Matt Tricot spandex fabric in Berry, Pink and Brown. The leo is adorned with an adorable Gym Monkey applique patch on the front.

Child Price: $ 33.95
Adult Price: $ 35.95*

This Monkey Leotard is from Collection 4 of GK's Fall Workout Leotards Catalog. It comes with a matching Hair Scrunchie to complete her gymnastics outfit.

Monkey AppliqueAll GK leotards are available in Children's sizes, to outfit gymnasts in all sizes. See the website for a full selection of girls gymnastics clothing.

*Adult pricing is for the AXS and AS sizes. This style is not offered in sizes any larger than AS
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GK Going Green - Reducing Polybags

Its Time to Unwrap Our Newest Environmental Initiative

Like many environmentally-conscious companies, we're always looking for ways to "Go GK Recycles PolybagsGreen." As a result, we're beginning to phase out the automatic use of polybags on all GK Stock garments. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this was also a suggestion to us from some of our Gyms, who commented on all the bags they had to throw out when they received a stocking orders when they displayed the leotards on racks.

Up until this summer, every Leotard, Gymnastics Short, pant, warm ups suit, etc, was stored in our warehouse and shipped with a polybag - You know, one of those bags you get from the dry cleaners. They are great for keeping the dust off of clothing, but what do you do with them when you want to wear the leo?  Mostly it is in the trash.

To Bag or Not to Bag?

DUST - One of the first questions we had to ask was about how necessary the bags were. Were we concerned about dust settling on the leotards in our warehouse? We reviewed our warehouse to see if there was a dust problems. We were pleasantly surprised to not see dust as one would expect. But that was not enough. If we would have garments without bags in our warehouse, we had to be sure they were protected. So we created plastic sheeting enclosures and increased air circulation in the warehouse.

CHALK DUST - Though there is no Chalk dust in our warehouse, you can bet that there is chalk dust  in many of the gyms that carry our leotards. For these gyms, we are offering the option of continuing to use the polybags.

What Products will this affect?

SPECIAL ORDER LEOTARDS AND WARM UPS - We will continue to polybag all of our Special Order competitive leotards and Apparel.


All Seasonal Essentials Leotards - We will no longer send Seasonal Leotards with Polybags. That means apparel from our Summer, Summer Camp, Back to School , Valentines, Fall and Holiday catalogs will not come in polybags. GYMS WITH CHALK ISSUES need not worry. You can order your leos in bags if needed.

Click Here to See GK's Latest Gymnastics Leotards Collections

A Simple Step

It is a simple step, but one that over time can have a significant impact by reducing the volume of plastic in landfills.

Do you have any other ideas how we can reduce our impact on the planet? Send us your suggestions. Even the smallest steps help us reach our destination.

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GK Says "Stick It For the Cause" for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Leotards

For 2009, GK is continuing the fight against Breast Cancer with a new Collection of Leotards designed to support the Breast Cancer Cause. And we will donate 5% of the profits from these leotards to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund.

3 Commemorative Breast Cancer Leotards

3 New Tank Leotards

BCA10 - Black Tank Leotard with Pink Ribbon Crystals

BCA15 - Breast Cancer Pink U-Back Tank Leotard

BCA16 - Pink Sequin Applique Leotard

GK is a proud sponsor of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. in the fight against Breast Cancer. NBCF saves lives by increasing awareness of Breast Cancer through education, research and by providing mammograms to those in need.

“We see taking part in the fight against Breast Cancer as a responsibility,” noted Kelly McKeown, Marketing Manager at GK / Elite Sportswear. “A majority of gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers are young girls who will either face Breast Cancer in their lifetime, or know people who will face it. By helping educate them about Breast Cancer, we hope to save more lives.” According to the American Cancer Society one in eight women will get breast cancer. With early detection there is a 95% survival rate.

GK has supported Breast Cancer awareness in Gymnastics for the past four years through its association with The University of Alabama “Power of Pink” gymnastics meets. “Power of Pink” began in 2004 by Coach Sarah Patterson at the University of Alabama, who decided to use her Gymnastics coaching position as a platform to raise awareness in the fight against Breast Cancer. Each of the 3 meets averaged over 14,000 fans to support The Cause. GK designed special commemorative leotards and clothing for the participants of these events.

