Harlem Invitational Proudly Sponsored by GK Gymnastics Leotards

Throughout our 30+ years of service to gymnasts worldwide, GK has proudly donated, and continues to donate, millions of dollars in leotards and gymnastics accessories to the industry. This dedication to give back is not one that we take lightly. It is twofold a responsibility and an honor, for without organizations such as USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics, TOPS, East/West Championships, and smaller organization such as the Wendy Hilliard Foundation, the sport that we dedicate our lives to day in and day out would cease to exist, and so would we.

Harlem Gymnastic's Purple GK LeotardHarlem Gymast in GK Leotard for Wendy Hilliard Foundation

One of our most recent and prized contributions to gymnastics went to a Hall of Fame Rhythmic Gymnast named Wendy Hilliard. Wendy operates a not for profit gym, The Wendy Hilliard Foundation “WHF”, that provides free weekly gymnastics classes to New York inner city youth. Their website states, "As the first African-American to represent the U.S. in rhythmic gymnastics, Wendy Hilliard's goal was to create a program that provided an opportunity for more minorities to experience her sport. After serving over 10,000 participants the Wendy Hilliard Foundation has established an incredible track record of providing quality programming for people of all ages and abilities in the sport of gymnastics." She has even taken her athletes to the Junior Olympic National Championships, where they consistently won top honors and earned first place finishes. The WHF lady gymnasts are pictured above with GK Business Development Specialist, Erin Gettle.

This year, GK designed and donated a beautiful Imperial Purple Mystique 3/4 Sleeve Gymnastics Leotard 3457 to Wendy Hilliard's Harlem gymnasts. These leos, adorned with Silver Hologram Sequinz in a lively floral pattern, united the team at their own Harlem Invitational, where athletes competed in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline and Tumbling. Most of the competing teams came from New York, but Harlem was also able to pull in some teams from New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts for this well-organized and well-received event.

The WHF guys wore a White Nylon/Spandex Wrap Around Men's Gymnastics Competition Shirt 1853 with Black and Purple Nylon/Spandex style lines along the shoulders and under the arms, and an over-sized Harlem Invitational embroidered logo on the front. Our men's competition shirts feature a boy cut leg for maximum comfort and support. GK also supplied the Harlem boys with a Men's Gymnastics Long Short 1818, in Black Nylon/Spandex.

As you can see from the photos above, the day wasn't all work and competition. It was also a celebration, of sorts, where the community gathered to honor all of the young gymnasts, their dedication and achievements, and to enjoy the day. The day was made possible through sponsorship from GK, TD Bank, Premier Physical Therapy & Wellness, Whole Foods and Aquafina. Each sponsor had something different to contribute. Thanks to Whole Foods, the coaches and judges enjoyed a delicious lunch, and many of the adults took advantage of Massage by Marta. Best of all, admission was free. The Wendy Hilliard Foundation ended the event with a 2 hour showcase of different groups from their organization putting on group and individual special performances.

If you missed the Harlem Invitational this year, it's definitely worth marking your calendar for 2015. Until then, you can be proud to shop the brand that supports all facets of gymnastics, GK.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Olympus Tops Gymnasts, A Distinguished Team In Luxurious Purple Leotards

We all love purple! And what better color to distinguish these young gymnasts from Olympus Tops Gymnastics in Sandy, UT than a tone that combines the energy of red with the calm of blue. A gemologist will tell you that purple is the color of good judgement, while a priest might say it's the color of spirituality. Either way, it's a color that represents balance - hot and cold, loud and subtle. You might say that for the Olympus Tops gymnasts, it represents the ability to perform a grueling gymnastics routine in practice and to reflect, afterwards, on the dynamics of the skill. With that said, having qualities of both warm and cool tones, pairing purple with another color presents a challenge at times. Olympus School of Gymnastics got it right, though, and they are stunning!

