Shawn Johnson Makes a Stop at GK Photo Shoot Along the Way to London 2012

Shawn Johnson was recently on set with GK for a photo shoot for the upcoming competitive gymnastics catalog.  In between shots, Shawn updated us on her status both in and out of the gym, her unconventional approach to training for the summer games, and her brand new venture.

GK:  What have you been doing to get ready for the summer games?SJ1

SJ:  To get ready for the games I’ve just been training and living in the gym.  I’m actually doing something a little different.  I’ve been training down in Dallas, Texas at the Michael Johnson Performance Center. I’ve put gymnastics just a bit to the side and not training as much.  I took a step away just to train with Michael to try to get my body to the next level.  My knee really wasn’t responding, I needed to do something, and the training at MJPC has worked wonders.  They are making me stronger and healthier and I can’t wait to come home and push for the Olympics.

GK:  That’s great!  We’re rooting for you!

SJ:  Thank you!SJ Book

GK:  We heard you’re releasing a book.  Can you tell us when and a little bit about it?

SJ:  Yes! I am soon to be a published author. It’s called Winning Balance. I’m really excited because it’s my first book.  It comes out June 5th and it’s about me and little things that I’ve learned here and there. The readers will get to know the real Shawn Johnson. There are so many people out there who think they know me from TV spots that I’ve done or interviews, but they’ve never really met me or know what makes me tick.  It’s about my faith and everything I’ve learned through all my experiences.

GK:  Did you write it yourself or did you have contributing writers?

Both. It’s been a huge group process with a lot of interviews. I’ve kept a lot of journals over the years and a lot of the book has to do with those.  It’s really personal and gets into the little, intimate details of my life outside of gymnastics and I like that because people don’t get that opportunity very often.

  You talk about things that inspire you in yourSJ2 book, who is your biggest inspiration?

SJ:  I don’t think I have just one person.  I think throughout the years my parents and my coaches have been a huge inspiration because they’ve kept me grounded.  They’ve kept me normal.  They’ve gotten me through everything and I wouldn’t be here without them.  They’ve been my most consistent inspiration through everything.

GK:  You lead a very busy life, how do you keep it all together?

SJ:  I have no idea! I do lead a very busy life, a very chaotic life.  But, that’s what keeps me going.  The few times that I get down time, it just doesn’t work for me.  I get antsy and I want to work and get busy doing something else.  So, I thrive off of that energy.

GK:  Keep up the good work and we hope to see you in London!

SJ:  Thank you, I hope so too!

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