A chat with GK’s newest leotard designer, Aly Raisman

GK had the pleasure of hosting another photo shoot with Olympic Gold Medalist Aly Raisman, this time for her Spring 2012 Signature Collection.  We have to keep her latest gymnastics leotard designs under wraps for now, but Aly Raisman did take the time to answer some questions for our GK family, friends, and fans.

GK: How do you like having your own Signature Collection of GK leotards?

Aly: Having my own leotard line for GK is a dream come true.  It’s so exciting.  It was amazing just last night when I went to the gym and saw little girls wearing my leotards.

GK: What kind of feedback have you been getting about your GK leotard line? 

Aly: So far, I’ve been getting really good feedback which means a lot to me.  When I was training seven hours a day it was really important for me to have comfortable leotards. The girls at the gym last night said my leotards are really comfortable, so I was happy to hear that.

GK: Was designing leotards something you wanted to do even before partnering with GK?

Aly: Designing leotards has always been a goal of mine. I’m very into fashion so I really wanted to have my own leotard line.  It’s just really exciting, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

GK: Do you find yourself taking mental notes or jotting down ideas for future leotard designs?

Aly: Yes, I’m always thinking ahead.  Last night I was asking the little girls at the gym what kind of leotards they like to wear and I told them that they could help me design some of the next ones.  They said they really love bright colors like pinks and lime greens and blues, so I will definitely keep that in mind.

GK: Where does your design inspiration come from?

Aly: My design inspiration comes from things that I like to wear. I like to be different, but I like a simple look, but sometimes with a lot of jewels. Going to the gym and seeing a fun, bright leotard always makes me happy.

GK: GK is the official apparel sponsor of the Kellogg’s Tour – do you have a favorite GK costume on the Kellogg’s Tour?

Aly:  My favorite GK costume is definitely the beam costume.  It’s a white, one shoulder leotard and has a lot of crystals on it.  It’s supposed to look like an angel.  It’s really different.  It has a little mesh skirt and a mesh wing and it’s a very elegant piece to wear with the rest of the girls.

GK: Where do you keep your Olympic medals?

Aly: My Olympic medals are in a safe!

GK: Did you have a favorite Olympic leotard?

Aly: My favorite Olympic leotard was definitely the Stars & Stripes one that I wore for floor finals.  I loved the patriotic look and winning that particular medal made it even more of a favorite.  I loved all of the leotards.  They were all so beautiful.  My other favorites were the Purple Starburst one we wore the first day and then the team finals Chrysler Leotard.

GK: How many leotards do you think you own?

Aly: I was actually just thinking about that!  I think that I probably own, close to … somewhere between 50-75.

GK: How did you like being a Halloween Costume choice this year?

Aly: Being a Halloween Costume choice was definitely cool.  People were tweeting pictures of their Fierce Five costumes to me and the rest of the girls.  It was inspiring to see so many people dressed up as us.

GK:  Anything you’d like to say to the girls who will be buying and wearing your GK
Signature Leotards?

Aly: I hope all the girls love my Signature Line as much as I do.  I hope they find them really comfortable.  And, I just want to thank them all for wearing my GK gymnastics leotards.

Click here to flip through the Alexandra Raisman Signature Collection Catalog.

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