GK 3/4 Sleeve Purple Leo on Olympus Tops Gymnasts

Photo compliments of Andrea Hanks Photography

Set out to satisfy their purple passion, Olympus Tops paired the shimmering Purple Mystique on their 3/4 sleeve leotard with White Sparkle Hologram for contrast and Black Nylon/Spandex as a subtle accent. The selected colors merge to create a fantastic woven side design that shapes and elongates Olympus Tops' athletic physique. That same pattern gives way to a heart shaped back to emphasize the gymnasts' youthful spirit. Since there's no luxury in competition leotards without jewels, Olympus Tops added both Lavender and Brilliance SWARVOSKI ELEMENTS throughout the sleeves and along the intricate style and v neck lines, illuminating this team to stardom.

Think you have what it takes to tackle a purple leotard? Test your design skills by logging in and personalizing your favorite gymnastics leotard style from our Special Order Design Studio. Hurry. Your destiny leotard awaits you. 

GK. Choice of Champions.


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Buy a Leotard, Get a Short!

Waiting for a sweet deal on a new gymnastics practice leotard? For a short time, GK is offering a FREE GymTech short with each GymTech tank leotard that you purchase from the list below. All of our GymTek workout apparel is tagless to prevent inching and abrasions, have flatlock seams to eliminate interior thread and fabric bulk, and are designed with our well-known GK fit in StretchTek fabric to keep you cool and dry during your workout.  Here's how the promotion works. Add one of the following GymTek leotards and shorts to your cart, enter the promo code G14C3GTEK during checkout, and wait for your new gymnastics attire to arrive in the mail.

Buy a leotard...

Which of these active leotards suites your style? The GymTek T-Back Performance Leotard 3675 is a superior fit gym leo that features a scoop neck and charcoal Techmesh panels around the arms, attached with contrasting cover stitching. GymTek T-Back Gymnastics Leotard 3676 presents a less distinct t-back cut and features Green cover stitching to connect the Black Techmesh panels to this Black StretchTek leo. Do you prefer to stand out a bit? GymTek Racerback Gymnastics Tank Leotard 3677 features bold Red Techmesh side panels, a v-neck and an open back detail that is sure to get you the attention you desire. For a subtle look, choose one of our other Black StretchTek leos such as our Power Purple GymTek Leotard 3703. This is a scoop neck workout leo that features charcoal techmesh inserts along the openings of the arms, power purple flat lock seams. Another great option is the Fuschia Flat Lock GymTek Leotard 3704, a scoop back design with contrasting fuchsia flat lock seams and charcoal tech mesh inserts or Black and White Contrast GymTek Leotard 3705, where Charcoal Techmesh inserts create bold side lines and a unique, sporty strap design in the back.

Get a workout short...

Then choose a high performance flatlock gymnastics short to match, with an amazing fit and breathable Techmesh inserts to keep you cool. The three shorts available for free are GymTek Blue Flat Lock Shorts 3678, featuring Charcoal Techmesh with Blue stitching, GymTek Green Flat Lock Shorts 3679, featuring Black Techmesh and Green stitching, and GymTek Red Techmesh Panel Flat Lock Shorts 3680, featuring a our bold Red Techmesh with black stitching.

What are you waiting for? These great gymnastics products won't last long, so order your GymTek gymnstics-wear while supplies last.

Valid Monday, March 3, 2014 – Sunday, March 16, 2014 only. Valid for US Consumer Accounts only. Valid on discontinued GymTek merchandise only. Offer subject to stock on hand and valid only while supplies last. May not be combined with any other offer or discount. Valid only at www.gkelite.com. Offer subject to change at any time for any reason. Promo Code G14C3GTEK. Available while supplies last. Only applies to leotard styles 3677, 3675, 3676, 3703 (limited size availability – CS, CM and AL), 3704 & 3705. Free shorts include 3680, 3678 and 3679. Consumer customers only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

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More of our Favorite Gymnastics Leotards From The WOGA Classic

Wow! There were so many fabulous designs at the WOGA Classic this year that we just can't stop showing them off! Ribbon designs seem to be very popular, and the talented teams that they represent have come up with some amazing ways to make the designs their own. Below, you'll find Northwest Kids gymnasts and Metroplex gymnasts, both from Texas, posing at the event in their creative versions of our special order long sleeve leotards.