Each year GK continues to add more styles to promote this worthy cause. This dazzling and inspiring collection of leotards and apparel is a perfect complement for Breast Cancer sporting Events. GK’s Breast Cancer Awareness apparel is available online at our website:

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Denmark Synchronized Trampoline Team Wins Silver wearing GK!

Danish Trampoline TeamThe Danish team of Peter Jensen and Daniel Praest won the Silver medal in Mens Synchronized Trampoline at the in the fifth and final World Cup. The 2009 Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup Series was held at the Amselstieg Sports Hall in Salzgitter, Germany.

GK is the official tumbling apparel sponsor of the Trampoline and Tumbling Team of Denmark. GK provides gymnastics and tumbling clothes for the team including comp shirts, gymnasitcs pants and gymnastics shorts.

The Salzgitter World Cup, the last leg of the World Cup Series, determined the winners of the 2009 World Cup Series, which is based on the four best World Cup results of each gymnast. Gymnasts collect World Cup points ranging from 50 points for the 1st place to 6 pts for the 16th place. The previous legs of these 2009 World Cup Series took place in Loule, Portugal, last September; in Sofia, Bulgaria, in April; in Ostend, Belgium, in August; and in Zielona Gora, Poland, last weekend.

The World Cup format features a preliminary round, with the top eight gymnasts or pairs advancing to the finals (a maximum of two individuals or one pair per country may advance in final).


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Cal State Fullerton Gymnastics Needs Help to Continue Program

as reported on USA-Gymnastics website

Last Friday, USA Gymnastics launched a fundraising effort with the gymnastics coaches at Cal State FullertonCal State Fullerton to support the school's continued involvement in women's gymnastics. The response has been very positive, and nearly $25,000 has been promised thus far toward Cal State Fullerton's goal of $50,000-$100,000.

If you have not already done so, please consider making a pledge to support the Cal State Fullerton women's gymnastics program. Making a pledge is just a click away -

click here and complete the pledge form.

All donations will be fully tax-deductible and used solely for the Cal State-Fullerton program. Once we know more, we will follow up regarding the activation of your pledged donation.

Thanks to those who have already committed to support Cal State Fullerton. We are demonstrating that working together does accomplish big things.

About Cal State Fullerton Women’s Gymnastics:

Nickname: Titans
Conference: Western Athletic Conference
Head Coach: Jill Hicks

  • 1979 NCAA national champions, under the leadership of Lynn Rogers
  • 13 trips to the NCAA nationals
  • 25 regional appearances; 18 gymnasts for 66 All-American awards

"We have worked with GK for the past two years and have been very pleased  with the professionalism in ordering with GK and the girls love the fit of the gymnastics leotards and gymnastics warm ups. We recieve  many positive comments about our gymnastics outfits and look forward to working with GK in the future."

- Jill Hicks
Head Women's Gymnastics Coach
Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Fullerton has been an account of GK for 18 years. Buying a multitude of gymnastics apparel from GK so they look their best in their gymnastics clothing!

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What is Nylon Spandex? And Why is it so Great for Leotards?

Nylon Spandex forms the base for most stretchy Gymnastics Leotards today.  But you might ask exactly what it is and where it comes from. We found a great article that explains this all from the New York Fashion Center:

Nylon and polyester spandex fabrics have come to prominence in the last several decades as the premier fabrics for athletic wear, uniforms, swimwear, and workout clothing.

Spandex fabric - also known as elastane or Lycra - is a modern synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity, hence its prevalence in athletic attire as well as in apparel designed for comfort or to flatter the figure. The material is extremely comfortable, lightweight, supple and dyes easily. It is a key stretchy fabric in active-wear garments and in an ever growing array of other stylish attire, such as dancewear and club wear.

