Russian Gymnasts Compete in Competitive GK Leotards at the 2014 Russian Nationals

We were so excited to see so many tank and long sleeve GK gymnastics leotards at the Russian Championships! With beauty, grace, and incredible poise these gymnasts couldn't help but captivate the crowd at the 2014 Russian National Championships held on April 3-6 in Penza, Russia. This event determined the National Team that represented Russia at the European Championships on May 12-18 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here are just a few of the girl's gymnastics tank leotards that were featured in front of the crowds.

Azure Mystique Jeweled GK Leotard 3700 at the 2014 Russian ChampionshipsPurple Swirl GK Tank Leotard 3646

Orange Flame GK Gymnastics Tank Leotard 3634Modern GK Gymnastics Tank Leotard 3623 at the 2014 Russian NationalsCirque Du Soleil Passion Flame Leotard CIR008 at the 2014 Russian Championships
Photos courtesy of E. Mikhailova

Everywhere we looked we saw gymnasts competing in the world's finest gymnastics apparel from our 2014-2015 In Stock Gymnastics CatalogSome of Russia's Elite gymnasts sported their stunning style in GK's long sleeve leotards that boast of impeccable comfort and a flawless fit. With their ambitious routines and champion's choice in leotards, these sensational young athletes were an inspiring sight to see!  

Aliya Mustafina in a Long Sleeve GK Competitive Leotard at the 2014 Russian Nationals

GK Long Sleeve LeotardAliya Mustafina in a GK Gymnastics Leotard at the 2014 Russian Championships
Photos courtesy of E. Mikhailova

If you love these GK leotards, then check out our full collection of In Stock and Special Order girl's gymnastics apparel online! No matter what your need, whether you have a little champion in GKids or your training at the Elite level, GK is the leading industry in gymnastics apparel. For over 30 years we have perfected men's and women's competitive gymnastics wear and continue to set the standard worldwide. 

GK. Choice Of Champions.


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Cirque du Soleil's Second Act of GK Gymnastics Leotards

After receiving a standing ovation, GK now presents the next act of Cirque du Soleil workout leotards! Featuring exclusive designs, prints, and embellishments, this gymnastics workout apparel brings artistry and function to the front stage. Our second act features eight new sublimated tank leotards that will whisk you away into a fairytale state while keeping you comfortable and confident in the gym. Continue the journey into a dreamlike, fantasy world with the second collection of Cirque du Soleil. 

Cirque du Soleil Sublimated Leotard by GK

Looking to take your practice time to new heights? Our Phoenix Rising CIR014 tank leotard will take you there! This powerful v neck tank leotard on Sublimated FoilTek 
shimmers endlessly under the spot lights. Berry Mystique side panels bring enchanting color against a purple backdrop. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece features an unforgettable emblem design that elongates an imitative deep v neck as a shower of Silver Hologram Sequinz embellish the front.

Dancing Fireflies Cirque du Soleil Leotard by GKIgnite the fire in you in this Dancing Fireflies CIR015 tank leotard. A whimsical vine design creates an exhilarating pop of color across the Sublimated PolyTek fabric. Lemon Lime Holorgam fabric compliments the Lemon Lime Hologram Sequinz that light up the front like dancing fireflies across the night sky.

Mediterranean Magic Cirque du Soleil Leotard by GKTake a trip across the sea in our Mediterranean Magic CIR013 sublimated leotard. You can almost feel the refreshing breeze of the Mediterranean sea in this scoop neck gymnastics leotard sublimated on FoilTek fabric for an impeccable shimmer. Atlantis Matte Tricot and Antique Gold Mystique fabric accent the Gold and Turqoise Hologram Sequinz that make any gymnast feel like a Mediterranean queen. 

If you are entranced by GK's Cirque du Soleil line then be sure to check out the full collection of Cirque du Soleil workout leotards today! Available in girls and women's sizes, these whimsical leotards are sure to turn your practice time into a Utopian paradise.

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GK Introduces Gymnastics Team Leotard Coordinates

GK is excited to announce that we now offer matching gymnastics tank leotards to coordinate with our most popular long sleeve stock competitive gymnastics leotards! Taking our five most popular long sleeve competitive leotard styles, we designed coordinating tank leotards to give you a unified and professional look throughout the competition. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS embellish all of our long sleeve competitive leotards to bring these styles to an Elite level. All team coordinate leotards are In Stock and ready to ship! For a little taste of what we have in store for you, take a look below at some of our exclusive designs and their coordinating tank leos below!

