Make It or Break It – Looking Stylish in GK Leotards

When you watch Make it or Break It, you are sure to see a lot of Gymnastics and a lot of Drama – and a lot of GK Gymnastics Apparel. In this scene from Season 2 Episode 1, you can see Payson, Lauren, Kaylie in GK Workout leotards. Emily is still wearing street clothes. Will she graduate soon to new GK Leotards?

Make it or Break it

Payson, whose character is rehabbing a back injury, is pictured here in GK’s 3487 IN STOCK WORKOUT Leotard.

Lauren is wearing the 3613 Columbia Blue Workout Leotard

Kaylie’s Red Mystique leotard is from GK’s 2010 Spring Essentials line. Though it is no longer available, this popular style featured dramatic ribbon striping.

To see the leotards from make It or Break It on our website CLICK HERE

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