Northwest Kids gymnasts are wearing a custom, asymmetrical competitive leotard composed of diagonal fabric variations in our textured Black Slither Hologram, our shiny Red Mystique, and Black Mesh adorned in sparkling Ruby and Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. But that's not all! This fashion forward ensemble also consists of several creative design elements that give the girls a radiant edge on their competition. The SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that adorn the right mesh sleeve carry over to the body where they also enhance the already shimmering mystique, and to the Black Slither. In addition, Black SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS line the Red Mystique on both the body and the left arm where the combined elements create a ribbon effect that wraps around a sleeve of Natural Mesh, creating an artistic illusion. Together with the beautiful Columbia Blue Sparkle applique design, these elements create a masterpiece long sleeve gymnastics leotard.

Metroplex gymnasts, shown below, also look great in their competitive long sleeve leotards that they special ordered from our Wrapping Ribbon Gymnastics Leotard 9566. This boat neck leo features our Black Sparkle fabric and contrasting Lavender Ice Mystique sleeves. The ribbon pattern that gives this beautiful competitive leotard so much definition is a complex variation of lines in Silver Mystique, Lavender Ice Mystique, Imperial Purple Mystique and Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The back of this leotard is what really characterizes the Metroplex style, though! It features an Imperial Purple scoop back neckline and an oversized, Lavender Ice Mystique M, outlined in Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. It's absolutely gorgeous!

Try your hand at creating beautiful gymnastics apparel to reveal at your next competition. All you have to do is view and select one of our Long Sleeve Leotards, and specify your color combinations. Your athletes will look and feel fabulous, and you'll be glowing with pride.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Fond Memories of the Pink Invitational

As the Pink Invitational came to a close on Sunday, Feb.23, GK and all the participants and sponsors gathered their fondest memories to store away until next year. For some of the gymnasts, those memories will include award winning medals, high scores, and team bonding moments. Others will hold dear to them the GK and SWAROVSKI leotards or Mancino mats that they won in our raffles and through fundraising efforts. Some will remember their own personal efforts to aid women effected by breast cancer. Through all the gymnastics events that day, the designing, planning, producing, promoting and enjoyment, here's a few of moments we feel are worth sharing from the Pink Invitational.

First and foremost, the Pink Invitational GK leotard! The Berry Mystique silhouette looked stunning on every single one of the gymnasts who competed at the meet last weekend. A true testament to the success that the competing gyms have had in training their athletes in the skill of gymnastics and in the skill of life, these Pink leotards carry with them a reminder that no matter where your talent lies, we're all united as one to keep women, both young and wise, alive and active, and free of cancer. Many of they gymnastics teams at the meet were really creative with their Pink leos, and dressed them up with anything from tutus to crazy socks and hair pieces.

Rainbow Riders gymnsts in Waynesboro, PA supporting
the cause and having fun!
Montgomery County Gymnastics team visiting
the GK booth,and showing support for
Unite for HER.
AJS Pancott gymnasts glam it up with
coaches, Kristi and Karen.

In addition, the custom designed Unite for HER leotards, and the GK/SWAROVSKI couture leo that was auctioned and raffled at the Pink Invitational are a huge source of pride for GK. All of the black tank leotards that were auctioned at the event were donated to the Bravado art auction by GK, and designed and signed by industry professionals or gymnasts to generate funds for the cause. As you can see from the display below, they turned out fabulous! One of our favorites is the Aly Raisman Unite for HER leo, featuring a jeweled Girls Rule slogan and crown, and an Aly Raisman signature on the bottom right corner. Then we have the GK/SWAROVSKI compulsory leo that is absolutely gorgeous! It's a Black Mystique, long sleeve leotard with an asymmetrical Black Mesh neckline, and it's covered in thousands of Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS of various colors. The lucky winner of this raffle is anxiously awaiting her SWAROVSKI leo, worth over $5,000, to arrive in the mail, so stay alert for more details about her reaction to winning. If you missed out on this fabulous competitive leotard, we have a similar style available for purchase on the GK website, the Charm SWAROVSKI Leotard 1005 from our Ultimate Brilliance Collection. It's not exactly the same as our compulsory leo, but it's definitely worth a look.