GK's Black and Ocean Long Sleeve Competitive Leotard 5822 GK's Black and Ocean Tank Leotard 3737 GK's Stunning Flame Long Sleeve Competitive Leotard 5838 GK's Stunning Flame Tank Leotard 3740

Our exquisite Black Shatterglass Hologram and Ocean Mystique Scoop Neck Leotard is the perfect balance between striking contrast and elegant audacity as Silver Mystique swirls accent the top. Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS outline the Silver Mystique swirls for a sparkling brilliance unmatched in the industry! Looking to spice things up this season? This Stunning Flame Team Coordinate Leotard Combination is just what you need to inspire new levels of excellence! White Sparkle Hologram accent lines intertwine between Red and Black Mystique fabric in an exquisite display of fierce flames. This bold design is highlighted with Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS across the long sleeve leotard to bring this style to a champion level.

GK's Cherry Lightning Tank Leotard 3741GK's Cheery Lightning Long Sleeve Leo 5839


Our Cherry Lightning Team Coordinating Leotards enchant the judges and leaves the crowds wanting more. This v neck gymnastics leotard boasts of  sharp angels and dynamic designs that mark this masterpiece as a winner on and off the floor. Black and Cherry Mystique dominate this leotard while Steel and Silver Mystique fabric lines break through to add exceptional style. Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS decorate the long sleeve leotard to add additional shine to this already shimmering spectacle.

Click here  to see our other team coordinating styles that will give your team the unity and Elite presence you've been looking for! Contact customer service or your local sales rep to place your order today! 

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Rebound Gymnastics East Elite Shine in GK Competitive Leotards

Rebound Gymnastics East Elite gymnasts turned heads this year in their GK gymnastics leotards! Everywhere they went they sported their sparkling competitive leotards for everyone to see! Whether testing for TOPS or competing at Elite Championships, GK was the first choice for these champions! 

Rebound Elite Gymnasts in GK Tank Leotards

These young gymnasts were bubbling over with excitement at the TOPS testing in their pretty GK girls gymnastics leotards. They choose to take on the USA Gymnastics evaluations with a classic v neck tank leotard, which is similar to our  Asymmetrical Cubic Pink Workout Leotard E2491. Their confidence was undeniable as they walked out onto the floor in these sparkling competitive team leotards. Berry Mystique fabric brings brilliant color and impeccable shine across the top as a contrasting Black Nylon/Spandex accents the bottom. A sleek Black Chaos Nylon/Spandex wrap around design shows off their athletic physique as sparkling Silver Sequinz embellish the contrasting style lines. 

Whether you are looking for preparing for evaluations or training at the Elite level, GK is the leader in gymnastics apparel industry. We are recognized around the world for superior fit, variety and quality. Click here to visit our website and see why we are the champions' choice in competitive gymnastics apparel.

GK. Choice Of Champions.


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GymTek by GK: Training Wear For Serious Gymnasts

GK knows the need for serious gymnasts to have serious workout wear, which is why we offer GymTek training apparel. GymTek gymnastics apparel is a high performance training line that has state of the art technical features, like tagless technology, wicking fabric and flatlock seaming that make hours of practice more comfortable and more productive for the serious gymnast. Most importantly, GymTek gymnastics leotards are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, so athletes can be sure that they have the exceptional fit that GK is known for. 

Our tagless gymnastics apparel eliminates the itching and scratching caused by tags, while flatlock seams make the garment more comfortable by eliminating interior thread and fabric bulk which can cause abrasion after hours of practice. Our exclusive Campus StretchTek compression fabric fits like a soft second skin and features the best moisture wicking properties available today to keep you cool and dry during your workout. 

GK GymTek Gymnastics LeotardGK GymTek Gymnastics LeotardGK GymTek Gymnastics Leotard

GymTek Gymnastics Capris by GKTo keep you focused on and off the floor, GymTek also offers high performance gymnastics apparel in three different colors! Our gymnastics capris with contrasting color combinations and flatlock stitching give you the coverage you're looking for while keeping you cool and comfortable. For those hot summer days, choose our low rise TechMesh workout shorts that offer a contrasting comfort waistband and flatlock stitching. Our GymTek gymnastics leotards come in three popular colors in either a racerback or v neck style to suit your training needs.

GymTek Gymnastics Workout Shorts by GK

Serious gymnasts need serious gymnastics apparel and GK is here to deliver! With our GymTek line you can be sure that your only focus will be in perfecting your skills without having pesky wardrobe irritations distracting you. Click here to see our full line of GymTek apparel and train like an Elite in GK.

