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When you are looking for a girls gymnastics leotard design that allows for flexibility, mobility and increased airflow, look to Racerback designs.  The racerback was first developed in 1928 by the Speedo company to give athlete swimmers greater flexibility and movement. The design is a natural fit for gymnastics Tank leotards, where maximum mobility is an asset. It is often also called a T-Back, and is used extensively in women’s lingerie.

The racerback is usually very popular, and is well represented in GK’s Spring Essentials Gymnastics Leotards Collection.

Nastia Liukin T Back LeotardNastia Liukin Pink Heart Leotard – E1296

Valentine Racerback Leotards – E1287 In Steel Mystique hearts design

Kenya Racerback Leotard – E1258 with a Cool psychedelic leopard print with a mid back opening

Blue Superstar Racerback leotard E1263 with a teardrop back opening

Tech Mesh T-Back Leotard 3550A Popular design from the 2008-2009 Gymnastics Team Workout catalog is the 3550 – Mystique and Tech Mesh T-Back. This leotard is available in  in 3 color combinations Berry Pink, Electric Turquoise and Citrus Orange. It also features a Tech Mesh, back – a technical fabric that has added moisture wicking and breathability woven into the back panel.

The Racerback gymnastics leotard style is also often used in GK’s Summer Camp Leotards. This year’s Camp Leotards, shorts and apparel will feature another Racerback with Tech Mesh. Be looking for it when GK’s Summer Camp leotards Collection is available coming later in April 2009. Racerbacks are not generally used in mens leotards, mens comp shirts  and apparel. Men’s styles tend towards the more traditional tank high scoop back.


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