Everyday Champions: 2011 TXUSAG Level 5 Team

Check out the Kurt Thomas Gymnastics TXUSAG Level 5 Team of Frisco, TX at their first meet of 2011. The 5P gymnasts finished first place with a score of 117.55, with 8 girls finishing in the top 10 AA out of all athletes competing.

Their new GK gymnastics leotards were a big hit at the competition!!

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GK Fall-Winter Gymnastics Leotards COMING SOON

Coming Soon: the NEW Fall-Winter Workout Essentials catalog from GK featuring gymnastics apparel from the industry's leader, GK Elite Sportswear!

GK Fall-Winter Gymnastics Leotards & Apparel

This all new catalog will be available September 26 through February 1 and offers the latest fall-winter collections, featuring Nastia Liukin Leotards, Shawn Johnson Leotards, and our popular GKids Collection, made for little gymnasts everywhere.  With over 50 styles to choose from, GK offers the more variety than any other gymnastic leotard manufacturer!

There is something for everyone in the new Fall-Winter collection, so be the first to check it out on Monday, September 26th.  You won't want to miss out on over 20 value priced gymnastics leotards under $30!  With the largest variety and great affordability, be sure to order your new gymnastic apparel today.

GK. Choice of Champions.

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47 of 50 Gymnasts at Visa Championship Chose GK

The 2011 Visa Championship in Saint Paul, Minnesota was a great competition where the nation's most talented gymnasts competed for the top spot in the country.  It was also proof that GK is the Choice of Champions because 47 out of 50 gymnasts who competed wore GK.  Jordyn Wieber, All-Around National Champion in the senior division, wore two amazing GK competitive leotards - one in gold and white and the other in a stunning purple mystique.

Jordyn WeiberJordyn Wieber Visa Championships Finals

2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson from Chow's Gymnastics made a magnificent comeback proving she's still got it.  Her competitive gymnastic leotard from finals was one of our favorite GK Custom Designs.  Shawn finished 4th on beam and 6th on bars.

Shawn Johnson Visa Championships
Aly Raisman from Brestyans gym finished 11th bars, 6th beam, 3rd floor, and 3rd all around in her GK competition leotard.

Alexandra Raisman Visa Championships

Mckayla Maroney from All Olympia gym finished 2nd all around and Gabrielle Douglas from Chows placed 7th.

Makayla Maroney Visa ChampioinshipsGabrielle Douglas

The Caquatto sisters from Legacy Elite also had a great night with Mackenzie finishing 4th all around, 2nd on bars, and 10th on floor while Bridgette placed 6th all around, 9th on bars, and 7th on floor.

Caquatto SistersCaquatto Sisters

2008 Olympian Chellsie Memmel from M&M gym finished 8th in the All-Around Competition, with a fantastic 2nd place finish on beam and 6th place finish on floor exercise.

Chellsie Memmel

Sabrina Vega from Dynamic gym placed 5th All-Around and secured 5th on beam and 4th on floor.

Sabrina Vega

Other gymnasts sporting GK were Sophia Lee and Rebecca Bross from WOGA , and Jessie Deziel from Twin City Twisters.

LeeRebecca BrossDeziel
GK. Choice of Champions.
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Everyday Champion Shelby F. told GK, "I am beautiful!"

Shelby F. of Garlands Gymnastics in Kennewisk, Washington told GK  that this gymnastic leotard makes her feel great and gives her more self confidence because when she looks good, she shines when she performs.  Plus, Shelby continues,  "GK leos never wear out!"

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The GK Gymnastic Leotard Miracle of the New Millennium!

Did you ever wonder how GK became the choice of champions all over the world?  This month we will feature a series of articles tracking the evolution of GK gymnastics apparel and the company's involvement in the world of gymnastics.

Kristen Maloney competes in an adidas leotard manufactured by Elite Sportswear in SydneyElite Sportswear's strength and ability were tested three months before the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia, when they were asked by the USA Gymnastic Federation to manufacture adidas apparel for Team USA.  Elite's superior leotard fit made them desirable to the top gymnasts.  Completing Team USA's Olympic Game leotards in just three months was a feat that most could not successfully complete.  GK Elite Sportswear finished each and every leotard in time for the Sydney Olympics!

In 2001, GK leotard designs continued to improve with the institution of the laser jewel option.  The same year, Elite sold their first novelty items in their new Holiday Catalog!

After three years of updates and improvements, Elite created their first website, a high tech site in seven languages!  The Design Studio revolutionized the industry in 2004 when GK Elite became the first gymnastics apparel company to provide an interactive design program.  Customers could now create, price, and order all on their own!