Bravado Leotard display at Pink Invitational Aly Raisman Bravado Leotard GK SWAROVSKI couture leo

At last, the privilege of partnering with such amazing organizations as the AJS Pancott Gymnastics team and Mancino Mat Co. will always be remember with great pride. A shared dedication to helping the community and raising awareness for humanity bonds us in a relationship that is both rewarding and essential. We can't thank them enough for all they've done, and for inviting us to participate in the cause. Below, you'll find our Marketing Manager, Kelly Christman, with breast cancer survivor and Founder of Unite for HER, Sue Weldon, drawing the winning raffle ticket for the GK SWAROVSKI long sleeve leotard, and receiving an award for GK's participation in the Pink Invitational.

Sue Weldon assists Kelly Christman in choosing the
winning raffle ticket at the Pink Invitational.

Kelly Christman accepts a participation award
on behalf
of GK Elite Sportswear.

What will you remember most about the 2014 Pink Invitational? Post your comments below, and continue to support Sue Weldon's Unite for HER fund by shopping our Breast Cancer Awareness Leotards, a selection that includes three gymnastics leotards, a gymnastics sports bra, and a gymnastics short, all of which GK commits to donate 5% of the sales to Unite for HER.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Bermuda National Team Competes in Under Armour Leotards

What a delight is was to see the Bermuda National Senior team from St. David's wearing Under Armour at the IGI Chicago Style Gymnastics Meet this February! The athletes on the Bermuda National Team are a distinguished group of athletes from Bermuda, selected to train in the Bermuda Gymnastics Association's national training center to compete at international competitions around the globe. The IGI Meet is a Nastia Liukin qualifier meet, and it's also the largest women's national invitational gymnastics meet in the world, so it's really no surprise that our GK Representatives, Wendy and Judy, would find them competing on this day. It was quite an honor, though! Other meet locations on their itinerary for this year include Bermuda, Scottland, Brazil, China and Mexico. Their dedication to the sport of gymnastics literally takes them around the world, and they travel in style, in Under Armour!

Bermuda gymnasts shown above proudly unite in their Under Armour Strength 6300 leotards. This v neck tank gymnastics leotard features a sporty design in Steel Mystique and Black Nylon/Spandex. The side panels are adorned with Black Techmesh that keeps the girls cool and comfortable, and Berry Mystique symmetrical wave side panels and piping to give them a feminine look. Along with the Under Armour Tank Leotard styles displayed at the GK booth by Wendy and Judy, as shown on the right, Under Armour competitive leotards are also available online.

Whether you're competing at an international invitational on the Historic Navy Pier in Chicago or at a small meet in your home town, be prepared beyond your practiced skills. Always look and feel your best in Under Armour.

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Twisters Gymnastics Prepares to Compete in GK Leotards

Twisters Gymnastics of the Twisters Sports Center in Mountain View, California prepares to compete in the GK sponsored The Spirit of the Flame Challenge in Santa Clara, CA this year in their GK 3/4 sleeve leotards. The Sports Center, their home gym, takes great pride in their gymnastics team, stating, "Gymnastics is considered by many as the foundation of all sports because it enhances a child’s strength, coordination, and flexibility. Studies have shown that it also improves social and cognitive skills that are so important to your child’s growth. Twisters makes it fun to grow and learn by providing positive and safe instruction taught by qualified coaches who are safety certified." Twisters switched to GK this year and they are thrilled with their new competitive leotards and warm-up apparel.

The Twisters ordered all of their gymnastics competition apparel online, using our Special Order Design Studio. This allowed them to visualize their color selections as they placed their order, and to see all of the available options in jewels, embroidery and fabrics. In doing so, they ordered an Abstract Lightning gymnastics Leotard 9575 in Black Mystique, Orangeade Sparkle, Seaglass Sparkle and Black Mesh. This colorful, asymmetrical v neck leotard from our Special Order Design Studio boasts shimmering fabrics, inspiring zig-zag design lines, and brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that accent the leo design and absorb the transparency of the left mesh sleeve. The bold combination is striking!

They coordinated their warm-up suits with their competitive leotards by incorporating the Seaglass Sparkle into their Black DryTech Classic Gymnastics Warm-Up Jacket 8756 and Fitted Warm-Up Gymnastics Capris 8787. The jacket is a form-fitting style, featuring contrasting Seaglass Sparkle side panels and the Twister's name spelled out in beautiful Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The matching, fitted capris feature a low-rise fold over waist band for added comfort. Another great options for cooler temperatures is the GK Low-Rise Gymnastics Warm-Up Pants 8731, as seen on your right. This gymnastics pant offers the same great features as the capri, but with more coverage.

