GK Elite Presents the “Color Your Leo” Contest

Now’s your chance to win Four (4) All-Session VIP Tickets and four (4) Hospitality passes for the Visa Championships!   Color Your Own Custom Gymnastics Leotard or Tank & Shorts combo for your chance to win.

GK Elite Color Your LeotardThe Grand Prize also includes a custom replica of the winning gymnastics apparel made by GK Elite, your leotard featured at the GK Elite “Evolution of a Leotard” booth, an invitation to model your leotard at the GK Elite Fashion Show in Saint Paul, and your leotard design being featured in the 2011 Visa Championships program guide.

The contest deadline is Friday, July 22, 2011.  All coloring pages must be returned to USA Gymnastics by this date to be eligible for the contest.  There is no age limit.  Contest entries are limited to one per person.  The winner will be chosen by USA Gymnastics and GK Elite.  Click Here to download your coloring pages.

Return all pages to USA Gymnastics c/o Jackie Magnuson, 132 E Washington St, Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or email them to marketing@usagym.org.

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Lisa M.
Reply July 7, 2011

Hope to win, gotta have to cross my fingers for luck!! :)

Bailee B.
Reply July 8, 2011

When it says only one entry, does that mean only one of the coloring pages or just one of each?

GK Elite
Reply July 12, 2011

You can submit one of each! Good Luck!

Sydni B.
Reply July 14, 2011

Do we have to submit one of each?

Reply July 14, 2011

Is the leo on the back with the shorts a boys leotard, or a girls with shorts? Or whatever you want it to be? Do you have to turn in both sheets? Thanks!

Reply July 14, 2011

Where's the coloring sheet

GK Elite
Reply July 14, 2011

You do not have to submit one of each. You can choose either the Competitive Leotard or Men's Competitive Shirt.

GK Elite
Reply July 14, 2011

Click the link in blue called "Click Here to download your coloring pages." to find them!

GK Elite
Reply July 14, 2011

The second page is a Men's Competition Shirt. No Need to turn in both sheets.

allie helmold
Reply July 15, 2011

i clicked download coloring page.but how do you find them??

GK Elite
Reply July 15, 2011

They should automatically load in your browser as a pdf. You just need to print them out. You can try going to http://www.usa-gymnastics.org/pages/events/2011/vc/pdfs/club_gkleo.pdf directly. Maybe that will work.

Reply July 16, 2011

I have two questions.
Can we enter BOTH the leotard and the tank and shorts? or just one of those?

Also, the tank and shorts, is it a guys oufit or a girls leotard?
God bless!

Reply July 16, 2011

Will the leotard designs be posted on the website for viewing?

GK Elite
Reply July 19, 2011

@Angie: Yes, you can enter both the leotard and the men's tank.

@Kendylk: We're not sure if we'll be able to post all of them, but we will definitely blog about the winners and share their designs!

Reply July 20, 2011

I do not have a color scanner should i just label the colors or mail it because I live in chicago??? Can two different people do it from the same address???

Reply July 20, 2011

what if I mail it before july 22nd but it doesn't get there until later then the deadline?

GK Elite
Reply July 20, 2011

@Peyton: Labeling the colors would be a good idea if you aren't able to scan a color copy!

@Erin: The best way to make sure it gets there is to scan and email it to marketing@usagym.org!

Haiden Fernandez
Reply July 21, 2011

I just tried to email the coloring pictures to marketing@usagym.org and it was rejected... address failed.
Is there another email address?

GK Elite
Reply July 21, 2011

&64;Haiden: Just sent you an email with another email address to try.

Reply July 21, 2011

Yes, ours also came back saying that no one would be back in the office until the 25th..is there another address?

Reply July 21, 2011

Okay, I scanned and faxed my submission but received a message that says the person it went to is out of the office until July 25. Hope that doesn't mean it won't be received by Friday's deadline!

GK Elite
Reply July 22, 2011

The out of office reply means they have received the email. As long as it is sent by today, the entry will be considered.

Good luck everyone!!!

Reply July 27, 2011

When will the winner be announced? I didn't see that on the entry. Thanks!

Reply July 29, 2011

I was emailing one of the people from usa gymnastics and they said i can submit as many womens leotards as i want. Is this true? i hope it is because i submitted 3 after she told me this.

Reply July 29, 2011

When will the winner be announced? I didn't see that on the entry. Thanks!

GK Elite
Reply August 1, 2011

The winner will be announced today!

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