Try out GK's new and improved interactive Design Studio to customize your favorite Special Order leotards today!
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GK's Evolution of Leotard at National Congress

While you're at National Congress, come see GK's exhibit, Evolution of a Leotard, at the Excel Center from Wednesday, August 17 through Saturday, August 20.  You'll learn all about the various steps it takes to bring a gymnastics leotard from the designer’s original concept to the finished gymnastics leotard you see in the GK catalog.  Read more about these fun & interesting steps here.

PLUS, as a special bonus Nastia Liukin will be at the Evolution of a Leotard exhibit on Friday, August 19 from 3:00-4:00 pm and Saturday, August 20 from 5:30-6:00 pm to show you some of her newest line of GK gymnastics leotards and sign autographs for her fans.

Inspiration of a Leotard
An inspiration board of the many places a designer can get ideas for new designs and colors.

Inspiration of a Gymnastics Leotard

Sketches of a Leotard
Several sketches are made to bring the designers mental images to life.

Sketches of a Gymnastics Leotard

Pattern Making of a Leotard
A sample of what the pattern used to cut out the leotard for sewing  looks like.

Gymnastic Leotard Pattern

Cutting the Fabric of a Leotard
Shows all the individual pieces in a leotard before it is sent to sewing.

Cutting the Fabric of a Gymnastic Leotard

The Finished Leotard
What the finished product looks like, including all the necessary tags and instructions.

Nastia Liukin Leotard

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2011 Back to School Value Tanks Collection

The Value Tank Gymnastic Leotards for Girls featured in GK's 2011 Back to School catalog offers a great variety of different patterns and styles.  Choose from foiled or hologram nylon/spandex leotards with scoop back designs.  This leotard collection is sure to fit any budget with its value pricing.  All letoards are under $30!


Gymnastics leotard style E1752 is a classic scoop back hologram tank leotard with flower design in cruising hologram.

This classic foiled tank leotard style E1754 comes in blue lizard nylon/spandex with foil and features a scoop back.   
Gymnastic leotard style E1753 is a classic foiled leo that comes in Black/Gold nastalgia nylon/spandex with scoop back.

Classic foiled tank leotard style E1756 come in a green chameleon creature nylon/spandex with foil and scoop back.  

This zebreeze nylon/spandex with foil classic tank leotard style E1755 features scoop back and foiled red/black design.


Blue cracked ice leotard style E1757  is a classic foiled tank leo in cracked ice nylon/spandex with scoop back.
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Winner of GK's Color Your Leo Contest is Announced

Congratulations to Sarah Ellingboe for winning the GK Color Your Leo contest!  A custom replica of Sarah's competitive gymnastics leotard design will be on display at the 2011 National Congress in St Paul, Minnesota later this month!

Leotard Design WinnerAs the Grand Prize Winner, Sarah will also receive 4 All-session VIP tickets and 4 Hospitality passes for the 2011 Visa Championships, an invitation to model the leotard at the GK Elite Fashion Show in Saint Paul and a spot in the 2011 Visa Championships program guide which features her leotard!

Congratulations and great job Sarah!

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The 2011 Back to School Mystique Collection

The 2011 Back to School catalog features a collection of bright mystique tank leotards perfect for the back to school season.  The collection offers 3 unique gymnastic leotards in either berry, orangeade, or lime mystique.  These leo's feature clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS accents along the neck line and a strappy back design.


Gymnastics Leotard style E1734 is a scoop back leotard with strappy back in berry mystique and blue jean denim trim.  This tank leotard has clear jeweled accents along the scoop neckline, Jeweled GK logo and a matching berry mystique scrunchie!


V-neck leotard style E1735 is a strappy back gymnastic leotard in orangeade mystique and blue denim trim. Clear jeweled accents border the neck line as well as the GK logo and a matching orangeade mystique scrunchie is included.


Tank leotard style E1736 is a strappy back leo in lime mystique and blue jean denim trim. 
Trimmed with neck line clear jeweled accents and GK jeweled icon will have you standing out this school year.  Matching lime mystique scrunchie included!         
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2011 Back to School Hologram Leotard Collection

The hologram collection that is featured in the 2011 Back to School catalog offers bright gymnastic leotards with velvet trim and jeweled accents.  Choose from three great colors and designs from turquoise, ocean, or berry.  Each leotard comes with a matching scrunchie!  


Iceberg leotard style E1727 comes in a classic tank ocean velvet with blue iceberg hologram.  It features clear jeweled accents around the neck line and comes with matching scrunchie.