Twisters will be competing later this month at The Spirit of The Flame Challenge, the weekend of Feb. 28, in Santa Clara, CA. This meet is sponsored by GK and each participant will receive a custom GK sublimation leotard as their gift. Stay posted for further information.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Odessa Xtreme Sports Under Armour competitive Leotard

Odessa Xtreme proudly competed at the WOGA Classic this year in her Under Armour gymnastics leotard. The high school senior, level 9 gymnast, shown below, is moving to the top, competing in Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and AA events. She loves her Under Armour competitive leotard because it flatters her athletic shape and offers a comfortable, perfect fit to enhance her skills.

Her scoop back Under Armour Inspiration 6901 leotard shimmers from top to bottom with Black, White and Red Mystiques that twist and tumble throughout her torso and bodice. Ferocious style lines are enhanced with Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to soften the look and sparkle between the whirling pattern throughout Odessa Xtreme's competitive leotard.

Odessa gymnasts looks like a champions in their Under Armour Inspiration, and you can too. Browse our collection of Under Armour competition leotards, made by the leading gymnastics leotard manufacturer in the Industry, GK, and choose your color and fabric combinations to make it your own. Champion gymnasts are made in the gym, but their apparel should be made by Under Armour.






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Everyday Champions: Kim and Ruth

Proud to be wearing GK gymnastics leotards, Everyday Champions, Ruth and Kim stand tall at Anchorage Gymnastics Association in Anchorage, AK! Ruth is an 11-year old, level 8 gymnast who introduced her friend Kim, a 9-year old level 3 gymnast, to the sport of gymnastics after a long friendship and a shared love for dancing, pizza, McDonalds and movies. These two friends have a lot of fun celebrating together after their meets, and they adore their matching GK tank leotards!

To represent their enthusiasm for the sport, Ruth and Kim practice in a GK Sunburst Tank Leotard 3593, a classic Black Mystique tank leotard that features a beautiful Red Mystique sunburst pattern. It's Accented with studded clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, and reminds Kim and Ruth of their sparkling friendship and growing skills.

GK is proud to support your young gymnast as she matures into a champion athlete by providing her with the very best in gymnastics performance apparel. With an exceptional, nonrestrictive workout leotard or GKids tank leotard from GK, your child will focus better, shine bright, and enjoy her gym experience more, guaranteed. Give her the best. Give her a GK gymnastics leotard.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Peppermint Twist Remembered by GK Sublimation Leotard

We are so excited to offer sublimated gymnastics leotards to our customers in 2014, and we adore this Peppermint Twist Meet leo that we designed for the Twin City Twisters in December. All meet participants received one of these GK sublimation SBG100 tank leotards as part of their admission to the event. Shown below is a tank leotard featuring a gradient color transition from gray to black and festive peppermint candies cascading across the length of the leotard. GK Sublimated tank leotards offer the same great fit and comfort that our long time customers have always known and loved us for. Coaches of the Twin City Twisters say, "We can always count on GK for providing us with great leos that the kids all love. We see them all the time on kids at workouts, long after the meet is over!" 

In lieu of a t shirt, why not give every gymnast what they really want to remember your event by? Give them a GK leotard, custom designed to represent the theme of the day. 

Try your hand at a sublimated design from GK for your next big event or for your team's practice wear. All you have to do is supply a theme, a color scheme, and any specific ideas, if you have some, and let our designers create a one of a kind gymnastics leotard that gymnasts will remember you by for years to come. For more information, see visit our Sublimation page online, and order via our Sublimation Order Form or contact customer service for additional assistance.

GK. Choice of Champions.


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Funtastic Gymnastics is Full of Smiles in their GK Leotard

Funtastic Gymnastics and Cheerleading of Sarasota are thrilled with their new GK gymnastics leotard! With a couple State Championships under their belts this year, Funtastic gymnasts are more than hopeful to continue their winning streak in style.