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Gabby Douglas Will Take on Cartwheel Record in Pittsburgh

When you hear the name "Gabrielle Douglas" you think Olympic Champion, Gold Medalist, Elite Gymnast, but did you ever think cartwheel queen? Gabby Douglas is back on the scene and her next stop is PittsburghPA to join hundreds of local gymnasts in an incredible attempt to break the record for simultaneous cartwheels with hopes of landing in the Guinness Book of World Records. The cartwheel record was set in the Netherlands in 2009 when 482 athletes came together and simultaneously went head over heels (literally) through the air which landed them a World Record title. This year on June 23, Gabrielle Douglas will be one of the hundreds of gymnasts that are planning to perform this record feat at 12 noon ET on the Roberto Clemente Bridge in downtown Pittsburgh. Be sure to come out and support this epic event and see if you can spot this GK Champion take on yet another record breaking event.

Gabrielle Douglas in Gypsy Wave Leotard by GK

Did you know that this Olympic athlete has partnered with GK to design her own girls' gymnastics apparel? With exclusive prints hand picked by Gabby herself, creative colors, and innovative designs, GK's Gabrielle Douglas Gymnastics Leotards offer the highest quality gymnastics apparel world wide. With GK's perfect fit and Gabby's signature gymnastics apparel, there is no limit to what you can achieve on and off the competition floor! For a limited time only, buy two or more Gabby Douglas leotards and receive 50% and free shipping! Click here for more information on how you can save today!

GK. Choice Of Champions.


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New 2014-2015 Under Armour Gymnastics Catalog Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that the new Under Armour Catalog is coming soon! After a year of perfecting the 2014-2015 Under Armour gymnastics line, we are right on the brink of sharing it with you!  Once again, the two most innovative companies in the gymnastics apparel industry joined together to bring you the finest Under Armour gymnastics leotards in the world! Our partnership with Under Armour strives to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Our joint vision is to empower athletes everywhere by providing top-of-the-line competitive Under Armour gymnastics apparel that will enhance performance, increase confidence and drive you to success.Under Armour Logo

Ladies, get ready to be blown away by a greater variety of tank and long sleeve competitive Under Armour leotards! With new styles and designs for our In Stock and Special Order gymnastics apparel you will have plenty of possibilities to choose from.

Don't worry guys, we have lots in store for you too! This year we have increased our selection of men's Under Armour competitive gymnastics wear and added new styles to enhance your training! We have also added a new sublimated style and the new Campus Stretchtek and Campus Performance Mesh fabrics that are breathable and have moisture wicking properties

New this year, we are excited to provide an expanded selection of men's and women's Under Armour gymnastics warm-ups that are designed to fit the body type and build of a gymnast, as well as our exclusive line of Under Armour gym gear including bags, footwear, and other gym essentials! Under Armour gymnastics apparel by GK will be your one stop shop for all your competitive apparel needs!

To get you pumped up and ready for the 2014-2015 Under Armour catalog release, we are giving away free Under Armour gym bags! Enter to win by checking out our 2013-2014 Under Armour Gymnastics Apparel Line and comment on this blog to tell us what your favorite Under Armour item is! 10 randomly selected people will be chosen to win an Under Armour book bag, sack pack, or duffle bag. Winners will be announced on our blog on Monday June 23, 2014 at 4:00 pm. Stay tuned to our GK Gymnastics Blog and website for the 2014-2015 Under Armour Catalog launch!


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Gabby Douglas Attended Karolyi Gymnastics Summer Camp

After two months of rigorous training with her coach, Liang Chow, the 2012 All-Around Olympic gold medalist headed off to Texas to train at the Karolyi Ranch. After an invitation from Martha Karolyi, Douglas packed up her gymnastics leotards, grabbed her grips and headed down to the official USA Gymnastics National Team Training Center in Huntsville, TX. She has shown incredible progress throughout the past two months as she trained at Chow's Gymnastics and Dance Institute. Chow speaks highly of her progress and believes she has what it takes to make a record comeback! She told GK, "It was great being invited back to the National Team Training Camp! I truly missed being away, and it was awesome reuniting with everyone. I'm really excited to get back in top shape so that I can start competing again."  

Gabrielle Douglas in the Spot Cat Leotard by GK

Also attending Karolyi's Gymnastics Camp were 2012 Olympic Team gold medalist, Kyla Ross, and 2013 All-Around World Champion, Simone Biles. This five day camp is designed to prepare these athletes for upcoming competitions, such as Secret U.S. Classic, P&G Gymnastics Championships, and World Championships. Rigorous conditioning exercises, physical abilities tests and perfecting routine construction are just a few of the tasks ahead for these campers. Good luck to all of our GK Champions! We look forward to seeing you once again on the competition floor!

