Shawn Johnson GK Gymnastics Apparel at the 2011 Covergirl Classic

The 2011 Covergirl Classic brought great talent from gymnasts.  Competing in four events, vault, bars, beam, and floor, this is the first major national competition in the women’s elite gymnastics season. There were many wearing GK competitive gymnastic leotards, one of them being Shawn Johnson.

Shawn Johnson 2011 Covergirl

Returning after 3 years it was a time for Shawn to get back on the beam and get her gears moving again.  She was sporting a GK long sleeve custom competitive leotard, shown above, as well as a turquoise camp leotard during warm-up.  Placing 20th in the all around rank, is not like her from 3 years ago, but this was her first competition to get her warmed up for her Visa Championships in August.  Looking at her performances from the other events she placed 11th on the bars, 16th on the beam, and 16th on the floor.

There were many gymnasts wearing GK gymnastic apparel including the Senior All-Around Champion Aly Raisman wearing her GK classy sweetheart competitive leotard.  Aly also placed 1st on floor, 18th bars, and 3rd beam.  Jordyn Wieber placed 1st in the bars, beam, and 16th floor wearing a petal design competitive leotard, shown below.  Chellsie Memmel also did great scoring an all around 2nd and 6th on bars, 5th on beam, and 4th floor.  Senior Gymnast Sabrina Vega also wore a GK elegant sweetheart swirl leo and ranked 3rd all around, 2nd on floor, 7th beam, and 12th bars.  All of these gymnasts were wearing GK gymnastic apparel and represent how GK is the choice of champions.


GK Competitive Leotards were also seen on many Juniors.  All Around Junior Champion Kyla Ross wore her dramatic tribal gym leotard and also brought home 2nd on vault, 3rd floor, and 4th beams and won the junior division.  Lexie Priessman is another junior we spotted in a stunning GK flame competitive leotard.  She placed 2nd all around, 1st on vault, 3rd beam, and 2nd floor.  Katelyn Ohashi who placed 3rd all around also placed 5th on vault, 1st bars, 2nd beam, and 9th floor while wearing a dramatic asymmetrical competitive leotard.  All of these girls wore GK competitive leotards and did a great job representing themselves and GK.

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