This talented gym earns their gymnastics awards in an Asymmetrical Wraparound Gymnastics Leotard 4869 from our special order design studio. They personalized it with Red, Steel and Black Mystique, which gives the entire silhouette a beautiful glow. A combination of clear jewels and Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on the sweeping bodice pattern and studded sleeve finish the look with a touch of sophistication and sparkle. 

As in any other product purchase, Funtastic Gymnastics could choose a competition leotard or even a tank leotard for tumbling practice from a variety of brands. They choose GK because we're the industry's elite manufacturer. Having decades of experience in design ingenuity, fabric quality and fit testing, we're better equipped not just to give design advice, but to produce a flawless leo the first time and every time. Shop today. You won't regret it.

GK. Choice of Champions.



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GK's Displays Gymnastics Leotards at I Love NY Cup Invitational

Competitors and spectators of the annual I Love NY Cup Invitational were treated to a beautiful display of GK's newest gymnastics collections on January 31-February 2. The Cup, hosted by the PGA of Southern Tier Gymnastics Academy for USAG levels 2-10, Excel and all levels USAIGC, was located at the newly renovated Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena in Binghamton, NY. It had all brand new seating, lighting, and marquee. It was the perfect location for the GK Kiosk, where GK Gymnastics Sales Rep, Laura Robezzoli, displayed an array of apparel from Under Armour Leotards and GK Workout leos to GKids gymnastic leotards and gym shorts.

Laura says, "The entire event was very well organized. They held the awards sessions on the main floor of the arena, immediately following each session, to allow for ample seating and viewing for parents and gymnasts. It was the perfect venue for this prestigious event and GK was proud to be a part."

If you saw a GK Leo that you loved, but passed up the opportunity to purchase, at your last gymnastics competition, it's not too late. Shop online for the latest styles of Under Armour, Cirque du Soleil Leotards, GKids and Spring Leotards. And don't forget to stop by our booth at your next big event to show us which GK style you compete in.

GK. Choice of Champions.




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GK Sponsors Classic Rock Invitational Meet Leotards

Did you see us at the Classic Rock Invitational last weekend in Phoenix? Hosted by the Arizona Sunrays, this was one of the many events leading up to the annual 2014 Nastia Liukin Cup in Greensboro, NC at the end of the month, where the top gymnasts from similar meets across the country will compete again. We want to congratulate all the athletes who made it this far, and we hope you enjoyed the GK Classic Rock Gymnastics Leotards. 

The Gymnasts featured in the photo above are members of a visiting team from New Brunswick Canada. They are sporting a custom version of our in stock Classic Nylon/Spandex Tank Leotard 2012 in Classic Rock's signature Pewter color.  The embellishment on this leo was a lot of fun to design and to see in the gym. Custom Black, Silver and Orange SequinzTM form the meet's logo on the front center chest. It's all sparkle and there's no way to miss it! What a fun way to get this event going! Each of approximately 1800 participating gymnasts received this GK gymnastics leotard as part of their registration fee.

Now's a great time to begin preparing for next year's events, so visit our website and begin planning for your teams next great look in Long Sleeve Leotards. There's also plenty of fashion forward tank leotards to give you some extra inspiration during Spring practices. We look forward to seeing you at the Cup.

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Arizona Sunrays Shine at the AZ Grand Invitational

The Arizona Sunrays from Phoenix, AZ were hard to miss at the AZ Grand Invitational last month in their exquisite GK competitive leotard! There, they took their place as Session 9 Team Champs and they stole our attention with their awesome look!

We just couldn't pass up the opportunity to show off this Fierce Asymmetric Gym Leo U9557 worn by the Arizona Sunrays. Isn't it fabulous? They designed their special order gymnastics leotard with Orangeade Sparkle and Black Mystique, then accented it with Orange Nylon/Spandex and an orbit of Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that give life to the bold array of colors. Black SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS spell out the team's name, Sunrays, down the left sleeve so everyone knows who to look out for at the next meet.

Champions make their mark in gymnastics with charisma, talent, choreography, and fashion. To make a greater impact on your gymnastics community, make sure your next win is earned in style. Browse our selection of long sleeve leotards to choose your gym's winning competitive look.

GK. Choice of champions.