Gabby Douglas in Dancing Sequinz Tank Leotard by GKWant to train like an Olympian? Check out The Gabby Douglas Collection of GK gymnastics leotards to get your summer started off on the right foot! With exclusive prints hand picked by Gabby, fun colors, and exquisite embellishments you will look and feel like an Elite athlete in Gabrielle Douglas leotards, and for a limited time only buy two or more Gabrielle Douglas leotards and receive 50% off and free shipping! Click here for more information on how you can save, and stay tuned for further updates on this Olympic Champion's comeback!


GK. Choice Of Champions.



Check out the link below for more information on Gabrielle Douglas's leotard line:

Gabrielle Douglas Gymnastics Leotards for Summer

Gabby Douglas Tells GK About her Movie, her Comback, and her Leotards



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Receive 50% Off Aly Raisman & Gabby Douglas Leotards When You Buy 2 or More

From now until June 22, 2014, take 50% off Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas Summer Leotard Styles when you buy 2 or more! If that isn't enough, you will also receive free FedEx Ground Shipping or $8.99 off any expedited FedEx shipping method. Start your summer with a splash as you dive into these signature leotards from the 2012 Olympic Champions! Aly and Gabby worked closely with GK to create some of the most stunning collections yet, and now they can be yours at half the price!

Aly Raisman Ocean Rift Tank Leotard E2478 by GK Alexandra Raisman Scoop Neck Leotard E2479 by GK Aly Raisman Classic Sangria Lace Leotard E2482 by GK Alexandra Raisman Racerback Leotard E2481 by GK Alexandra Raisman Tank Leotard E2480 by GK Aly Raisman V Neck Leotard E2483 by GK

Alexandra Raisman's Leotard Line features sublimated designs, bright colors, and bold style lines. With six different leotards to choose from, you are sure to find your perfect Aly leotard! Hand picked by the Olympic Champion herself, these girl's gymnastics leotards are sure to turn heads this summer! 

Gabby Douglas Berry Sequinz Tank Leotard by GK Gabby Douglas Spot Cat V Neck Tank Leo by GK Gabby Douglas Dancing Sequinz Leotard by GK Gabby Douglas Curvaceous Sport Leotard by GK Gabby Douglas Spot Tank Leo by GK Gabby Douglas Gypsy Wave Leotard by GK

Gabrielle Douglas's Collection features hand picked exclusive prints, sparkling Sequinz, and a variety of necklines. Choose from six of Gabby's leotards for a sassy addition to your leotard collection. Her funky patterns and exhilarating colors bring your workout session to life and get you ready to take on the summer in style!

To freshen up your summer gymnastics wear, enter promo code G14C6AGSUM at checkout to save on these Olymipic Champion signature lines from Alexandra Raisman and Gabby Douglas. This offer is only available from June 13-June 22, 2014 or while supplies lasts and does not include the Berry Sequinz Gabby Shorts or the Aly Sequinz Workout Shorts. Shop Aly and Gabby styles today!

GK. Choice Of Champions. 



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Everyday Champion, Kamrey M., Takes the Gold in GK Gymnastics Leotard

Kamrey M. in GK's Classic Mystique Tank Leotard with SequinzEveryday Champion, Kamrey M., from Aubrey, TX is nothing short of spectacular in her Region 3 GK competitive leotard! This level seven gymnast was the talk of the town after ranking number one in her age division and receiving the All-Around and Floor Gold medals at the USAG Region 3 Regionals. These prestigious accomplishments are well deserved due to her dedication to the sport of gymnastics. Training six hours a day at the Denton Gymnastics Academy, Kamrey knows that in order to be the best you have to compete in the choice of champions: GK girls gymnastics apparel. 

Kamrey's impeccable grace and skill level wasn't the only thing that took the judges breath away. This accomplished gymnast competed in GK's Classic Mystique Girl's Tank Leotard 3456 in Imperial Purple. This scoop neck gymnastics leotard features clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that dazzle across the front as she steps on the floor. The fire and brilliance of these crystals was enough to capture the audience's attention and keep the judges eyes locked on this sparkling GK gymnastics leotard.  

Like our twist on a classic tank leotard? Personalize your gymnastics apparel with our wide selection of In Stock competitive leotards for a one-of-a-kind look. Contact your local sales representative or our customer service department to start designing your gymnastics leotards today!

GK. Choice Of Champions.

Check out these blog posts to see how other USAG regions personalized GK girls gymnastics leotards:

GK Leotards Sparkle at Region 4 Regionals

Region 3 Top Gymnasts Compete in GK Leotards


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Cool Off this Summer in GK's Cool Cat Gymnastics Leotards

Are you looking for the perfect gymnastics style to add to your summer gymnastics leotard wardrobe? Look no further with GK's Cool Cat Collection. As the weather heats up this summer, you are sure to cool off with these vibrant styles in gymnastics workout apparel! These fun pink animal prints and cool blue tones are brilliant blends of classic, fresh, and trendy designs.