Square neck gymnastic leotard style E1729 features a mid-back opening and T-back strap.  This leotard comes in a turquoise iceberg hologram and aqua velvet with clear jeweled accents along the strap line.


Gymnastic sweetheart leotard style E1728 offers a mid-back opening and clear jeweled accents in pink iceberg hologram and berry velvet.

Shop all of GK's 2011 Back to School Gymnastics Leotards here!

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2011 Back To School Supergirl Collection by Nastia Liukin

The Supergirl collection of gymnastics apparel is featured in the 2011 back to school catalog and offers two great red and blue gymnastic leotards as well as a workout short.  This collection represents Nastia's creativity for fashion & design.  Every gymnastics leotard comes with the iconic Supergirl jeweled icon and matching scrunchie!

The Supergirl leotard style SG018 features v-neck with zig zag trim in red mystique, navy mystique, and steel mystique.  It features jeweled Supergirl icon and matching scrunchie.

Nastia's gymnastic leotard style SG016 is a strap back tank leotard in navy mystique, red mystique, and steel mystique.  This leotard features clear jeweled Supergirl icon and matching scrunchie!

Supergirl workout short style SG017 comes in navy mystique with the supergirl jeweled icon on the right hip.  They go great with both of these Supergirl gymnastics leotards!
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GK Gymnastics Apparel at the 2011 Covergirl Classic

The 2011 Covergirl Classic brought great talent from gymnasts.  Competing in four events, vault, bars, beam, and floor, this is the first major national competition in the women's elite gymnastics season. There were many wearing GK competitive gymnastic leotards, one of them being Shawn Johnson.

Shawn Johnson 2011 Covergirl

Returning after 3 years it was a time for Shawn to get back on the beam and get her gears moving again.  She was sporting a GK long sleeve custom competitive leotard, shown above, as well as a turquoise camp leotard during warm-up.  Placing 20th in the all around rank, is not like her from 3 years ago, but this was her first competition to get her warmed up for her Visa Championships in August.  Looking at her performances from the other events she placed 11th on the bars, 16th on the beam, and 16th on the floor.

There were many gymnasts wearing GK gymnastic apparel including the Senior All-Around Champion Aly Raisman wearing her GK classy sweetheart competitive leotard.  Aly also placed 1st on floor, 18th bars, and 3rd beam.  Jordyn Wieber placed 1st in the bars, beam, and 16th floor wearing a petal design competitive leotard, shown below.  Chellsie Memmel also did great scoring an all around 2nd and 6th on bars, 5th on beam, and 4th floor.  Senior Gymnast Sabrina Vega also wore a GK elegant sweetheart swirl leo and ranked 3rd all around, 2nd on floor, 7th beam, and 12th bars.  All of these gymnasts were wearing GK gymnastic apparel and represent how GK is the choice of champions.


GK Competitive Leotards were also seen on many Juniors.  All Around Junior Champion Kyla Ross wore her dramatic tribal gym leotard and also brought home 2nd on vault, 3rd floor, and 4th beams and won the junior division.  Lexie Priessman is another junior we spotted in a stunning GK flame competitive leotard.  She placed 2nd all around, 1st on vault, 3rd beam, and 2nd floor.  Katelyn Ohashi who placed 3rd all around also placed 5th on vault, 1st bars, 2nd beam, and 9th floor while wearing a dramatic asymmetrical competitive leotard.  All of these girls wore GK competitive leotards and did a great job representing themselves and GK.    

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The 2011 Back to School Houndstooth Collection

The Houndstooth Collection which is featured in the 2011 Back to School Catalog features bold and fun gymnastics leotards and a mini workout short in Black and Red Nylon/Spandex and Red Houndstooth Nylon/Spandex with foil.  All of the workout leotards in this collection come with matching scrunchies, too!
GK Red Houndstooth & Black Tank Leo
The GK Red Houndstooth & Black Tank Leotard Style E1731 is a classic gymnastics tank leotard with a creative mid back opening and clear jeweled accents.  This leotard comes with a matching Red Houndstooth scrunchie and is available in child and adult sizes.
GK Children's Red Tank Leotard
The Children's Red Tank Leotard Style E1733 is a children's V neck gymnastic leotard embellished with an adorable puppy dog applique.  Your little gymnast is sure to love the fun applique and matching Red Houndstooth scrunchie!
GK V-neck Jeweled Tank Leotard
The V-neck Jeweled Tank Leotard Style E1730 is Black Nylon/Spandex with a dash of Red Houndstooth Nylon/Spandex with foil.  This gymnastics leotard features sparkling clear jeweled accents and comes with a matching Red Houndstooth hair scrunchie.
GK Red Houndstooth Workout Short
This collection also features Red Houndstooth Workout Short Style E1732 which goes great with any of the matching Houndstooth leotards!