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GK Sponsors AZ Grand Invitational

GK Elite was proud to sponsor the popular AZ Grand Invitational, hosted by Gold Medal Gymnastics, at the Arizona Grand Resort in January. For this event, we were able to provide not one, but two leotards for the competitors. We designed one leotard as a gift for all of the participants, and a second one as a gift for the top four finalists in all levels, age groups and events. Wow! What a honor! GMG owner and Olympic Gold Medalist, Amanda Borden, loved the outcome saying, "The new sublimation leotards were amazing! Thanks for making our meet truly Grand!"

The gymnasts above, Level Four Champs from Gold Medal Gymnastics, stand proud in their special order sublimation tank leotard. This leo was "gifted" to all the gymnasts who participated in AZ Grand Invitational in lieu of a t shirt. In addition to this leotard, each of the athletes who qualified to compete at the finals also received one of the gymnastics leotards shown below. This finalist leo is stunning in Black Nylon/Spandex with Lime Mystique side accent lines and Charcoal TechMesh inserts. The dazzling Berry and Lemon Lime Hologram Sequinz Logo, AZ Grand Invite, provides the girls with a remarkable souvenir to remember their special event.

Be sure to look for a GK booth at your next Gymnastics Meet, where you'll have the opportunity to shop our  large selection of In Stock Tank Leotards, and also meet your local GK Representative. If you're already wearing one of our competitive leotards for your big day, make sure you snap a photo and send it to us. We love watching you grow in GK.

GK. Choice of Champions.




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GK Gymnastics Leos Shine at the Northeast Invitational

Check out all the great GK Gymnastics leotards from the DGS Northeast Invitational last week! Our Business Development Specialist, Erin Gettle, recently attended the meet, hosted by Deary's Gymnastics and Deary's Gymnastic Supply, in Hartford Connecticut and Trinity College. While there, she was amazed and excited to see all the GK Leos on the competition floor.

The ladies from Deary's Gymnastics stunned us with their Chic Sweetheart Competition Leotard 7562,

while Vasi's Gymnasts united in their Cascading Ribbon Gymnastics Leotard 7557.

 Campbell's Gymnastics team was intense in their Flowing Pattern Competitive Leotard 9556

and Off The Wall Gymnasts were super excited to compete in their Sporty Competition Leotard 4860.

We even saw a few warm ups in the mix, including those worn by Brestyan's American Gymnastics Club, home of GK champion, Aly Raisman, and Winingers Gymnasts.

Thanks to all the teams who represented GK at the meet!  You all looked fabulous!

Find your gym's perfect style in our newest selection of Long Sleeve Tank Leotards, or in our Ultimate Brilliance Collection for a special event.

GK. Choice of Champions.



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Atlantic Coast Gymnasts Show Off Much Loved GK Leotards at Starstruck Invitational

What a privilege it was to find the Atlantic Coast USAIGC team from Williamstown, NJ showing off their much loved GK competitive leotards at the Starstruck Invitational in Atlantic City on Jan. 18. The Starstruck Invitational is an annual meet, hosted by Starbound Gymnastics at the Atlantic City Convention Center. With over 2000 competitors, it is the largest meet in the area, and in addition to raising funds for the Starbound Gymnastics team, a portion of the proceeds is also donated to the St. Jude's Children's charity. This is such a suitable team gymnastic leotard for this spectacular event!

This year, the ladies from Atlantic Coast Gymnastics competed in an Electric Turquoise Mystique Sporty Competitive Leotard 4860, to which they added Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS along the seam lines and over the bodice. White Mystique shoulder lines that extend through the length of the sleeve, and Black Mystique binding and side accents add depth to the gorgeous ensemble, a spectacular look for these beautiful athletes.

Also at the event this year was our Gymnastics Representative, Colleen Patton. Look for Colleen or one of our other representatives at your next meet, where you'll find a beautiful showcase of our gymnastics leotards, including products from our newest Spring Collection or Cirque du Soleil Leotards , for sale. Shopping for new workout leotards is the perfect way to get inspired for your event.

GK. Choice of Champions.