Starting off our Cool Cat Collection is our Geometric Workout Leotard E2509. Our elegant Electric Turquoise Mystique tank leotard offers stylish zig zag details on bodice, a flattering Black V neck and slightly curved V back trim. Mix up your gymnastics leo look with our Canyon Cat V Neck Leotard E2506. This unique V neck tank leotard is made in our Canyon Cat Polyester/Spandex print with unique shoulder straps and racer back in Berry and Black Nylon/Spandex fabrics.

Try a sleek design with our Arctic Web Gymnastics Leotard E2507.  This scoop neck workout leotard in Black Nylon/Spandex features our Arctic Web Nylon/Spandex foiled print in the center of bodice with contrasting Turquoise Nylon/Spandex binding and sporty racer back.  If you love this print, you will love our Arctic Web Waterfall Leotard E2510. This trendy asymmetrical neck gymnastics leo is made in our Black Nylon/Spandex features a cascading Arctic Web Nylon/Spandex foiled print waterfall design and Turquoise Sequinz™ detail for a brilliant shine like no other. Last is our pretty Sweetheart Canyon Cat Leo E2508scoop back Black Nylon/Spandex tank leotard with a simple classic neckline and flowing wrap around ribbon design lines in Berry Nylon/Spandex and Canyon Cat Polyester/Spandex print.

We are sure you will love our new Cool Cat Collection. Be sure to flip through our Summer and Camp 2014 Catalog and shop many other hot styles in summer gymnastics leotards today! Be sure to check out our Magenta Madness Collection for Summer 2014 for even more gymnastics workout options!

GK. Choice of Champions.


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Dress Your Little Athletes in GKids Summer Leotards

 Are your little athletes ready for this summer and camp season? Designed specifically for little gymnasts, each GKids style is made with our super soft, no itch fabrics without sacrificing GK's superior fit. This exclusive collection of gymnastics leotards offer adorable styling at reasonable prices.

Your tiny gymnast can have fun while learning new gym techniques in our GKids Kitty Bow Gymnastics Leo E2472. This cute children's Pretty Kitty Polyester/Spandex print tank leotard features a double bow back detail with contrasting Corona Nylon/Spandex fabric insert. She will be super comfy in our GKids Pretty Kitty Biketard E2474.  This adorable children's biketard is a pretty option with an alternating wave of Pretty Kitty Polyester/Spandex print and Corona Nylon/Spandex fabric. It features a classic neckline and scoop back detail. Another beautiful blend of these coordinating fabrics is our GKids Pretty Kitty Gymnastics Leo E2473. This classic girl's high neck workout leotard is made in our Pretty Kitty Polyester/Spandex print with a fun contrasting Corona Nylon/Spandex upper bodice and straps, featuring a sporty geometric back and Black Nylon/Spandex accent line. 


We didn't forget the boys!  Our Men's In Stock Wrap Around Comp Shirt 1853ST is available in children's sizes. This gymnastics competition boys shirt is made in our Black Nylon/Spandex fabric and features a wrap around shoulder design and boy-cut leg. To complete this gymnastics outfit we have paired the wrap around shirt with our Men's In Stock Gymnastics Long Shorts 1818M. Also available in children's sizes theses gymnastics competition shorts offer a 5 inch inseam and elastic drawstring waist. They are slightly longer in length with a mid thigh hemline perfect for the determined gymnast.

Be sure to shop our vibrant GKids Collection for the latest styles in children's gymnastics apparel. For the teens and more mature athlete, you will love our Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman Leos too! Stay tuned for even more hot looks in gymnastics leotards!

GK. Choice of Champions.

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Downtown Ministries Gymnasts Debut in GK Tank Leotards

It was a day filled with excitement as the Downtown Falcons gymnasts prepared to show off their skills to their family and friends in striking GK tank leotards! These cutie pies strutted their stuff on April 26, 2014 at the Downtown Ministries Family Flip Fest in Athens, GA. Performances by four teams included the uneven bars, vault, beam and floor routines. To end the show, all four teams came together for a group dance. These young gymnasts loved every moment of the performance and especially the comfort and glamour of their GK youth tank leotard!

