Gold Medal Coaches: Andy and Jeanelle Memmel

Andy and Jeanelle Memmel of M&M Gymnastics in New Berlin, WI are no strangers to the spotlight. This dynamic duo coached three of their daughters to follow in their footsteps, including 2008 Olympic Team Silver Medalist Chellsie Memmel, all while owning a successful gym. With over 30 years of gymnastics experience under their belt, they know a thing or two on how to balance being a parent and a coach as well as how important an experienced, well trained staff is to the success of their gym.

10302101_1497072873841829_9030064409738680800_nGK: How do you keep up with the rapid expansion of M&M Gymnastics?
M&M: Working lots of long hours and being sure to hire experienced, well trained staff.

GK: Having three daughters following in your footsteps, how do you balance being a parent and a coach?
M&M: When we were at home, we were parents, and when we were at the gym, we were coaches & parents. Outside of the gym, we made sure to do various activities including T-Ball, snowmobiling, swimming, and biking to maintain a good family relationship.

GK: How did you manage running the gym while your daughter, Chellsie, was training and participating in the 2008 Olympics?
M&M: Having a great staff to rely on and who was supportive of the situation.

GK: How do you help foster the potential in young athletes to become Elites?
M&M: By having a positive atmosphere in the gym while teaching technically sound gymnastics.

GK:What advice would you give to gym owners who are coaching their kids?
M&M: Treat your kids as you treat your other gymnasts. It’s easy to get caught up being harder on your child. Let it be their gymnastics. You are the coach. Leave the gymnastics at the gym.

Thank you, Andy and Jeanelle, for all your hard work and dedication to the sport of gymnastics. We wish you continued success!

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