10 Things to Know When Washing Gymnastics Apparel

Want to know the secret to keeping your gymnastics apparel looking like brand new no matter how many times it’s washed? Fortunately, there is no secret! Just follow this 10 step guide on the best practices for washing your gymnastics apparel to maximize their wear.

5 DOs and DON'Ts when Washing Gymnastics Apparel

1.  Wash garments separately.

2. Turn garments inside out when washing.

3. Gently hand wash in a large volume of cold water and use a mild liquid detergent.

4. Fabric softeners negatively affect the adhesives used in our garments, causing the foil on our fabrics to discolor and the embellishments to fall off.

5. Don’t allow garments to soak in water or detergent.

6. Rinse immediately.

7. Pat dry with a clean towel and use a thick plastic hanger to air dry.

8. Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric and embellishments used in our garments.

9. The heat from an iron can melt and/or discolor the delicate fabrics in our garments. Excessive heat can also weaken the adhesives used to attach the embellishments to the garment and cause them to fall off.

10. Items such as, but not limited to, alcohol in aerosol product, perfumes, body lotions, and deodorant can damage fabrics and cause discoloration, stains, and other unwanted affects.

Click here for more information on washing gymnastics apparel.

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