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Gold Medal Gymnastics put Under Armour Leotards in the Spotlight Again

Gold Medal Gymnastics are back on the podium and looking better than ever! We would like to congratulate them on their performances at the World Class Gymnastics Invitational, hosted just recently by World Class Gymnastics Academy in Loudonville, NY.  The meet proved to be a triumphant one for GMG's Level 10 team who placed first with 111.30 points, and Level 9 team who placed second with 109.75. Congratulations GMGC!

If you love Gold Medal's UA Elegance 6707, Under Armour Gymnastics leotards, and would like more information about the style, take a look at the Gold Medal Gymnastics featured story, or visit our website to shop all of our Competitive Leotards.

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Electric Lace Leotards For the Ultra Feminine Athlete

Gymnastics training is a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Soften your tone with our newest collection of tank leotards, Electric Lace. Electric Lace offers mature, feminine styles to satisfy the girl beneath all the muscle.

Beautiful GK exclusive lace print adorns our Shocking Lace Scoopback Tank Leotard E2435 and Electric Lace V Neck Workout Leotard E2433 featured below. The first one features Imperial Purple Mystique contrasting design lines on our Shocking Lace Nylon/Spandex foiled print, and the Electric Lace Nylon Spandex leotard features Sangria Mystique solid side panels and v neck binding. Shocking Lace Side Swept Leotard E2436 adds a bit of drama to the elegant lace print with a magestic Imperial Purple Mystique bodice and just a hint of the Shocking Lace as a contrasting shoulder style line. 

 Shocking Lace Scoopback Tank Leo E2435 from GK EliteElectric Lace V Neck Workout Leotard E2433 from GK EliteShocking Lace Side Swept Leotard E2436

Exquisitely displayed on Electric Lace Swirl Scoopback Tank Leo E2432, you'll see the same Electric Lace Nylon/Spandex as shown above, only on a classic scoop back tank leotard over a striking shade of Sangria Mystique. Paired with the Lemon Lime Mystique and Hologram Sequinz swirl design, this style will be difficult to put away when you're not wearing it. Equally stunning, the Shimmering Sequinz Workout Leo E2434 in Imperial Purple Mystique is an artistic leotard with an asymmetrical Lemon Lime Mystique strap and a stunning Silver and Lemon Lime Sequinz design on the bodice. 

Electric Lace Swirl Scoopback Tank Leo E2432 from GK EliteShimmering Sequinz Workout Leo E2434 from GK Elite

Now you can have the best of both worlds, strength and femininity, with the GK Electric Lace Collection. Which of these exquisite leotards represent your inner beauty? If you can't find it here, there's so many more  great styles of tank leotards to choose from in our Spring gymnastics leotard collection.

GK. Choice of Champions.



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Color Games Gymnasts Compete in GK Tank Leotards at Rutgers University

This past weekend, Rutgers University hosted their annual Color Games gymnastics competition as a fundraiser for the Rutgers Gymnastics team.  The Color Games is a fun, invitational meet for USA Gymnastics Excel & Levels 2 through Level 10 athletes.  Over the past several years, gymnasts have competed in their team apparel, however, this year the event coordinators worked with GK Sales Representative Colleen Patton and decided on a change that made the meet more exciting, colorful and fun for everyone.  All participating athletes were provided and competed in the Color Games meet wearing GK's Mystique Low Scoop Neck Gymnastics Tank Leotard 3619.

TNT Gymanstics Athletes at Color Games in GK Gymnastics LeotardsRutgers selected these girls leotards in popular GK colors Sangria, Merlot, Sunshine and Lime.  Instead of competing for their individual club, the girls were all randomly assigned to a color and competed for their color team throughout the day.  The twist gives the participants an opportunity to meet other gymnasts from the area who were part of their team for the day.  The girls had a lot of fun naming their team at each session.  Some of the most popular team names chosen were "Green Machine," "Orange Crush," and "Pink Flamingos."  We're considering these as new fabric names!!

The participants featured to the right are Level 8 gymnasts from TNT Gymnastics in Maple Shade, NJ.  Thanks for showing off your GK style, girls.

If you like the look that the gymnasts wore at the Color Games, check out GK's selection of Basic Gymnastics Leotards for Girls.  But, if you want to mix things up a bit, check out the latest styles of In Stock Leotards from our annual catalog.

GK.  Choice of Champions.


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