Spandex was developed in 1959 by DuPont scientist Joseph Shivers, the culmination of nearly a decade of research. The material is a long-chain synthetic polymeric fiber, consisting of a rubbery segment for stretch and recovery as well as a rigid segment for strength and durability. Spandex is always blended with another fiber such as cotton or linen, and does not lose integrity with exposure to lotions or the body's natural oils, unlike rubber thread.

Its generic "spandex" name is a clever (reverse) word play on the fact that the fabric is rather uniquely "ex-pandable", and thus ideal for a range of active lifestyle garments and applications. DuPont's brand of spandex, Lycra, began its foray into the fashion world during the 1960's in women's pantyhose and undergarments. The material was soon cropping up elsewhere, though, in uniforms, swimwear and athletic attire. Spandex leggings were all the rage in aerobics classes throughout the 1980's, and many entertainers began incorporating the material into their stage costumes. Spandex remains widely used for a multitude of applications, ranging from traditional uses in clothing to practical bedding and automotive paneling. Spandex is a truly remarkable textile that has altered the form and function of fashion.

Nylon Spandex Plain ColorsMost, if not all, of GK's Leotard Fabrics are Nylon Spandex.  We specialize in carrying the widest fabric selection available in gymnastics. And we hold the tightest standards for stretch and color. This way we know that when we sew it, it will fit.

There are many variations of Nylon Spandex, with different colors and finishes. For Plain Nylon Spandex, GK has 21 colors, noted in the swatches blow. In addition to base fabric, these colrs are available for piping and binding as well. Colors can be combined together, or matched with exciting foils and holograms, which we will review in the next fabric post.

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Hear What Our Customers Have To Say About GK: Cal State Fullerton

"We have worked with GK for the past two years and have been very pleased  with the professionalism in ordering with GK and the girls love the fit of the gymnastics leotards and gymnastics warm ups. We recieve  many positive comments about our gymnastics outfits and look forward to working with GK in the future."

- Jill Hicks
Head Women's Gymnastics Coach
Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Fullerton has been an account of GK for 18 years. Buying a multitude of gymnastics apparel from GK so they look their best in their gymnastics clothing!

Shop GK gymnastics leotards, gymnastics shorts, and other gymnastics apparel today at...


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GK Jeweled Gymnastics Grip Bags

GK Gymnastics Grip Bags

Have you ever thrown your Chalked up grips directly in your backpack or Gym bag only to find chalk all over your stuff - your clothes, your gymnastics leotards, your shorts, your ipod, your snacks?

Get something better than a ziplok bag to store your chalky grips - GK Gymnastics Grip Bags. The GK Grip bag is made  of sleek black nylon matte tricot spandex fabric with a drawstring closure, to keep the calk in tha bag and away from everything else. It is decorated with a blingy jeweled GK logo!

So come to:


where you will find not only the World best Gymnastics Leotards and apparel, but also all the things you need to make your gymnastics life easier (and cleaner)! 

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Deal of the Week - Gymnastics Monkey Around Hoodie

Gymnastics Monkey Around HoodieL849 - Monkey Around Hoodie  - This girls Navy Blue Hoodie is perfect to "Monkey Around" in before or after Gymnastics. It is made from 100% combed cotton with a full zip front and "Monkey Around" Monkey Applique Closeupscreenprint on the back. This hoodie was featured in GK's Gymnastics Streetwear apparel collection, and is a perfect complement to any gymnasts clothing wardrobe.

The L849 is Special Priced at $14.48 for Childrens Sizes (Add fifty cents for the adult price!)  - or 50% Off its original Retail Price.

The Monkey Around Hoodie is a perfect match to the L819 3/4 long sleeve Gymnastics Shirts and make a great gymnastics outfit

Monkey Around Tee
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GK Men's Gymnastics Apparel

GK Men's Competitive CatalogGK Mens Leotards, Gymnastics Shirts, Gymnastic Shorts and Pants have been used to outfit gymnastics teams across the United States and Europe for over 25 years. We are not only known for our excellent fit and styling for womens competitive leotards, or workout gymnastics leotards but also for mens leotards, shirts, shorts, and pants. Our men's gymnastics apparel is currently endorsed by Olympic champion Jonathan Horton.

