Gold Medal Coach: Aimee Boorman

Coaches are so much more than trainers. They are mentors, legacy builders, and an athlete’s biggest cheerleader. GK wants to honor these cornerstones in the sport of gymnastics by featuring them in our Gold Medal Coaches Series. We have reached out to different coaches and gym owners to share their insights and successes on how to train the next Olympic Champion.

Aimee HeadShotAimee Boorman of World Championships Centre will be starting our Gold Medal Coaches Series. Her passion for coaching is evident in her strong relationship with World and National Champion Simone Biles. Aimee shares with us what it’s like to coach a high profile Elite and how to encourage the champion inside.

GK: Explain a little about your background with the sport of gymnastics and how you got into coaching.
AB: I began gymnastics when I was six, in the Chicago Park District.  After about a year, I moved to Lakeshore Academy to train in the USGF program.  I initially got into coaching to help defer the cost of my tuition, but quickly found that coaching was something I loved doing.

GK: What was the move from Bannon’s Gymnastix to the World Champion Centre like?
AB: The move was hard because I had been with Bannon’s Gymnastix for almost 17 years. It was a major part of my life, but there were signs that it was time to move on.

GK: Tell us a little about the relationship between you and Simone.
AB: Simone refers to me as a second mom.  Those are big shoes to fill, so I prefer to say that I am her “really cool Aunt”.  I have known Simone since she was seven and have watched her grow and mature over the years.  We have gone through a lot together, and because of that, we have become very close.  She is now 18, and we have a much more mature relationship based on respect and trust.  I have always found that respecting the athlete for the person that they are will always nurture the champion inside of them.

GK: From a coach’s stand point, what does it take to become an Elite gymnast?
AB: Becoming an Elite gymnast takes much more than just raw talent.  I would say the number one key factor is a great support system.  When you take raw talent and mix it with a strong family unit, a supportive coach, and the dedication of the athlete, an Elite athlete can arise. 

GK: When did you realize Simone’s incredible potential and how do you encourage her to reach it?
AB: I knew that Simone had great potential right from the start.  She exhibited great air-awareness and a desire to flip.  What she has had to learn is hard work.  Simone has always been dedicated, but learning true hard work was a bit of a process.  I have encouraged her talent by being a very pro-active coach.  I knew that I would have to educate myself to keep up with her talent.  

Simone does gymnastics, but it doesn’t define who she is.  I have always encouraged Simone to enjoy her life.  If she takes a day off, or a vacation, she tends to return to the gym refreshed and ready to work.  She understands that there are times to play and times to work.  She understands that different times of the year require different levels of expectations and she has learned to adapt to them.

One of my mottos is, “It’s just gymnastics!”   We are not solving the problems of the world. These athlete will not be able to be gymnasts their entire lives, so they need to know their value outside of gymnastics.  They need to take time for their education, their families, and their life experiences.  If they can find balance in these areas, they will do gymnastics from a place of joy which will help them excel!

Thank you, Aimee, for all your hard work and dedication to the sport of gymnastics. Your exceptional contributions to Simone Biles shows through her success. We look forward to seeing you and Simone at the 2015 World Championship!

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Wendy Bruce
Reply November 20, 2015

I love Aimee. Sometimes coaches can get caught up in the push. They can see talent and opportunity and think that one day off will set them back. It is a pleasure to see that Aimee didn't get caught up in the push and let Simone's gymnastics grow out of respect, trust, and love.

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