Downtown Ministry Gymnastics Team In GK Tank LeotardsDowntown Ministry Gymnasts Performing in GK Tank Leotards

The Downtown Falcons gymnasts set the stage in our Red & Black Asymmetrical Tank Leotard 3691. This stunning leo showcases a dramatic combination of Black Velvet and Red Slither Hologram. Clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS outline the upper bodice style line while a splash of sparkling crystals burst across the Black Velvet fabric like a radiant shooting star. This leotard guarantees a perfect fit in both child and adult sizes.
If you love this asymmetrical tank leotard, be sure to check out our full selection of In Stock Gymnastics Leotards. Outfit your team for an entire year with the best fitting gymnastic tank leotards in the industry. In stock and ready to ship, we have over 150 styles to ensure you will find what you are looking for to dress your team in the choice of champions: GK.
GK. Choice Of Champions.


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Everyday Champion, Hannah, Flourishes in GK Long Sleeve Gymnastics Leotard

Hannah S. from Winona, MN was so impressed with her GK competition leotard that she and her team, the River City Dynamos, couldn't dream of wearing anything else this year! This everyday champion tells GK, "even though we didn't change our leotards, we did amp up our skills, and moved from division 9 to division 3 in the Midwest Amateur Gymnastics Association (MAGA). I also got my first medal in MAGA on the beam! It was a great season, and our leotards looked great!" This up and coming gymnast is a full force success and is taking GK with her all the way to the top!

Hannah S. Competes in a GK long sleeve leotardThe river City Dynamos Team are all smiles in their GK competitive leotards

The River City Dynamos gymnasts are looking like Elites in our Elegant Swirl Long Sleeve Leotard 5835ST. Black Mystique fabric lays a classic back drop for the Sangria Mystique Swirls to intrude upon as adventurous Steel Mystique swirls dance across the right shoulder. Brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS  intricately outline the Sangria swirls on the front and back of this stunning long sleeve leotard. This In Stock competitive leotard comes in child and adult sizes and is a gorgeous look for all ages. We also offer a coordinating In Stock Elegant Swirl Tank Training Leotard 3739 to match this long sleeve competitive style. 

GK offers more in stock gymnastics apparel variety than any other gymnastics manufacturer. With over 150 styles, your team has more options and the availability to fill in throughout the year. Be sure to check out our website to view our full In Stock Gymnastics Apparel Line and see how you can take you team to a champion level with GK.

GK. Choice Of Champions.


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Have a Blast with GK's Summer Lovin Workout Leotards

Are you ready to shake things up this summer? GK has created the most eye catching designs of the summer with our Summer Lovin gymnastics workout leos! This collection is perfect for the focused gymnast who wants to have some fun this season. Be sure to check out these swirled and shimmering looks before they are all gone.

For a unique dramatic look, check out our Elegant Black Lightning Asymmetrical Leo E2511. This leo features Black Nylon/Spandex side line details, a Black Lightning Nylon/Spandex multi-foiled print, and a sweeping design of Gold Hologram Sequinz™ across upper bodice. You will look fierce in our Berry Lime Workout Leotard E2512 an GK Exclusive Print leo. Made of our Lemon Lime Mystique fabric, this workout leotard offers a wrap around shoulder detail in Sangria Mystique and Black Lightning Nylon/Spandex multi-foiled print with a flowing accent of Berry Hologram Sequinz™. For a smooth shine, go for our Square Passion Workout Leotard E2514 strappy racer back tank leotard featuring a Passion Mystique square neckline and body. This garment is detailed with symmetrical side design lines of a bold Black Nylon/Spandex and Lemon Lime Mystique.

Do you love a soft print with dramatic accents? We have the perfect gymnastics workout design just for you! Our exclusive Coral Lightning multi-foiled print is the way to go. With Black Nylon/Spandex side design lines and binding, our Coral Lightning Keyhole Leotard E2515 is a great option with a classic high neck and twisted keyhole back. For just a touch of print, check out our Coral Lightning Glam Gymnastics Leo E2513. This is a glamorous  Black Nylon/Spandex tank leotard with a contrasting asymmetrical shoulder in Coral Lightning Nylon/Spandex multi-foiled print and a beautiful sweeping Gold Hologram Sequinz™ design.

Get swept away this summer with these bold Summer Lovin 2014 Gymnastics Leotards. Also, be sure to look for our exclusive Gabby Douglas Signature Collection which brings you even more prints and shimmering leos. Shop our entire Summer & Camp 2014 Gymnastics Workout Essentials Catalog now while supplies last!

GK. Choice of Champions.


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Everyday Champion Hailey J.

Contrary to popular belief, competitive gymnastics leotards can be top of the line, personalized and leave the crowds breathless without breaking the bank. Everyday Champion, Hailey J. , from Florida shows us how in her GK 3/4 sleeve gymnastics leotard that she wore at the Region 8 Meet in North Carolina. This gorgeous leotard was a show stopper as SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS shined brighter than diamonds. Hailey loved competing in her GK competitive wear and was so excited to showcase it at the competition. Her mother was equally impressed as she told us, "Thanks for making such a wonderful leotard for this event! She loved it!" There was no doubt the crowd did, too!