Our mens gymnastics apparel is available in either stock basics or special order. Both offer the perfect fit whether you like the traditional cut leg of the mens leotard (shirt) or the boy cut leg.  

Last year, we introduced two EXCITING innovations in gymnastics clothing for men.

  • GK Men's Compression Gymnastics Shirts!
    • Developed in cooperation with Paul & Morgan Hamm we creating the NEW compression shirt or legless style. GREAT Fit, Great Comfort! Available as stock and special order in variety of colors and styles.
  • Men's Front Fly
    • Developed by Sean Golden (3 Time National Champion). The new front fly option is available on special order only when ordering the boy cut leg. But gives the male gymnast the ultimate comfort, support, convenience while performing in their mens gymnastics leotard.

Shop GK's mens leotards, gymnastics shirts, gymnastic shorts, and pants for INFINITE Possibilities, Unlimited Choices in styles, colors, and fabrics. OR design your own style for the completely unique look!



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Other Gymnastics Blogs of Note

Talk about Leotards????

If you are looking to find places to chat about Gymnastics and gymnastics leotards and apparel, there are more than a few Blogs out there where people hang out and talk. At GK we are always looking to find out where people are talking about gymnastics. And we are more than willing to weigh in on conversations surrounding our favorite subjects - Leotards, Apparel, Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson . . .

Some pretty good gymnastics blogs include:

The Chalk Bucket  - Great user forum with a lot of parent discussions. Often there are questions about leotards and other gymnastics apparel.

International Gymnast - One of the largest user forums out there - Tied to International Gymnast Magazine. It is well worth logging in and browsing about mostly for news of what is happening everywhere in the world of Gymnastics. From Competitions to controversy, Intlgymnast.com has it all.


Gymnastike - Great gymnastics video sharing site. See videos of your favorite gymnasts - in and out of their leotards (wearing clothes of course.


GymChat - A lot of College discussions


About Gymnastics - About.com is a great site that has information about a lot of subjects. Though it is not really a blog, they have a regular email newsletter and lots of archived articles. Amy Van Deusen edits About Gymnastics and writes about gymnasts, training and everything about the sport.


There are more of course. But these are a start. But if you want to see more of the sport of gymnastics, or read what other people are saying about gymnastics leotards these websites are a great place to start!

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GK's Gymnastics Clothing SALE!

Come shop GK's Pre-Spring SALE on gymnastics shirts, gymnastics jackets, and gymnastics shorts! Select styles from the Team Coordinates line are now on sale 60% OFF!

Great quality gymnastics clothing at GREAT prices! You can order these to be a great gymnastics outfit or as separate pieces to wear going to the gym or to the mall!

All these GREAT priced gymnastics shirts, jackets, and shorts can be customized with jewels, embroidery and imprinting. Making your outfit unique to your or your gymnastics team!

GK Team Coordinates line is known for its exceptional styling and quality. The child through adult size range is great for everyone on your gymnastics team, your friends, and your family! Select from two distinct fits, our form fit (for children and juniors) and our relaxed fit (for adults).

Come shop the GK Pre-Spring SALE online at...


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Gymnastics Champion Nastia Opens up for DoSomething.org

GK endorsee and elite gymnast Nastia Liukin recently gave an interview on dosomething.org about her life since the Olympics. In addition to gymnastics and wearing gymnastics leotards, Nastia has had a pretty busy life. Below is an excerpt from the interview

Nastia Liukin: The last five months of my life have been absolutely crazy, fun, exciting, and the best times of my life! I have been able to meet so many amazing people, travel all over the world, and work with incredible photographers!

I got to be on talks shows, Leno, Oprah, Conan, and The View. I got to attend my first fashion week in N.Y., and sit front row at BCBG Max Azria and Peter Som. Most recently I did the spring campaign for Max Azria, which was a HUGE honor to be included in that.

I launched my own line of clothing with Vanilla Star Jeans, called Nastia Gold, as well as my own line of leotards with GK Elite, that I designed!

Now I am finally traveling a little less, so I am able to get back in the gym and start training for this year! I am really excited to get back to competing!

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