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2011 Back to School Shawn Johnson Collection

Get Back to School with the latest from Shawn Johnson's Signature Collection, which includes six new and playful Shawn Johnson leotards designed by Shawn herself.  Included in the line is a children's biketard with fierce animal print and berry trim for your little champion.  Select from three unique prints or popular solid mystiques.
Zig Zag Trim Shawn Johnson Tank Leo from GK
Zig Zag Trim Shawn Johnson Leotard Style E1744 features a classic scoop neck gymnastics leotard with a strappy back and fun zig zag trim accents in Black Mystique, Electric Turquoise Mystique, and Berry Mystique.  This leotard comes with a matching Black Mystique scrunchie!
Children's Shawn Johnson Biketard from GK
The Children's Shawn Johnson Biketard Style E1745 has a strappy back and has a matching Rainbow Fierce scrunchie.  Your child will love how the Rainbow Fierce Hologram goes with Black and Berry Nylon/Spandex.
Berry & Black Shawn Johnson Tank from GK
The Berry and Black Shawn Johnson Tank Leotard Style E1743 is a asymmetrical strap leotard embellished with metallic nail head accents and includes a matching Berry Mystique scrunchie for your hair!
Shawn Johnson Strappy Tank Leo from GK
The Shawn Johnson Strappy Tank Leo Style E1740 is a square neck gymnastic leotard with a strappy back and black jeweled accents and comes with a Foiled Silver Splendor scrunchie.  The fun Foiled Silver Splendor Nylon/Spandex with foil and Electric Turquoise Mystique are sure to make you stand out!
Assymetrical Shawn Johnson Tank from GK
The Asymmetrical Shawn Johnson Gymnastics Leotard Style E1741 in Gold Mystique and Regal Peacock Nylon/Spandex with foil features electric blue jeweled accents and includes a matching Regal Peacock scrunchie.
Shawn Johnson T-back Leotard from GK
The Shawn Johnson T-back Leotard Style E1742 is a classic tank leotard with a mid-back opening and clear jeweled accents.  It features a bold and fun Rainbow Fierce Hologram outlined in Black Nylon/Spandex and comes with a matching Rainbow Fierce scrunchie.
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GK Elite Shawn Johnson Photo Shoot

You've come to the right place for a sneak peak at Shawn Johnson's signature collection of gymnastics workout leotards!  Recently, Shawn had a photo shoot with GK to photograph pictures for the new 2011-2012 Fall/Winter catalog which has yet to be released.  Her GK signature gymnastics leotards will add some fun to the fall and winter months with their bright and exhilarating colors and fabrics!  Here are some exclusive pictures from the photo shoot!
Shawn Johnson chooses her favorite GK fabricsShawn Johnson GK Signiture Gymnastics Leotard Collection
Shawn Johnson gets her make up done at the GK photoshoot.Shawn Johnson gets her make up done at the GK photoshoot
If the anticipation for Shawn's new signature line of gymnastics tank leotards is too much for you, check out www.gkelite.com to browse all our gymnastics leotards and apparel!

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What's New with GK In-Stock?

GK Elite is the world's leading brand of gymnastics leotards and apparel and is recognized around the world for variety, quality, fit, and service.  You won't only stand out in GK's Special Order leotards, but you will also make your mark in GK's IN STOCK leotards.  It would be easy to mistake the garments in GK's new IN STOCK catalog for Special Order leotards.  With this said, GK now has even more variety and selection in their new 2011-2012 IN STOCK Apparel for Teams & Pro Shops catalog.

2011-2012 In Stock Catalog

To make your leotards even more fun and exciting, we have added 6 new Sparkle fabrics to our IN STOCK selection.  There is a new Stock basic leotard style 3674 that is a nylon/spandex v-neck leo and is available in four bold colors: berry, turquoise, sangria, and purple.  New leotard styles have been added to our Long Sleeve Stock collection to reflect our most popular competitive styles at a great price!  There are new Coordinating Stock Warm-ups in which the same style/color is available in both Elite Fitted and Unisex fits.  We've improved our Capri and Tights by adding a low rise waistband.  New GK Grip bags and a new gymnastics slipper have been added to the gymnastics accessories.  