Hailey Competing in a GK In Stock w/ Embellishment Leotard

Hailey is looking sensational in our Basic Boat Neck Competitive Leotard 2008 that she customized with 3/4 length sleeves in Red Mystique fabric. GK's world renowned perfect fit allows this leo to impeccably cleave to her tiny physique as she moves across the floor. In order to make this youth gymnastics leotard shine as much as she does she embellished it with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in Cobalt Blue and Brilliance crystals. Additional strands of brilliance SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS embellish the sleeves of this leotard to make it sparkle brighter than a crystal chandelier.

If you love Hailey's twist on GK's basic leotard than shop our In Stock Long Sleeve Leotards today! With the summer months just around the corner, check out our In Stock Tank Leotards in exciting colors and exclusive styles. Click here for a full list of embellishment options that you can add to our In Stock gymnastics apparel to make it a look all your own. Contact your local Gymnastics Sales Representative or our Customer Service Department to place your personalized order today!

GK. Choice Of Champions.

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Get Crazy with Magenta Madness Summer Leotards

Step into summer with GK's hottest gymnastics apparel of the season! We are sure you will find a bright workout leotard suitable for your training and camp sessions this summer with our vibrant shades of Magenta Madness. Choose from bold colors, swirling patterns, and shimmering sequinz designs.

A must have this year is a unique blend of classic styling and modern artistic accents. Our Color Block Tank Leotard E2502 is a multi-colored high scoop neck leo featuring Black Nylon/Spandex fabric . This leo offers  a contrasting wrap around style line along with asymmetrical color blocks of Magenta and Neon Yellow Nylon/Spandex, and a cluster of Lemon Lime Hologram Sequinz™ shimmering down torso. If you are partial to the asymmetrical look, you are going to love our Strappy Lime Potion Workout Leo E2503.  This brilliant tank leotard in Magenta Nylon/Spandex offers Lime Potion Polyester/Spandex foiled print asymmetrical straps, and is beautifully accented with lightly cascading Kelly Green Hologram Sequinz™. For a more athletic style check out our Sporty Grape ZigZag Leo E2505. It is perfectly made in our Grape Mystique fabric with striking zig zag trim side panel designs in vibrant Neon Yellow Nylon/Spandex and offers a deep V back.

Continuing the magenta craze, we have created two striking complimentary designs to our collection. Our Lime Potion Classic Leotard E2501 is a pretty scoop back Lime Potion Polyester/Spandex foiled print workout leotard with a classic high neckline and vibrant Magenta Nylon/Spandex curvy style lines. For a fierce finish check out Lime Wave Sport Leotard E2504, a stylish high neck tank leotard in Lime Mystique featuring a wave of cascading Black Sequinz™ and a Black Nylon/Spandex front wave detail with a beautiful V back.

Whether you want a sporty gymnastics leotard or more glamorous look, GK offers you a wide variety of the latest gymnastics workout apparel. We pride ourselves as the best in the industry and know you will find the perfect style just for you! Shop our Summer Leotards and Camp Styles today! Be sure to check out many other hot styles in our Summer & Camp 2014 Catalog, including our Purple Passion Collection. Hurry, these styles won't last long!

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2014 Junior Olympic Gymnasts Look Stunning in GK Gymnastics Apparel

It was an exciting week at the 2014 Junior Olympic Championships in Jackson, MS, and we loved being a part of it. We saw an incredible display of talent, charisma, and spell binding routines that left us wanting more. As is our tradition, GK outfitted these incredible gymnasts from top to bottom in gorgeous training tanks, long sleeve competitive leotards and gymnastics warm up apparel. Congratulations to all the level 10 gymnasts that competed this year! You are certainly a cut above the rest.

Each region looked astounding as they prepared to compete in a V-neck Long Sleeve Competitive Leotard. Depending on the gymnast's region, their leotard was complemented with colorful Mystique fabric as their region sparkled down the right sleeve in Silver Hologram Sequinz. Striking Silver Mystique zig zag trim detailed the front of this long sleeve gymnastics leotard. Every region also received a Black Nylon/Spandex V-neck Tank Leotard WL392  with a stunning Mystique fabric accent complete with Silver Hologram Sequinz that splashed across the front to highlight their region number. In between routines, these incredible athletes stayed warm in our comfortable  Fitted Micro Knit Warm-Up Jacket L1037 and our Fitted Micro Knit Warm-Up Pants L1038. Stylish, comfortable and functional, these super soft and lightweight, yoga fit gymnastics warm-ups are made of a Black micro knit sport fabric with body slimming features.

