Precious Metals – Why Mystique Fabric is So Beautiful

Steel MystiqueGK’s Precious Metals Gymnastics Leotards are presented in spectacular metallic fabrics that shimmer like quicksilver. The shiny fabrics catch the eye and persuade the imagination that metal can stretch and breathe and flow on an athlete’s frame.

But what exactly are Mystique fabrics and what is it that makes them so beautiful?

Base Fabric – Nylon Spandex – GK has a World renown reputation for Leotards with the stretch needed to perform in competition. The stretch of the fabrics we use is an integral part of the fit of our leotards. And before any fabric is sewn into a leotard, it must pass GK’s stringent stretch requirements.

Foil Overlay – The fabric manufacturers bond metallic foil to this nylon Spandex base to create the Mystique Illusion. By looking at the picture above, you can see the tiny Foil Dots. They are applied in the non stretched position – close enough so that very little of the actual fabric underneath can be seen.

Stretched Into Position – Then when the fabric is stretched on a body, the full effect of the Mystique look can be experienced. The Fabric color shows through behind the shimmering foil for the look of gilded brilliance.

Brilliant Selection of Metals

Antique Gold Mystique – L25 – Shiny Gold Foil on Black Nylon Spandex

NEW Steel Mystique – L29 – Bright Silver on Black Nylon Spandex

Bronze Mystique – K42 – Copper Foil on top of a Light Brown Spandex

NEW Gunmetal Mystique L23 – Gunmetal Foil over Gunmetal Gray Spandex

Gold Spandex Fabrics

Gold Mystique – F24 – Shiny Gold Foil on top of Gold Spandex fabric

Silver Mystique – E84 – Shiny Silver leaf over White Spandex

Gold Leaf Mystique – L24 – Shiny Gold foil over White fabric

Matter Mystiques
Titanium Mystique – L22 – Matte Silver Metal Foil on top of Black Spandex

Matte Gold Mystique – L26 – Dull Gold foil on top of Black Spandex

Metal Mystique FabricsThese fabrics are available to choose from when designing your Special Order Competition Leotards from our online Design Studio. You choose the fabric – Nylon Spandex with Foil, and then scroll to the fabric of your choice. You can also look up the color by the numbers provided.

In addition to using these metallic colors as Special Order Custom Garments, we have also used them in some of our stock apparel catalogs, including:

2009 Back to School

2009 Fall Winter

2009 Holiday

2009-10 InStock Workout Leotards

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