Additions have also been made to the adidas gymnastics selection.  There are now two new Long Sleeve Stock Leotards and two more Stock Elite Fitted Warm-up sets from adidas!  To go along with the Stock pants, adidas has designed matching Unisex Jackets. 

Check out all our newest IN STOCK gymnastics leotards, apparel, and accessories from GK and adidas online today!

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What's New in GK Women's Competitive Leotards?

GK Elite is the world's leading brand of gymnastics leotards and apparel and is recognized around the world for variety, quality, fit, and service above the rest of its competitors.

Nasita Liukin LeotardFortunately for you, GK has released their newest and most innovative Special Order and IN STOCK competitive gymnastics leotards and apparel  in their 2011-2012 Women's Competitive Wear and Warm-Ups catalog. 

Our fabric selection has been revamped just for you!  We now have 20 new fabrics including iced velvet, berry nylon/spandex, sangria and dark olive mystique, just to name a few.  Mix and match your favorite fabrics to create gymnastics apparel that is perfect for your team!

You will LOVE our new, simplified pricing.  It's never been so easy to price your Special Order gymnastics apparel.  Gk now offers one price per garment, per style - regardless of quantity, size, or fabric selection.  No more charts and no more calculations!   Each style is available at one low price.

Fit has been improved on GK Gymnastics Stretch Woven, Elite Fitted, and Unisex Warm Up styles so that you can be even more comfortable!

As an alternative to scrunchies, GK Special Order Headband style GK09 is now available in nylon/spandex, hologram/nylon spandex with foil and velvet!  Customize yours by adding jewels!
Check out the newest gymnastics leotards and apparel and all the great Option changes in our 2011-2012 Women's Competitive Wear and Warm-Ups catalog today!

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Everyday Champion: Brynlee

Brynlee K of Midwest Gymnastic Connection in Catlin, Illinois recently competed in her very first competition.  She wore the team's Level 4 gymnastics leotard.

Congratulations, Brynlee!

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GK Uses the World's Finest Swarovski Elements on Gymnastics Leotards

GK pioneered the use of Swarovski Elements in the gymnastics industry fifteen years ago and continues to make our leotards shine using the industry's ultimate crystals.  We use only the world's finest Austrian-made Swarovski Elements, not cheap glass or acrylic imitations.  It is appropriate that GK uses Swarovski Elements exclusively on all of our gymnastics garments because Swarovski Elements are the best in the industry.  Consumers beware!  Under bright lights, all varieties of crystals may look similar, but under competition lighting, real crystals will "light up" while imitations will falter. 

"Swarovski Elements is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski." 
Swarovski Elements crystals shine on Nastia Liukin's Competition Leotard

Be confident that your gymnasts will sparkle on the floor by checking out our variety of gymnastics leotards which can all be embellished with Swarovski Elements!
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Choosing a Gymnastics Program That Will Benefit Your Gymnast In The Future

If your child’s goal is to make it to the Elite level of gymnastics and even receive a full gymnastics college scholarship, choosing the BEST gymnastics program for your child is the first step to success. Putting your child in gymnastics requires family dedication and may involve tough family decisions. Families may have to make a sacrifice and decide to move out of state for their child to get the best gymnastics experience they can possibly get.

Here are helpful hints to choosing the BEST gymnastics program:

1. A top gymnastics program will have a coaching staff who has had many years of experience competing in the top levels of gymnastics and also coaching top gymnasts in the country.
2. A top coaching staff will have individual top accolades:
           A. Coach of the Year
           B. Olympic Coach
           C. Led gymnasts on to;
                1. Receive Full College Scholarships
                2. Become National Team Members
                3. Become Olympic Team Members
                4. Become World Championship Team Members.
3. A top program would have been voted top gymnastics facility in the area, state or even country.
4. A great facility will have top of the line equipment and will also have many different sets of each gymnastics event.
5. A program that offers Men’s gymnastics, Women’s gymnastics, Cheerleading and Special Olympic Programs.
6. A program that offers gymnastics to children age 1 and UP. Beginning in a program, and growing up in the same program is a huge benefit for a gymnast.
7. A program that offer dance lessons for gymnasts. Dance is an essential tool for all gymnasts.
8. The top programs will have a mission to provide boys and girls with the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of gymnastics while becoming part of a gymnastics family.
9. The program must be committed to helping a gymnast to be the best they can be.
10. A program that offers financial scholarships.

A program that has a competitive team who wears GK Elite Sportswear Custom Gymnastics Leotards and Apparel will always look the BEST!

Parkettes Custom GK LeotardsParkette Custom GK Warm-Ups

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