Region 6 in a Pyramid Pose at the 2014 Junior Olympics in GK Long Sleeve LeotardsRegion 6 in their GK Gymnastics Warm Up Apparel at JO's 2014

The girls from Region 6 just want to have fun as they worked their way into a pyramid for a picture perfect pose. Even as the competition got intense, they remained in good spirits and brought their region to the top. They know that keeping a balanced focus between fun and keeping a competitive edge is essential to their success. These young athletes are sporting our custom Junior Olympic V-neck Long Sleeve in Black Nylon/Spandex with Electric Turqoise Mystique fabric to add a pop of color.

If you like this look you are going to love our Bridge Line Long Sleeve Leo 7581 that is similar to the leotards worn by the Level 10 National Gymnasts that competed at the Junior Olympic National Championships. If you're ready to look like the Elite than check out our line of Women's Gymnastics Competitive Leotards and get ready to take the competition to the next level with GK.

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Show Your Love for Gymnastics with GK's Summer 2014 Purple Passion Leotard Collection

Summer is soon upon us and here at GK we have designed the most brilliant shades of summer gymnastics apparel and added some pretty prints and sleek modern styles sure to suit your workout leotard style. You will fall in love with our exclusive Purple Galaxy and Orange Potion Polyester/Spandex foiled print fabrics found only at GK. Get the finest seasonal gymnastics leos today and give your workout a boost!

Starting off our Purple Passion collection is our Coral Lightning Classic Workout Leo E2499. This sporty scoop back tank leotard features our Imperial Purple Mystique fabric offset with bold Coral Nylon/Spandex asymmetrical style lines across front of garment. If you're looking for the perfect blend of shimmer, print, and modern styling look no further with our Sweeping Orange Potion Tank Leo E2498. This scoop neck gymnastics leo is made in our Black Nylon/Spandex fabric highlighted with Passion Mystique ribbon striping and Orange Hologram Sequinz™ curved across bodice and finished with Orange Potion Polyester/Spandex foiled print shoulder accent. Take your workout to a whole new world with our Purple Galaxy Keyhole Leotard E2496 a classic gymnastics leo designed in our Purple Galaxy Polyester/Spandex foiled print with unique keyhole back and Gypsy Nylon/Spandex binding.

Take a modern twist in your gymnastics workout gear with our Purple Darling Classic Leo E2497 shown on the left. This scoop back Purple Nylon/Spandex tank leotard is a classic cut leo with the stylish flair of contrasting Gypsy Nylon/Spandex fabric and a Purple Galaxy Polyester/Spandex foiled printed ribbon design from shoulder to hip. The scoop back features the same unique design flowing from shoulder to side. Shown to the right is our last but certainly not least vibrant Strappy Orange Potion V Neck Leo E2500. This fun printed gymnastics workout tank leo is made in our shiny Orange Potion Polyester/Spandex foil print fabric with symmetrical side line design and delicate strappy back in coordinating Gypsy Nylon/Spandex.

You can't go wrong with these trendy yet classic gymnastics leos perfect for summer! Get one of these brilliant looks today! Feeling playful? Be sure to check out our exclusive Gabby Douglas Summer 2014 Gymnastics Leos here. Shop our entire 2014 Summer Gymnastics Leotards Collection and don't forget this season's top looks in Camp Wear.

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GK's Competitive Gymnastics Wear Is Made In The USA

GK Elite Sportswear is an American manufacturer of Competitve Gymnastics apparel focusing on leotards and warm-ups. Based in Reading, Pennsylvania, GK Elite Sportswear, L.P., the company behind the GK Gymnastics brand, continues its commitment to American-made quality and continuous innovation in designs for gymnastics apparel. When you buy your competitive wear from GK you help support American workers with fair wages and good benefits. We employee over 350 employees and are the only company in the industry that does everything under one roof. From ordering, to processing, to manufacturing, to shipping, you can rest assured that your competitive gymnastics apparel is brought about right in your back yard. Executing everything from our headquarters in Reading, PA allows us to be a step above our competitors by giving us the ability to better manage and control our gymnastics apparel, as well as cut down on shipping time and offer competitive shipping costs. We are proud that every one of our competitive wear products are sewn in the USA in Reading, PA, and love passing that pride onto our customers as they purchase GK products.

With GK, you can feel good about wearing American-made competitve wear. Everytime you see that "Made in USA" tag inside your gymnastics leotard take pride in knowing you are supporting your fellow countrymen. Shop online to see the gymnastics apparel that makes every athlete an American champion.

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