Gold Medal Coach: Mihai Brestyan

Mihai Brestyan is one of the most successful coaches in the United States. He has over 20 years of coaching experience, including coaching Olympic team captains Alicia Sacramone in 2008 and Aly Raisman in 2012. Him and his wife Silvia, are graduates of Romanian University in Physical Education Sciences with graduate studies in coaching techniques. They coached members of the Romanian, Israeli, and United States National Teams.

IMG_2889This Gold Medal coach has devoted his life to the success of his athletes. Keep reading to learn what his most successful training technique is, what it takes to become an Elite, and more.

GK: What do you feel is your most successful technique used in coaching?
MB: Paying attention to the details and encouraging the athlete to be dedicated and determined to be a champion. Small details make a big difference. 

GK: From a coach’s stand point, what does it take to become an Elite gymnast?
MB: Overall dedication to the sport. 

GK: What has been the biggest highlight of your career?
MB: Winning the gold team medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  Aly’s floor gold medal was the second best moment. 

GK: What is the biggest lesson you learned when coaching Aly Raisman for the 2012 Olympics?
MB: Determination to be the best is most important, not just the talent.  Hard work is more important than talent.

GK: Do you feel Aly Raisman is ready for the 2016 Olympic Games? Why or why not?
MB: We are working hard for it, and we have hope she will be ready.

Thank you, Mihai for all your hard work and dedication to the sport of gymnastics. Your exceptional contributions to your athletes shows through their success. We look forward to seeing your athletes continue to rise to the top.

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