These Mickey Mouse Fun Facts May Surprise You

November 18, 1928 is the day one of the most – if not THE most – iconic animated characters in history was born. To celebrate his 88th birthday, here are a few Mickey Mouse fun facts that may surprise you.

Mickey Mouse was NOT Walt Disney’s first cartoon creation.

Mickey Mouse Fun Facts Oswald Rabbit

Sure, Mickey gets all the fame and glory, but any true Disney fan knows the story of Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald was created while Walt and animator Ub Iwerks were under contract at Universal Studios. The character became quite popular, but since Universal owned the rights to the unlucky rabbit, poor Oswald was lost in ambiguity until Disney regained the rights in 2006. Oswald eventually got his moment in the sun in the video game Epic Mickey where he played a key role inhabiting a “Wasteland” for forgotten cartoon characters.

Who the heck is Mortimer!?

Originally Mickey was going to be named Mortimer.

Walt Disney’s original name for Mickey was Mortimer. His wife convinced him to change it. Mortimer Mouse was eventually introduced as Mickey’s rival in the aptly-titled short “Mickey’s Rival.”

Mickey Mouse started out as a failure.Image result

Walt Disney unofficially debuted Mickey during a private test screening of the short cartoon “Plane Crazy” on May 15, 1928. Unfortunately, the audience wasn’t impressed by the mouse. Disappointed, but not defeated, Walt went back to the drawing board and produced a second Mickey Mouse short, “The Gallopin’ Guacho.” Once again, the test screening didn’t go well and Walt couldn’t find a distributor for the project.

History was made on November 18, 1928 when “Steamboat Willie” was screened in New York and picked up a distributor. Due to the successful screening, this is the date that the Disney Company considers Mickey’s debut. This is proof that if you love what you do and believe in yourself, anything is possible!

Mickey Mouse has a different name depending on where you go.

Image result for mickey mouse earth

That’s right! Mickey’s name is different in different parts of the world. For example, he is known as Musse Pigg in Sweden, Topolino in Italy, Finnish Hiiri in Finland, and Mi Lau Shu in China!

Walk across the stars.

Image result for mickey mouse hollywood star

Believe it or not, Mickey Mouse is actually the first cartoon character to get his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star was received to honor his 50th birthday. Poor Oswald still hasn’t gotten over it.

Why did it have to be mice!?

Image result for walt disney scared of mice

Okay, how’s this for irony? Walt Disney was actually afraid of mice! We’re sure there’s a lesson about overcoming your fears somewhere in there, but really we just want to cuddle up under some warm blankets and have a Disney movie marathon!

We hope you enjoyed these Mickey Mouse fun facts! Happy birthday, Mickey!

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